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The Best Throw Pillow Covers

🕚 Updated January 2023

If you feel like your living room is looking a bit boring lately, a fresh set of throw pillow covers can bring life back into your space. Here are some great options to add to your home.

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  Top Choice Best Patterned Set Best for Outdoors Best for Round Pillows Best Personalized Choice
  Top Finel
Square Decorative Throw Pillow Cover
Set of 4 New Living Series Decorative Throw Pillow Covers
2 Outdoor Waterproof Pillow Covers
Handmade 3D Flower Pillow Cover
Custom Design Outdoor/Indoor Throw Pillowcase
Our SummaryA timeless choice for almost any home decor scheme.A fun variety of modern prints available in 19 different colorways to help spruce up your sitting area.A smart set of waterproof, outdoor throw pillow covers to bring some pizazz to your patio seating.An eclectic pillow cover that serves as a conversation piece.If you want to have photos printed or a unique design you created, these throw pillowcases have you covered.
Pros✓ 20 color selections
✓ Velvet finish
✓ Standard 18-inch squared throw size
✓ Machine washable
✓ Large color selection
✓ Varied patterns in each set
✓ Machine washable
✓ Available in three sizes
✓ Waterproof coating
✓ 21 solid colors to choose from
✓ Available in six different sizes
✓ Machine washable
✓ 3D design
✓ 12-inch diameter
✓ 20 styles available
✓ Can print pictures on covers
✓ Full-color print
✓ Available in multiple sizes
Cons✗ May require delicates bag for washing to prevent damage✗ Print is only on one side✗ Zippers may not be of best quality✗ May require hand washing
✗ Smaller size
✗ Image quality can impact final results
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The Best Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillow on a couch with a yellow throw blanket.

Nothing says cozy like a couch or reading nook with a few inviting throw pillows here and there. Thanks to throw pillow covers, the possibilities for updating your home’s decor are endless.

Buying Guide for Throw Pillow Covers

Macro close up on orange and yellow pattern throw pillows on an outdoor patio chair, with a blue striped cushioned bench.
VDB Photos/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a throw pillow cover?

To be clear, you can buy permanent accent pillows with covers that can’t be removed. While these are cute, unless you have endless storage in your home, you’ll run out of places to keep them when you swap different styles. A good throw pillow cover is an easier and usually less expensive way to refresh your home that doesn’t require as much storage space. In most cases, they come in a variety of sizes and will usually feature a zip or button closure for added durability.

What should you consider when buying a throw pillow cover?

  • Shape: Consider the size and shape of your pillow insert and if the cover will fit the pillow. There are several sizes and shapes (square, round, rectangular/lumbar) that throw pillows can come in to add variety and depth to your furniture.
  • Material: Unsurprisingly, you can find throw pillow covers in a wide variety of materials. While woven cotton or polyester tends to be the most common, you can also get leather (or faux leather), velvet, and even sparkly sequin covers.
  • Design: Similar to material, there are endless options for throw pillows. From solid hues to classic prints or geometric designs, the only limit is your imagination or if you’re trying to match the decor in a room.
  • Maintenance: Not all pillow covers are designed so that you can toss them in with the rest of your laundry and call it a day. If easy cleanup is a priority, make sure you pick a style that’s not only machine washable but dryer safe.

Are throw pillow covers necessary?

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for versatility, the answer is yes. There are throw pillows that are sold with permanent decorative covers. While nice, this can be limiting both in terms of style as well as storage—especially if you’re the type who likes to switch up your home decor accents every few months. A good set of throw pillow covers can help you save space between changes in the time of year and are often less expensive to purchase than permanently covered throw pillows.

Our Picks for the Best Throw Pillow Covers

Top Choice

Top Finel Square Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

A timeless choice for almost any home decor scheme.

Pros: Whether you’re starting out on your own or you want to decorate a room with a more neutral design plan, this classic pick from Top Finel is a smart option. Available in 18 solid hues, this velvet pillow cover set comes with matching color-coordinated accent balls. Each pillow cover measures 18 inches square, making it ideal for most standard throw pillow inserts. Plus, this fabric is stain- and fade-resistant, machine washable, and has a hidden zipper closure.

