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The Best Tie-Dye Kits

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🕚 Updated May 2022

Tie-dye is an age-old art, perfect for hours of fun and creativity for kids and adults. Whether you love elevating white T-shirts or boring pieces of home décor, there's a tie-dye kit for you. Check out these top-five favorites.

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  Top Choice Best with Shirts Best Make-Your-Own Dye Best Neon Colors Best Pastel Colors
One-Step Tie-Dye Kit with 12 Colors
Kool Krafts
Tie-Dye Kit with T-Shirts
239-Piece Tie-Dye Craft Kit
Neon Spray Tie-Dye Kit
Doodle Hog
Pastel Tie-Dye Kit
Our SummaryJust add water to activate the dye.Dye and shirts for the entire family.Extra-large kit for up to 60 people.No need to mix with salts or hot water.Excellent for scrunchie and shoe art.
ProsBright, nontoxic colors, all-in-one kit, 12 squeeze bottles, no fading after wash, enough for four people, step-by-step guide.Large kit, 12 colors, four cotton T-shirts, gloves, rubber bands, tablecloths, nontoxic, up to 24 projects, step-by-step guide.Ultimate kit, 20 bottles and 20 powder refills, 120mL, up to 60 projects, includes gloves, rubber bands, tablecloths, funnels, mixing powder.Neon colors, 8 spray bottles, two refills per color, water-based, nontoxic, ready-to-use with no mixing, won't fade after wash.Adorable pastels, six custom colors, two dye refills per color, 18 total bottles, includes gloves, rubber bands, and step-by-step guide.
ConsBottle size intended for small to medium projects.May not adhere well to fabrics that aren't 100% cotton.May not adhere well to fabrics that aren't 100% cotton.Small spray paints ideal for quick, light projects.Pastels may fade quicker.
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The Best Tie-Dye Kits

The girl puts a yellow color on a t-shirt in the style of tie dye.
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Buying Guide for Tie-Dye Kits

Making a tie dye shirt yourself during quarantine.

Why purchase a tie-dye kit?

If you love a project you can wear, one of these tie-dye kits might be perfect. Tie-dye is something fun to keep around the house or classroom on a rainy (or super dull) day, and if you’ve got a plain T-shirt or pair of socks lying around, you’ve got yourself a promising tie-dye project. Many sets include enough paints for up to 60 artists at a time, making for one heck of an outdoor birthday party, especially with sets that include tablecloths, gloves, rubber bands, and whatever else you need to keep your space clean and paint-free. Plus, these kits won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

What should you know before buying a tie-dye kit?

  • Colors: Consider the colors you might want to use, and whether you prefer classic hues, neon, or pastel, and make sure the kit includes these. Or you can purchase multiple kits with different color options.
  • Instructions: If you’re trying something new, look for sets with detailed, step-by-step instructions to help you (or the kids) dye with ease. Some even include cool, funky design patterns to inspire you.
  • Items: Decide on the type of material you want to work with (100% cotton is always an excellent choice) and research whether it will keep dye color and vibrancy. This is especially important with clothing articles, as you don’t want the color to fade after washing.

What are some tips to keep your tie-dye from fading?

After initially rinsing your dye, soak your clothing in equal parts of white vinegar and cold water for 30 minutes. After a few washes, you’ll want to wash the tie-dye in cold water to prevent the dye from fading, and use gentle, color-safe detergents. It’s also best to hang your tie-dye clothing rather than using the dryer.

Our Picks for the Best Tie-Dye Kits

Top Choice

Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kit with 12 Colors

Just add water for quick, easy activation.

Pros: This classic set of bright, nontoxic dyes from Tulip is a fast, easy way to turn a boring day into an artsy, fun one. The all-in-one kit includes 12 easy-squeeze bottles of highly concentrated dyes in all the rainbow colors, enough for four people to sit and create at one time. There’s no need to presoak your fabric in soda ash— add water to the dye bottles, shake, and apply. For extra help, follow the step-by-step guidebook, and when you’re done, confidently throw your new designs into the washer with no worries over fading colors.

Cons: If you’re dying larger fabrics, like towels or extra-large T-shirts, you might want to go for a second kit to ensure full coverage.

