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The Best Therapy Putties for Hand Strength and Stress

A close up of a woman stretching black and white putty with her hands.

In many ways, therapy putty isn’t so different from silly putty. It’s fun to squish and stretch! But therapy putty is intended to strengthen the hands and fingers, and it comes in a variety of viscosities and colors.

Physical and occupational therapists integrate therapy putty exercises into rehabilitation programs for clients recovering from surgery, injury, and even strokes. It’s great to improve mental health, too, especially for those with anxiety. It works to distract them from the overwhelming thoughts and physical sensations of panic. Likewise, therapy putty allows children with sensory process disorders to practice self-regulation. Here are some fantastic therapy putties we recommend.

Purchasing Therapy Putties

When searching for therapy putties to help strengthen your hands or ease your worries, consider these key factors:

  • Goal: Why are you shopping for therapy putty? Are you here for hand, finger, and wrist rehabilitation? Or to find a nice putty for stress relief? Maybe you just want a distracting, tactile toy. If you know why you want it, you will have an easier time finding the right putty.
  • Recommendation: If your occupational or physical therapist wants to start you on a rehab program using therapy putty, then look for putties that meet the characteristics they recommend.
  • Personal Taste: Once you know what kind of therapy putty you are looking for, go by what you like! Why not? With so much variety, you are bound to have your favorites.

Best Overall: FlintRehab Premium Quality Therapy Putty

Four round containers, each with a different color putty surrounding a tall container.

The quality of their product is a testament to FlintRehab’s goal of helping people rehabilitate hand strength. The putty comes in yellow (x-soft), red (soft), green (medium), and blue (firm). Try a few of their exercises like finger scissors, power grip, and flat pinch, all created to increase flexibility and strength while decreasing stiffness. You can also just squish and stretch it — whatever takes your mind off your troubles.

Best Overall

FlintRehab Premium Quality Therapy Putty

FlintRehab therapy putty is specially designed to answer the needs of those working to regain hand dexterity.

Professional Quality: US Putty Crown Therapy Putty for Hand Rehabilitation

Four containers, each with different color putty in column on left with a hand squeezing red putty on the right.
US Putty

Crown has been making therapy putty for over 30 years! Their high-quality putty is a go-to for occupational and physical therapists aiding clients in rehabilitation for the hands, fingers, and grip. It’s a super tool to use in schools, offices, or anywhere you find stress and anxiety. This putty was designed to be used in clinics or taken on the go. Crown putty is non-toxic and made in the USA.

Professional Quality

Crown Therapy Putty – Made in USA - Full Set of Hand Exercise Putty (4 Pack, 3-oz Each) Hand Exercise Rehabilitation, Stress and Anxiety Relief.

A favorite among occupational and physical therapists, Crown putty is used to strengthen hand muscles.

Best for Fun and Focus: Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Tin open to show the iridescent putty within.
Crazy Aaron’s

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is just plain cool. This putty is less physically and more mentally therapeutic, as they designed it to be fun, collectible, and creative. There are no less than eight different collections, seven effects, four strengths, and several shades of each of the color options. You can play with thinking putty to practice mindfulness, alleviate anxiety, or just for fun.

Best for Fun and Focus

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Play with it, collect it, or impress your friends with its eye-catching colors. This putty is seriously cool and improves mental focus.

Best with Aromatherapy: The Squeeze Therapy Dough

A jar of orange colored putty sits open with the lid displayed before it.
The Squeeze

Take yourself on a sensory-immersive vacation with The Squeeze Aromatherapy Therapy Dough. While the smell of oranges makes it tempting, it’s inedible, so don’t go there. Try squeezing, squashing, and squishing this therapy putty imbued with 100% pure essential oil. Other ingredients include olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt, and Epsom salts. The Squeeze dough also comes in several other scents: lemon, lavender, peppermint, and more.

Best with Aromatherapy

The Squeeze Therapy Dough

They call it 'dough,' and it smells really good, so why not eat it? Because then you would miss out on its powerful relaxing effects.

Also Consider: Cando TheraPutty Standard Exercise Putty

A close up of a hand squeezing blue putty.

Cando TheraPutty has different firmness options that coincide with various colors, ranging from extra soft for strengthening a weak grip to extra-firm for developing a stronger grasp. It is used by physical and occupational therapists to treat clients’ weak fingers, hands, and wrists through resistive exercises. The putty can also be used to decrease stress and anxiety. People of all sorts — athletes, musicians, the elderly, and children — can experience fine motor skills improvement and hand strength with this product. Cando TheraPutty is available in six distinct color-coded resistance levels.

Also Consider

Cando TheraPutty Standard Exercise Putty

A gold standard in the realm of therapy putty, Cando has helped golfers, musicians, children, and the elderly improve hand strength and fine motor control.

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