The Best Toasters for Your Mealtime Routine

Slices of toast jumping out of the toaster against yellow background.

A toaster is your saving grace when you only have eight minutes to get from the shower to the car door. If you’re looking for a new quick-fix mealtime machine, then here are a few toasters you should check out.

Whether you’re buying to satisfy breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or a midnight craving, you can go a long way with a toaster on your kitchen counter.

What to Look for in Your Next Toaster

When you’re on the search for the right toasting device, use these factors to guide the way:

  • Toasting Levels: As expected, your toaster should offer you a variety of heating levels to achieve the perfect browning and crunch for your needs. A toasting dial with anywhere from four to seven heat levels is a well-accepted standard, as is the ability to defrost certain cold breads.
  • Types of Toast: In addition to heating power, you should also seek out a toaster option that can accommodate your preferred types of mealtime breads. Every toaster you come across will feature plenty of space for traditional sandwich bread, but not every device features extra-wide toasting slots or button settings that allow proper browning of bagels, English muffins, and even waffles.
  • Toasting Precautions: It’s also important to seek out an option that knows how to preserve the integrity of your toast. Look to toasters that can heat your bread without drying it out too quickly, thus maintaining its moisture and flavor. The most efficient toasters also come equipped with heating settings that warm a piece of pre-toasted bread without the risk of burning it.

Best Two-Slot: Amazon Basics Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

On the left, a toaster with black sides and a silver face ejects two lightly-browned pieces of bread. On the right, a close up view of the device's two extra-wide toasting slots that measure 5.25-by-1.25 inches long.
Amazon Basics

Your standard choice for all things crisp-inducing, this Amazon Basics Extra-Wide Slot Toaster features the right amount of adjustability to get you to an ideal level of crunch. With the simple turn of a six-setting dial, you can decide how light or dark you enjoy your toast. Like the name suggests, its extra-wide slots allow for the toasting of all types of thick grub, from bagels to English muffins.

Best Two-Slot

Amazon Basics Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

A standard toaster that features spacious toasting slots, a removable crumb tray, and an extra-lift lever to safely remove small pieces of bread.

Best Four-Slot: Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic Toaster

On the left, a silver toaster with black trimming sits on a kitchen counter while four pieces of lightly-browned toast sit inside its two slots. On the right is an close up view of the toaster's slide-out crumb tray.
Elite Gourmet Store

The ideal choice for bigger families and office-kitchen settings, this Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic Toaster can accommodate multiple eaters at a time, thanks to its extra-wide and immensely long toasting slots. Each slot measures 1.25 inches wide and 10 inches long, allowing you to not only toast thick bread but multiple pieces of thick bread across both slots. It features six adjustable toasting levels in addition to self-centering guides and a reheat warming function that allows previously toasted bread to be warmed at a lower temperature without burning.

Best Four-Slot

Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic Toaster

This toaster features immensely long toasting slots that allow breakfast eaters to heat up at least four slices of bread at a time.

Best Premium Pick: Revolution High-Speed Touch Screen Toaster

On the left is a close up view of a silver toaster's LCD interface, which showcases bread-type and browning settings. On the right, the toaster ejects two pieces of sandwich bread into the air.
Revolution Store

The words “luxury” and “toast” have never quite found their way together, that is, not until now! This Revolution High-Speed Touch Screen Toaster, emphasis on the “revolution,” really does know how to brown your bread in an exciting way. By way of its InstaGLO technology, this device toasts 35% faster than most options on the market and does so while maintaining 30% more moisture than those options, too. Its touch screen is futuristically convenient and exciting, and you’ll get amazing toast, English muffins, waffles, bagels, or pastries every time.

Best Premium Pick

Revolution High-Speed Touch Screen Toaster

This toaster features over 60 toasting functions built into its modern tech.

Best Retro Design: Yabano 2-Slice Toaster

On the left, a silver toaster with cream-colored sides reheats two croissants that rest on an attached grill-rack above the toasting slots. On the right, the toaster sits on wooden kitchen counter surrounded by bread-oriented dishes.

Brandishing a stylish surface that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of The Jetsons, this Yabano 2-Slice Toaster offers exactly what you need on the technical and visual sides. You get all of the expected help: seven bread shade settings, extra-wide slots, a high lift lever, and a simple operation that’s no more complicated than pressing one of three buttons and twisting the main dial. One especially nifty feature you don’t often see in modern-day toasters is the inclusion of a warming rack, a grill-like feature that allows overhead heating of pre-toasted bread slices, so you can warm them up without risking the burn or warm a pastry that otherwise wouldn’t fit in the toaster slot.

Best Retro Design

Yabano 2-Slice Toaster

Embrace the future like it's 1962 with this nifty toaster that knows you want style to go along with your crunch.

Best Transparent Design: DASH Clear View Toaster

On the left, a red toaster with a see-through window sits in its packaging directly above a recipe idea booklet. On the right, the toaster sits on a counter next to a piece of jam-covered toast alongside other breakfast treats.
DASH Store

Setting the dial and then hoping for the best has always been the norm for toasters. However, wouldn’t you like to know how far along your toast is without canceling the entire process? This DASH Clear View Toaster grants you that exact convenience. With its see-through and removable glass panel, breakfast enjoyers get a clear and constant view of their bread to achieve the perfect browning level. It also features three preset settings (defrost, reheat, bagel) and an automatic shut-off feature that prevents burnt toast.

Best Transparent Design

DASH Clear View Toaster

A toaster that allows you to see your toast cook, so you can decide when you've reached the perfect level of crunch.

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