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The Best Tiki Torches

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Looking to add some magical mood lighting to your outdoor space? Whether it's for everyday use or special events, there's a fun, trendy tiki torch to match your style and party needs. Check out these top-rated favorites.

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  Best for Tabletop Best Solar-Powered Best Traditional Design Premium Choice Also Consider
  TIKI Brand
Molded 6-inch Glass Table Torches
Outdoor Waterproof Solar Torch Lights
Outdoor Waterproof Solar Torch Lights
TIKI Brand
Adjustable 65-inch Bronze Cabos Flame Torch
Deco Home Garden
Citronella Flame Torches
Our SummaryColorful, textured tiki torches that come in vibrant red, blue, and green.An automatic off/on feature provides up to 10 hours of light.A torch woven with 100% sustainable bamboo for a classic tiki feel.This long-lasting, quality design protects torches outdoors.Get natural, mood-setting flame lighting that lasts up to six hours.
Pros12-ounce tabletop lights, molded glass, three vibrant colors, up to five hours burning time, durable fiberglass wick, metal snuffer included.Flameless LED lights, 99 count, kid-friendly, realistic flame pattern, three lighting modes, 55,000 hours of light, IP65 waterproof, ABS plastic.Wide-mouthed 16-ounce canisters, classic bamboo feel, fiberglass wick, includes wooden snuff caps, water-resistant, replaceable wick.Fancy feel, classic bronze coat, four-piece extendable pole, powder-coated protection, can fill with citronella fuel, includes flame guard and metal snuffer.All-metal construction, shiny bronze finish, flickering-flame pattern, set of four, 49-inch poles, more than six hours of light, ISO-certified.
ConsTabletop flame may be larger than desired.Rechargeable batteries can be tricky to replace.Lower-burning flame compared to other models.The thin poles can tilt if not deep enough underground.Does not include assembly instructions.
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The Best Tiki Torches

tiki torches lined up outdoors with baby's breath tied around them.
Photo Spirit/Shutterstock.com

Add fun and flair to an outdoor party with a tiki light, whether you’re a classic-bamboo lover or lean more toward sophisticated, finished-metal accents. You can use torches to accentuate your outdoor dining table, elegantly line a dark walking path, or add a few light accents to set a romantic tone. We’re here to help you choose the ideal lighting solution for your outdoor space.

Buying Guide for Tiki Torches

Burning torch in front of house party.
Ziggy B/Shutterstock.com

Why invest in quality tiki torches?

Ambient, fuel-lit torches do more than just set the mood—they can also help deter bugs and provide warmth on cool nights, making for the perfect addition to outdoor parties or a calm, quiet backyard. There are also tons of LED solar models, which you’ll never have to worry about refueling. Tiki torches are generally inexpensive, long-lasting, and include everything you need to safely light and extinguish the flame (unless you choose LED lights, of course).

What should you consider when buying tiki torches?

  • Classic Bamboo: Turn your backyard into a traditional festive tiki party. Woven bamboo torches are a classic way to add natural light to your outdoor space, and they’re heavy-duty for long-lasting use, even when exposed to bad weather. People know it’s a party when they see a classic tiki torch!
  • Fancy Metal: If you’re not into the traditional bamboo look, you still have plenty of metal options that add class and elegance to an outdoor space. Many metal torches are bronze-coated for an extra-shiny, extra-classy setting.
  • Flameless Solar: You can’t go wrong with a bright, flameless light powered by the sun. You’ll never have to worry about safety or replacing tiki fuel, and you can set solar-powered lights on any surface. Quality solar LED lights are long-lasting and safe.

What accessories should tiki torches come with?

If you purchase flame torches, they should include refillable fuel canisters, sturdy poles or stands, and metal or wood snuffers to help extinguish flames; all of these are important for easy, safe upkeeping of your new torches. If you choose LED solar lights, they should feature an automatic on/off feature to help reserve their rechargeable batteries. Whether flame or sun-fueled, all torches should arrive coated for optimal protection against environmental damage.

Our Picks for the Best Tiki Torches

Best for Tabletop

TIKI Brand Molded 6-inch Glass Table Torches

Colorful, textured tiki torches that come in vibrant red, blue, and green.

Pros: These darling 12-ounce tabletop tiki lights are made from bright, molded glass and available in three vibrant colors—Rio Red, Key Lime Green, and Ocean Blue—that pair beautifully together or work as solo accents around your yard. When you add TIKI torch fuel (sold separately), these torches deliver up to five hours of burn time, with help from a durable fiberglass wick, for long-lasting light at any outdoor event! Simply use the metal snuffer to extinguish your torches when the party’s over.