Cons: Although the zippers are sturdily made, you’ll want to put these covers in a delicates bag when adding them to the laundry to prevent the balls from getting pulled off in the wash. Additionally, the velvet may not feel luxurious.

Bottom Line: With 20 colors to choose from and modern ball accents, this is a great starter throw pillow cover option for most homes.


Best Patterned Set

Phantoscope Set of 4 Throw Pillow Cases

A fun variety of modern prints available in 19 different colorways to help spruce up your sitting area.

Pros: For those of you who love the idea of pillow covers that are in different patterns but still feature the same color story, you’ll appreciate this four-pack of covers from Phantoscope. Each of the 19 available colors offers a leaf, floral, mosaic, and geometric print. These covers are designed to fit standard throw pillows that are 18 by 18 inches.

Cons: Although most people love the prints for these covers, the one major drawback is that the print is only on one side. The back is instead a simple solid fabric.

Bottom Line: Shake up your home decor scheme with this fun four-pack of varied yet technically matching throw pillow covers.


Best for Outdoors

MIULEE Pack of 2 Outdoor Pillow Covers

A smart set of waterproof outdoor throw pillow covers to bring some pizazz to your patio seating.

Pros: If you have a seating area on your patio or front porch, you have every right to want it to look just as amazing as the couch inside your home. This two-pack of waterproof two pillow covers is the perfect addition to brighten up your outdoor living spaces. Each pillow is an 18- by 18-inch square that’s designed to fit most standard throw pillow inserts. Choose from 21 color options.

Cons: You might want to use care when zipping and unzipping these throw covers. A common complaint we saw was that the zippers weren’t the best quality and could pop easily.

Bottom Line: Your outdoor spaces need a pop of color, and these waterproof yet machine washable throw pillow covers are the perfect solution.


Best for Round Pillows

JWH Handmade 3D Sunflower Pillow Covers

An eclectic pillow cover that serves as a conversation piece.

Pros: Tired of traditional square pillow covers? Then consider upgrading to this funky round pillow cover from JWH, which is designed to look like a flower. There are 20 different 3D floral options to choose from that are intended to mimic real flowers. Note that this pillow cover measures 12 inches in diameter, but you can also upgrade to the 14-inch diameter.

Cons: Even though the description notes that you can machine wash these covers, you might be better off with hand washing. While the diameter is 12 inches when measured flat, this might end up looking smaller in real life once you’ve added the pillow insert.

Bottom Line: For those ready to add a bit of whimsy to their home decor, these floral-inspired throw pillow covers are a great upgrade.


Best Personalized Choice

Shop&Three Custom Photo Pillow

Whether you want to have photos printed or a unique design you created, these are the throw pillowcases that you need.

Pros: Anyone who wants to ensure their home doesn’t look like every other house on the block will appreciate the idea of creating customized throw pillows with images or artwork that you supply. These larger covers measure 20 by 30 inches and can be used both indoors or outdoors. But if that specific size doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of other size options to choose from.

Cons: Customization is nice, but this pick requires you to have an understanding of image quality and what can or can’t be enlarged while still maintaining visual clarity.

Bottom Line: Cherish memories forever by turning your favorite pictures into throw pillow covers.


Most Color Options

MIULEE Pack of 2 Velvet Square Throw Pillow Covers

Turn your home into an upscale, swanky pad with these luxe velvet throw pillow covers.

Pros: When you’re ready to bring the drama and sophistication, you can’t go wrong with velvet. From a luxe hand-feel to the indulgent way the texture plays with the light, velvet is a win. Here, you’ll get a two-pack of standard-size throw pillow covers that measure 18 by 18 inches. Choose from 38 colors and 12 different size configurations.

Cons: Poor construction seems to be the biggest concern here. Some reviewers noted that there were holes at the seams.

Bottom Line: When you’re ready for a sophisticated touch to elevate your home, these velvet throw pillow covers are the perfect option.

Final Thoughts

A good accent throw pillow can bring a room together, making it look complete. While there are a wide array of options, including materials, sizes, and even designs, there’s no denying that your living space will look better once you’ve added a few throw pillows.

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