The Best Toddler Slides for Adventurous Playtime

two toddlers sliding down a slide outside while mom watches with a smile
Little Tikes

Little kids love to play—and what better way to promote healthy play than a fun slide? Specially designed to be just the right size for toddlers, toddler slides offer a safe alternative to full-sized slides and can easily be set up just about anywhere: the backyard, the porch, the playroom, or even in the living room! Read on to see our favorites.

Purchasing Toddler Slides

To find the right toddler slide for you and your kiddo, consider these key points:

  • Size: If you have an unlimited amount of space for this fun new toy, then get one as large and extravagant as you please! If you’re limited in space, then opt for a smaller style or a simpler version.
  • Extras: Some slides will come with additional toys, such as little climb-ins and even swings, which are great if you have the space for it!
  • Storage: If leaving the slide up all the time is not an option (or if you simply don’t want to), then choose a slide that folds or can be easily stored in another way.
  • Material: From hard plastic to soft foam, slides are made of various materials. Soft foam can be ideal for much younger kiddos, although harder plastic is generally more durable.

Best for Budget: Little Tikes First Slide Toddler Slide

red and blue toddler slide with a ladder up to it
Little Tikes

Measuring only 3 feet long, this slide is perfect for beginners because it’s sized just for them! Promoting fitness, coordination, and balance, this slide is great for 18-month toddlers all the way to 6-year-olds with a weight limit of 60 pounds. You can easily remove the steps without any tools for easy storage or moving, and it folds to fit into compact spaces. Kiddos can choose to use this slide both indoors and outdoors, and it unfolds in seconds for easy set up wherever they choose.

Best Climber: Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber with Slide

colorful toddler slide with an attached playhouse

This slide offers extra excitement! It gives toddlers places to climb, slide, crawl through, and play with balls as they zig-zag them through a maze and into the pit! It’s great for promoting and practicing all of those fine motor skills; the basin can even be filled with sand or water for extra stimulation.

Best Climber

Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber With Slide For Toddlers

A slide designed to help promote fine motor skills with climbing, sliding, and crawling.

Easiest to Store: Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

green and blue toddler slide stair view
Little Tikes

Designed with a gentle slope for sliding and easy climb steps, this slide is sure to give your toddler hours of fun. A wide base offers additional stability, and the longer (5-foot) slide is specially made for young kids. This slide is easy to set up; just unfold it and go! It’s just as easy to store by simply unfolding and tucking it away for next time.

Easiest to Store

Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide , Blue/Green

A wide base and a gentle slope make this slide great for little ones.

Best Multi-Set: L-MIN Kids Climber Swing and Slide Set

colorful toddler playhouse with a slide, swing, and multiple sport toys

Available in multiple fun colors to fit your kid just right, this multi-set slide set will provide hours of fun. It has six fun pieces: a sturdy slide, a music machine, a swing, a basketball basket, a football goal, and a baseball set! The slide offers a deacceleration area and buffered stop, while the swing offers sturdy hangers that can hold up to 100 pounds. The sports additions can help young athletes practice their skills. The whole set offers an easy setup and will provide a durable and nontoxic place where your little ones can have endless fun!

Best Foam: ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

young toddler climbing on colorful foam slide with blocks

Offering five different foam shapes, this little slide is great for young kids just starting to climb and explore. Durable and soft, the slide and all the other pieces are made of dense but lightweight foam. Little ones can pick them up rearrange them as they please. It helps kiddos develop fine motor skills and coordination, and the nonslip grips on the bottoms add safety and peace of mind.

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