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The Best Tennis Elbow Braces for Reliable Relief

Woman wearing tennis elbow brace and holding tennis racket on a tennis court

If you are an experienced tennis player, there is a good chance that you have ample experience with elbow pain as well. Though there is no cure for tennis elbow, there are plenty of great braces that will allow you to get back on the court with minimal pain.

Many elbow braces will help you recover faster and more effectively from the strain incurred while playing a match. Whether you are looking for a conventional elbow brace, compression sleeve, or something to immobilize your arm for a speedy recovery, we got you covered.

Shopping for a Tennis Elbow Brace

Here are some things you should look for:

  • Type of Brace: Not all elbow braces can be worn comfortably while playing tennis. For match play, look for a small elbow support brace that offers targeted compression, as this will help negate the effects of tennis elbow and reduce tendon strain. A compression sleeve is also a good choice for match play, but is better suited for mild pain. If you’re in the market for an elbow brace to help you recover after a match, seek one out that offers great compression and immobilizes your elbow to speed up your recovery.
  • Fit: Before purchasing an elbow brace, measure your arm’s circumference with a tape measure to ensure you select the correct size. Also, pay close attention to the size chart for each product since manufacturer sizing will likely be different amongst various products.
  • Durability: However you plan on using your elbow brace, you will want something durable and long-lasting to justify the investment. Hook and loop fasteners wear out and compression tends to diminish over time with sub-par products, so pay close attention to product reviews to make sure the brace you have your eye on is built to last.

Top Pick: Sleeve Stars Tennis Elbow Brace

Black tennis elbow brace with three straps and targeted compression
Sleeve Stars

Featuring an adjustable triple-strap design and gel compression pad that actually stays where you need it, the Sleeve Stars Tennis Elbow Brace easily wins our Top Pick award. This brace outperforms competitors in its price range thanks to its impressive combination of comfort and relief, as well as its durable construction that is made to last for years instead of months. Thanks to its triple straps, this elbow brace is also incredibly simple to adjust so that you are receiving compression exactly where you need it most. If you suffer from tennis elbow but can’t give up the game you love, you can’t go wrong with this brace.

Top Pick

Sleeve Stars Tennis Elbow Brace

If you have tennis elbow (or are trying to prevent it), this durable and breathable band is for you.

Best Compression Sleeve: PowerLix Compression Support Elbow Sleeves (Pair)

Black compression sleeve elbow brace with breathable, anti-slip design

If you’re looking for an elbow brace to help deal with mild pain on the court, the PowerLix Compression Support Elbow Sleeve offers excellent relief without sacrificing your arm’s mobility. This breathable elbow sleeve absorbs sweat well for lasting comfort over the course of a match and offers better compression than similar products. It also scores points for staying in place well and retaining its elasticity over time. While this isn’t a product for severe pain, it’s definitely the most effective elbow sleeve you can buy at its price.

Best Compression Sleeve

PowerLix Compression Support Elbow Sleeves (Pair)

This brace is great for treating mild elbow pain caused by repetitive arm motions. Its breathable, flexible design is also ideal for matches.

Best for Recovery: Zouyue Elbow Brace

Black elbow brace with 2 removable metal splints

Looking to recover after some unforgiving matches? The Zouyue Elbow Brace has you covered. This elbow brace uses dual metal splints to straighten and immobilize your arm so that you recover faster and prevent pain while you rest or work. Even better, the splints can be easily removed to afford your arm better mobility for tasks like driving or eating. Although this brace is definitely on the “rugged” side, the inside sleeve is incredibly soft and comfortable, so you won’t have to deal with itchiness or irritation as you get your arm back to match condition.

Best for Recovery

Zouyue Elbow Brace

Thanks to its dual removable metal splints, this sleeve is great for stabilizing and immobilizing your arm to aid in recovery for post-tennis arm pain.

Best Value: Bodyprox Elbow Brace (Two-Pack)

Black tennis elbow brace with hook and loop closure and gel compression pad

If you’re on a budget, this inexpensive two-pack from Bodyprox should be right up your alley. Featuring excellent breathability and soft, comfortable material, these elbow braces really stand out for their great custom fit. This is because nearly the whole brace sticks tightly to the Velcro-like material of the dual straps, meaning you can wrap the strap around as many times as you need to achieve an optimal amount of compression. For this reason, these braces will fit nearly anybody and maintain their grip on your forearm even during rigorous physical activity. For the price, it doesn’t get better than this.

Best Value

Bodyprox Elbow Brace (Two-Pack)

These budget-friendly bands feel great during match play and take a great deal of strain off of your elbow.

Also Consider: Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeve (2-Pack)

Breathable nylon compression elbow sleeve that comes in four colors

Rounding out our guide is the Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeve. This two-pack also offers a ton in terms of value, as well as some unique styles that are somewhat flashier than the PowerLix sleeves reviewed above. These sleeves really excel at warming your muscles and are stretchy enough to apply even, light compression throughout your elbow area. For those who play tennis and suffer from tightness in the elbow or forearm, this will be much appreciated. These sleeves are also light and flexible enough to be worn under clothing and will not hamper your swing in the slightest, making them a smart choice.

Also Consider

Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeve

This brace can easily be worn under your clothes and provides steady support to your tendons.

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