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The Best Toddler Slides

🕚 Updated March 2022

Little kids love to play, and what better way to promote healthy play than a slide? Specially designed for toddlers, toddler slides are a fun alternative and can be set up just about anywhere. Read on for our favorites.

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  Top Choice Best Sports-Loving Look Best for Indoors Best Versatile Use Largest Option
  Little Tikes
First Slide
Game Time Sporty Climber Set
Cardboard Toddler Slide
Little Tikes
Hide-And-Seek Playhouse Slide
Young Explorers Adventure Climber
Our SummarySimple, classic ladder and slide set for little ones.Play and slide set with a basketball hoop for sporty kiddos.100% recyclable cardboard set with lay-flat storage design.Adorable house and slide with a challenging rock-climbing wall.Multimodal sensory, social, and motor play set for multiple tots.
ProsEasy to store, simple design, suited for indoor or outdoor use.Lots of options for play, basketball hoop included, unique climbing wall.Easy to assemble and store, lay-flat storage design, nice to look at, 100% recyclable.Cute design, challenging rock climbing wall, gentle slope slide.Unique play options, large scale, great for daycares or preschools.
ConsLightweight, can tip over easily.Tiny, difficult for older, heavier children to enjoy safely.Not made for outdoor use.Rock climbing wall is difficult for young toddlers.Takes up a lot of room, cannot store and reassemble easily.
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The Best Toddler Slides

Colorful slide and playground with child on the slide.

Buying Guide for Toddler Slides

Happy young mother with her baby boy playing in colorful playground for kids.
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Why buy a toddler slide? 

Have you ever seen a toddler sit and play quietly? Yeah, us neither. Toddlers need many outlets for their rapidly growing minds and motor skills, including multiple options for physical exertion. Slides are fun, require climbing and hand-eye coordination, and your little one will love having a playground right at home.

What should you look for in a toddler slide?

  • Size: If you have an unlimited amount of space for this fun new toy, then get one as large and extravagant as you please. If you’re limited in space, opt for a smaller style or a simpler version.
  • Extras: Some slides will come with additional toys, such as little climb-ins and even swings, which are great if you have the space for them.
  • Storage: If leaving the slide up all the time is not an option (or if you don’t want to), then choose a slide that folds or can be easily stored in another way.
  • Material: From hard plastic to soft foam, slides are made of various materials. Soft foam can be ideal for much younger kiddos, although harder plastic is generally more durable.

How much should you expect to spend on a toddler slide? 

Toddler slides can range from $30 to over $200 depending on the material, the extra features, and the size of the slide. The more simple the design, the less expensive it most likely will be. If features like a crawl-through hole or a climbing wall are included, the higher the cost.

Our Picks for the Best Toddler Slides

Top Choice

Little Tikes First Slide

Simple, classic ladder and slide set for little ones.

Pros: Measuring only three feet long, this slide is excellent for beginners because it’s sized just for them. Promoting fitness, coordination, and balance, this slide is great for 18-month toddlers to 6-year-olds with a weight limit of 60 pounds. You can easily remove the steps without any tools for easy storage or moving, and it folds to fit into compact spaces. Kiddos can choose to use this slide indoors and outdoors, and it unfolds in seconds for easy set up wherever they choose.

Cons: This slide is so compact and lightweight that it is not the sturdiest or most bottom-heavy.

Bottom Line: This is a great, affordable option that is fun for little climbers and amazing for parents with limited space for toddler toys. Given its lightweight plastic, be sure to monitor your child as they play to prevent accidents and to determine if the product is the right choice for your family.


Best Sports-Loving Look

Step2 Game Time Sporty Climber Set

Play and slide set with a basketball hoop for sporty kiddos.

Pros: This slide offers extra excitement. It gives toddlers places to climb, slide, crawl through, shoot hoops, and even play a game of hide-and-seek. The climbing wall is more complex and solid than traditional ladder systems. This is great for developing fine motor skills, and because it is multimodal, it’s fantastic for social play. This is an excellent option if you have multiple little ones or are a frequent host of playdates.

Cons: While this sporty slide has a lot of play modes, it is also on the small side, even for toddler toys. Children over two years old may have difficulty moving around comfortably on the landing.

Bottom Line: We recommend this set for sporty tykes who need their toys to present multiple options for fun. It’s got plenty to explore and enjoy when your toddler needs to get the wiggles out.


Best for Indoors

Pop2Play Cardboard Toddler Slide

100% recyclable cardboard set with lay-flat storage design.

Pros: If you don’t have a backyard and need a solution that packs away easily, this is the option for you. This 100% cardboard slide has a unique lay-flat storage design and can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes. That makes it easy to stow behind the couch or pop in the car trunk. Plus, it has an adorable design that you’ll like looking at. Best of all? This is 100% recyclable when you’re done, so if you’re tired of throwing toys away when your kiddo has outgrown them, this is a fantastic, guilt-free option.

Cons: This is a cardboard slide, so we don’t recommend putting it outside as it is susceptible to water and weather damage.

Bottom Line: The low carbon footprint of this cardboard pop-out slide more than makes up for its short lifespan. It’s easy to set up, great for small spaces like apartments, townhomes, or condos, and will give your kiddo hours of fun when it comes out.


Best Versatile Use

Little Tikes Hide-And-Seek Playhouse Slide

Adorable house and slide with a challenging rock-climbing wall.

Pros: Little Tikes is on our list with an adorable climb-and-slide set for a second time. The adorable rock climbing wall will give kids a great motor skill challenge. You’ll love seeing their sweet faces peek out through the windows. This is another toddler slide that is great for playdates and multiple children. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is sturdier than many other models.

Cons: This slide requires more developed gross and fine motor skills, so this isn’t the right choice if you’re buying for a 6-month old to a 2-year-old.

Bottom Line: If your little one has outgrown some of their basic, more limited toys, this is a great, challenging set. There are many ways to play with this climb-and-slide toy, and it’s sure to be a favorite year-round.


Largest Option

Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber

Multimodal sensory, social, and motor play set for multiple tots.

Pros: Consider this the Lamborghini of toddler playsets and slides. Its large size makes it beautifully suited to a daycare or preschool playset. There’s plenty of room for tykes to play alone and together. It has all rounded corners, a gentle slope to the slide, and the extra-wide base helps to keep it stable to make playtime safe. Plus, it’s so big it can double as an adorable fort.

Cons: This is not suited to small spaces, and you may prefer to keep it outside than in your living room.

Bottom Line: As long as you’ve got the room to store it, this slide playset is a fantastic option for your tots and their friends to explore, play, and imagine together.

Final Thoughts

Toddler slides are a fun addition to any toy set and offer gentle physical play that can be had indoors or out. Little ones will love learning to climb and descend the slide right at home. So whether you want a simple climb-and-slide model or a more fantastic playground set, your tot is sure to love having a slide that’s made for them.

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