Bottom Line: The Tulip tie-dye kit is an excellent set for beginners and small groups without the extra tediousness of soaking your fabric beforehand. Tons of colors and lots of fun in one package.


Best with Shirts

Kool Krafts Tie-Dye Kit with T-Shirts

Dye and shirts for the entire family.

Pros: Planning a serious tie-dye party? This Kool Krafts ultimate dye kit has all the essentials for an excellent price, including 12 vibrant colors, four white cotton T-shirts (ranging from small to large), disposable gloves, rubber bands, and disposable tablecloths; no need to stain your own. You can let the little ones join without fear of exposing them to toxic ingredients, as each dye creates up to 24 safe, toxin- and acid-free projects for all ages. Flip open the included manual for examples of fun tie-dye patterns you can create using rubber bands and your favorite colors.

Cons: If your fabric isn’t 100% cotton, the dyes may not stick.

Bottom Line: Quality paints (and everything else you’ll need) at a low price. Just click “Buy” and start planning your next family fun day.


Best Make-Your-Own Dye

YRYM 239-Piece Tie-Dye Craft Kit

Extra-large kit for up to 60 people.

Pros: If tie-dying is a serious hobby of yours, consider this extra-extra-large kit from YRYMHT for a true DIY experience. It’s a tad more involved than other sets, featuring 20 large, refillable 120mL bottles and 20 powder-dye replacement packs for up to 60 projects, whether you’re simply stocking your art cabinet or throwing a paint party for the kids. You also won’t need to spend extra money on gloves, rubber bands, tablecloths, or funnels—this superset features it all. You have to mix each powder with warm water, mark the bottles by color with the included labels, and enjoy hours (or weeks) of groovy fun.

Cons: These dyes also work ideally on 100% cotton, so use the paint on other fabrics at your own risk.

Bottom Line: This is an absolute steal for teachers, families, or folks who create and sell tie-dye art. Your gorgeous projects will be worth the added work of mixing your dyes.


Best Neon Colors

S.E.I. Neon Spray Tie-Dye Kit

No need to mix with salts or hot water.

Pros: Looking for a little extra pizazz? The eight-color neon spray kit from SEI Crafts (complete with two refills per color) creates ultra-bright, unique dye projects, whether you’re revamping plain T-shirts or shoes or adding a unique flair to home décor, like baskets, wood, or even dried flowers. Each two-ounce bottle features water-based, environmentally friendly rainbow paints perfect for kids’ crafts at home and in school—and it comes ready to use with zero mixing with salts, soda ash, or hot water. Pop open the cap, press down on the nozzle, and aim at your creative medium. Wash projects as often as you’d like without worries about dulling your colorful masterpiece.

Cons: These little spray paints are ideal for quick, fun projects. You might be disappointed if you’re looking for something heavy-duty.

Bottom Line: If you’ve got a girl’s night on the calendar, or a classroom full of antsy kids, this neon tie-dye kit will elevate your experience and provide everyone with a cute takeaway.


Best Pastel Colors

Doodle Hog Pastel Tie-Dye Kit

Excellent for scrunchie and shoe art.

Pros: Are you more of a pastel person than a neon nut? Doodle Hog’s adorable pastel tie-dye kit is a fun, fanciful way to add a subtle, soft color to clothing, shoes, scrunchies, and towels, especially if you’re going for a classic 1950s vibe or something a little more magical (think unicorns). Your new tie-dye kit includes six custom colors with imaginative names, like “Don’t Make Me Blush” and “Life’s a Dreamsicle,” with two dye refills for every color (that’s 18 full bottles). It’s also another kit that conveniently includes all the necessities, like gloves, rubber bands, and a step-by-step guide.

Cons: The pastels do tend to fade quickly.

Bottom Line: Ready to create a hypnotic scrunchie or a pair of silly, sweet socks? For next to nothing, these light-hearted pastel paints could be the life of your next crafting party.

Final Thoughts

Ready to get your tie-dye on? These popular, top-rated paint kits will help you go from plain, white T-shirt to cool kid on the playground (or at the grocery store, because adults love tie-dye, too). Think about your project, and choose the ideal setting for hours of fun with your friends and family.

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