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The Best Toilet Flappers for Every Bathroom

Toilet flappers of a superior quality

If you have recently discovered that your toilet is struggling to flush properly, and water is beginning to leak onto your bathroom floor, you might be able to easily remedy the situation by investing in a new toilet flapper. It is a small round object found in the tank of your toilet, and it is responsible for draining water when you got to flush. Flappers tend to deteriorate and become less effective over time, which is why you should consider investing in a replacement.

What You Should Look for in Toilet Flappers?

Listed below are the key features of toilet flappers:

  • Durability: Having to replace your toilet flapper is certainly inconvenient. However, most of the newer flappers are built to last. Mostly made of premium plastic material, they feature a sturdy and rigid frame that can handle plenty of wear and tear. Many products also have extra padding for better long-term performance.
  • Universal Design: Most toilet flappers are now universal, which means that you can install them in a variety of residential and commercial toilets. Most flappers are compatible with 2- and 3-inch valves, which makes them incredibly versatile. This way you will never encounter any sizing issues.
  • Flapper Floats: Floats don’t always come with a toilet flapper, but they can make a difference in the speed at which your flapper drains. This way you can accelerate or de-accelerate the rate at which your toilet flushes. They are built into the chain attached to your flapper.

Best Overall: Uming 2-Inch Toilet Flapper

This blue toilet flapper features a stainless chain

This is the best overall option because it fixes leaks and can effectively eliminate any flushing issues. It is easy to install, and it has a stainless steel chain with anti-corrosive properties. This option provides you with a lot of value and functionality.

Best Adjustable Flapper: Fluidmaster Water-Saving Flapper

This adjustable toilet flapper will help you save water

This adjustable toilet flapper allows you to maximize the efficiency of your flush while also preventing leaks and other flushing issues. You can save a lot of water with this flapper. It features a sturdy frame that is extremely strong and durable. It will prevent outbreaks of bacteria, and it is resistant to corrosion.

Best Adjustable Flapper

Best with a Float: Kohler 2-Inch Toilet Float

A versatile toilet flapper that comes with a float

This versatile toilet flapper is the best option that includes a float. This allows you to adjust the rate at which your toilet flushes while maintaining efficiency and functionality. This product also offers incredible longevity — it is incredibly stable, which ensures that you will likely never need to replace it.

Best with Float


You won't find a better toilet flapper that comes with a float.

Best Value: Korky Toilet Tank Flapper

An affordable yet incredibly effective toilet flapper

This toilet flapper is affordable, easy to install, and the valve effectively seals off your toilet and prevents waste. Despite the affordable price of this particular product, it still offers reliability and long-term efficiency.

Best Value

Korky 54BP Toilet Tank Flapper - Easy to Install - Made in USA,Black

This toilet flapper is affordable but still comes with several premium features.

High-Quality: Essential Values 3-Inch Toilet Flapper

The best premium toilet flapper available

This premium toilet flapper has superior quality in terms of the solid rubber material and stainless steel chain that prevents corrosion. It features a universal design that you can install in a variety of toilets. The installation is also very easy and should only take a few minutes.

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