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The Best Thermal Tape for You

three rolls of two different thermal tapes

Whether you’re installing heat-generating components or applying designs to clothing with a heat press, you’ll need some way to attach components or insulate the high heat. Thermal tape is a good solution in these situations. These rolls of tape are thermally conductive and designed for transferring heat effectively in various applications. Here are some thermal tapes we recommend for you.

What to Look for in Thermal Tape

  • Length: Although you probably won’t need more than a couple of strips for each component, a longer roll doesn’t hurt. Some thermal tape applications may require longer strips of tape.
  • Adhesive sides: Some tapes can be double-sided. Double-sided tapes work better for joining components together, like heat sinks.
  • Your application: Some thermal tapes are designed for heat press machines, while others work better for heat sinks or LED lights.

Top Pick: EQUTY BAYMERS Thermal Tape

two upright, slim rolls of brown thermal tape

These are heat-resistant, polyester rolls of tape that can handle a maximum temperature of 482 F. This tape is ideal for working with heat press machines and sublimation printing and works great in other applications as well. It’s 33 meters long and 10 millimeters wide.

Most Durable: HPFIX Thermal Adhesive Tape

upright thick roll of blue thermal tape

This double-sided thermal tape is a strong and durable choice. It’s great for computer hardware components and other similar heat-transferring components. It’s 30 millimeters wide by 25 meters long and is double-sided. Under normal conditions, this tape can operate effectively for five or more years.

Best Double-Sided: BCP Double Side Thermal Tape

slim roll of blue thermal tape lying flat

This double-sided adhesive makes it useful for attaching components together or permanently positioning things with ease. This tape is 20 millimeters wide and 25 meters long, made out of glass fiber and rubber. It’s ideal for attaching heat sinks to computer components and great for LED lights.

Best Double-Sided

BLUECELL 1roll 20mm x 25m Double Side Adhesive Thermal Conductive Tape for Heatsink LED

This double-sided thermal tape is ideal for securing components together for good.

Also Consider: MS WGO Thermal Tape

two rolls of brown thermal tape, one upright and one lying flat

This heat-resistant tape can handle temperatures up to 500 F. This tape is best used with heat press machines and other similar machines as well. This tape is made from polymer film, and will retain its shape and form after heating. Additionally, peeling off this tape won’t leave behind any unwanted residue.

Also Consider

High Temperature Tape Heat Resistant Tape Heat Transfer Tape for Sublimation No Residue 10mm X 33m 108ft (Yellow-2 Roll)

This is a high-quality, no-residue roll of tape, maintaining its composition after heating.

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