Cons: Flames from these tabletop torches can be large and powerful, so make sure you set them where guests, especially kids, aren’t reaching over flames, preferably on a larger table away from main seating.

Bottom Line: A bright, unique way to light up a setting, these official TIKI Brand table torches are high-quality, long-lasting, and bright. Just be sure to place them somewhere you can enjoy them without having to worry about safety issues.


Best Solar-Powered

Eicaus Outdoor Waterproof Solar Torch Lights

An automatic off/on feature provides up to 10 hours of light.

Pros: These flameless LED solar lights (99 of them) from Eicaus are super kid- and party-friendly, and you won’t sacrifice quality light for safety. They feature a realistic flame, with three modes and without the heat, offering dynamic, long-lasting lighting outdoors and creating a beautiful campfire vibe. Put them in the sun to collect light during the day and watch them switch on automatically at sundown; they’ll light your porches or pathways for up to 10 hours (with 55,000 total hours of light). They’re IP65 waterproof and constructed from durable ABS plastic to help them survive and thrive outdoors.

Cons: These tikis are battery-operated and include a rechargeable battery, which can be tricky to replace. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, simply research some videos for instructions.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with solar-powered lights in terms of safety and peace of mind. And these Eicaus lights last for nearly 60,000 hours, so you won’t have to recharge batteries for a while. They’re a win-win in design, function, and aesthetics.


Best Traditional Design

Backyadda 6-Pack Standing Bamboo Torches

A torch woven with 100% sustainable bamboo for a classic tiki feel.

Pros: With wide-mouthed, 16-ounce canisters, these classic “Burnt Sienna” bamboo tiki torches are bright, tall-standing, long-burning, and easy to refill without spills or drips. Their fiberglass wicks stay lit longer than cotton wicks, and with the included wooden snuff caps, putting out fires is simple and safe. The bamboo material alone is tough and heat- and water-resistant, which will keep your torches protected in rough weather. You can also find packs of fiberglass wick replacements when needed.

Cons: These woven wiki torches feature a lower flame, so as long as you’re not expecting more from them, you won’t be disappointed.

Bottom Line: Whether your style is coastal, boho-chic, or eclectic, your new, lower-light bamboo torches will serve as a beautiful, lasting addition to your outdoor space. Don’t forget to stock extra wicks for when you’re ready to replace them.


Premium Choice

TIKI Brand Adjustable 65-inch Bronze Cabos Flame Torch

The long-lasting, quality design makes these torches great for classy outdoor gatherings.

Pros: Another quality option from TIKI brand, these fancy outdoor torches feature a classic bronze coat and a customizable, four-piece pole that extends from 65-inch standing torches to 50-inch garden torches. You get a fun, efficient, two-in-one option at a great value. They’re powder-coated to protect from harsh weather, and if you’re looking to keep mosquitos away during hot months, simply fill your canisters with TIKI Brand citronella fuel. Your purchase also includes a flame guard, fuel canisters, a lasting fiberglass wick, and a metal snuffer.

Cons: These torches are mounted to thinner poles, so make sure you’re gentle when placing them in the ground and dig deep enough so they don’t tilt in the wind.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a classic, attractive way to brighten up your backyard aside from traditional bamboo options, these TIKI Brand torches will do the job beautifully. Plus, you can adjust their height depending on the setting for a totally different vibe.


Also Consider

Deco Home Garden Citronella Flame Torches

Get natural, mood-setting flame lighting that lasts up to six hours.

Pros: Looking for bright, beautiful garden torches that stand out among the rest? These Deco Home all-metal flickering-flame tikis are a classy choice for an excellent price. Get a set of four 49-inch poles attached to 11-inch fuel canisters that provide more than six hours of ambiance lighting. They’re all coated with a smooth, shiny, bronze finish. These torches are ISO-certified in a lab for quality control. They’re also powder-coated and resistant to weather.

Cons: Your new torches arrive without instructions, so you might want to research to find step-by-step videos or user instructions.

Bottom Line: Make a statement with these Deco Home classy bronze torches; they’re not your everyday tiki. Set them up to line your walkway or light up your entire outdoor space. They’ll last a long time and deliver optimal ambiance.

Final Thoughts

Call your guests, bust out your favorite party wear, and light the torches (or wait for the sun to charge them)—it’s time to party with your new, high-quality, ambient tikis. These new outdoor additions will light up your life and keep it lit for hours to come.

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