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The Best Tires for Your Go-Kart

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You can give yourself a significant advantage on race day by choosing the right set of tires. Just like in any other motorsport, go-kart tires are important and shouldn’t be dismissed. Moreover, a go-kart relies on quickness and grip, giving you even more reason to invest in a solid set of tires that will address those needs.

If you’re on the lookout for go-kart tires, here are our picks!

What to Look for in a Go-Kart Tire

Here’s what to consider when purchasing tires for your go-kart:

  • Type: Go-kart tires are usually classified as either slick tires or wet wires. Slick ones are the most commonly used tires for go-karting. In dry conditions, the smooth tread of these tires provides maximum grip on the track. If you’re not racing in wet conditions, then you’ll be using slicks. The weather forecast on race day won’t always be certain. Wet tires have deep tread patterns that provide optimal grip in wet conditions. Make sure you bring a set of wet tires in areas prone to rain, just in case.
  • Size: Consider the size of the tire and make sure it’ll fit your kart. This includes height, width, and diameter.
  • Tubed or Tubeless: Many report a smoother ride with tubeless tires, but this is a personal preference.

Best Slick Tires: SunF Tubeless Go-Kart Slick Tire

two thick black smooth tires

If you’re searching for a set of tires that’ll give you the best grip, check out this set of two slick tires from SunF. They have a smooth tread to provide maximum contact with the track. They have a 4-ply construction that’ll protect your tires from punctures and other harm. These tires do not include rims.

Best Slick Tires

SunF Go-Kart & Kart-Racer Slick Tire 11x7.10-5, 4-Ply, Smooth Tread, Tubeless

These slick tires will give you great grip, traction, and control.

Best Value: SunF A004 Go-Kart Tubeless Tires Set of 4

four small tires with tread

If you’re looking to completely recondition the tires of your kart, then you’ll get great value from this four-pack of tires. SunF provides a wide range of sizes to choose from. This tire is made with a V-shaped tread and a 6-ply construction, making this perfect for rougher terrain. It produces great traction with its shoulder knobs as well.

Best Value

Best for Inner Tubes: LotFancy Tire & Inner Tube Set

one tire and one innertube

For those who prefer inner tubes, LotFancy provides a solid tire and inner tube set for you. The tire has a certified, heavy-duty inner tube with a TR87 valve stem and is made from isoprene rubber, which aids in airtightness, elastic dampening, and aging. It has a 2-ply rating.

Also Consider: WANDA ATV Go Kart Tires

two tires with tread

WANDA’s two-pack of tires is a decent choice as well. They are tubeless tires with a 4-ply construction and a widely spaced V-shaped tread—perfect for rough terrain. They have a 165-lbs-at-5-psi load and are 145/70-6 tires. Rims are not included with this set of tires.

Also Consider

2 New WANDA ATV Go Kart Tires 145/70-6 4PR P361 - 10187

This is a 4-ply, tubeless tire with a V-shaped tread pattern.

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