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The Best Toilet Handles for Every Bathroom

A woman replacing her toilet handle

Ever consider replacing your toilet handle? Not many people realize this, but your handle is a crucial component of your toilet. Once it begins to wither and diminish, you might notice that your toilet doesn’t flush as efficiently as it should. You can easily and affordably replace your old handle with a more effective and decorative option. This also gives you the opportunity to add more style and personalization to your bathroom.

What to Consider in a Toilet Handle

Listed below are some of the key features you should know about:

  • Universal Design: Most handles are now incredibly intuitive—you can install them in most toilet tanks, including the top brands and models. Universal designs also ensure that you can install your new handle with ease, and they have a durable construction so that you won’t need to replace them for many years.
  • Decorative Appeal: Simply replacing your toilet handle will go a long way in improving the decor of your bathroom. Perhaps you are undergoing major renovations to your home. Why not take the opportunity to invest in new toilet handles to make your bathroom a lot more elegant and professional-looking?
  • Durability: Most homeowners need to replace their toilet handle because it is no longer functional. When you buy a new one, you will want something that offers plenty of durability so that you can get a lot of use from it. You don’t want to have to buy a toilet handle when you just installed a new one not too long ago.

Best Universal Design: Brushed Nickel Flush Lever

a closeup of a silver classic-shaped toilet handle

This toilet handle is the best overall option in terms of price, efficiency, and design. It has a stylish appearance and adds more visual appeal to your bathroom. Plus, it is compatible with many different models and name-brand toilets, and it offers easy installation for DIYers.

Best Universal Design

Qualihome Brushed Nickel Toilet Tank Flush Lever Handle, Universal Front Mount with Nut Lock, Fits Most Toilets

This handle is compatble with virtually every residential and commercial toilet.

Easy to Install: DANCO Toilet Handle Replacement

a toilet handle made of shiny chrome steel

This chrome toilet handle has everything you need, and it is easy to install. It represents a major upgrade over your previous handle in terms of greater durability and better flushing efficiency. It has anti-corrosive properties, and the flush arm is 8 inches in length. DIYers love this particular handle because the installation itself takes minimal time and effort to complete.

Easy to Install

DANCO Toilet Handle Replacement, Chrome, 8 inch, 1-Pack (80806)

This toilet handle is the perfect choice for avid DIYers.

Best Decorative Option: Keeney Universal Fit Toilet Handle

a toilet handle with a white handle and silver knob and end

This decorative toilet handle will add a lot more pizzazz and elegance to your bathroom. With a classic and timeless design, it will look good on virtually any toilet. Made of chrome and porcelain material, this unique handle is incredibly durable, and you can install it on virtually any toilet. This is the ideal accessory for anyone who wants to make an affordable upgrade to their bathroom.

Affordable and Durable: Toilet Flush Lever by QUALIHOME

a durable white plastic toilet handle

This particular toilet handle is simple yet super efficient; it adds more style to the decor of your bathroom, and you will get a lot of use from it. The durable plastic material of the handle makes it the perfect long-term choice for most homeowners. It’s a pristine and efficient accessory for your bathroom that you can easily afford, no matter your budget.

Durable Plastic Material

Qualihome Toilet Tank Flush Lever Replacement for American Standard (White, Straight Arm)

This durable toilet handle will provide you with plenty of value and reliability.

Also Consider: Toilet Handle Replacement by LRD Global

a long black metal toilet handle

This metal toilet handle has a universal design and anti-corrosive properties, and it also offers easy installation for DIYers. You are getting everything you need with this particular product: the entire kit includes a trip lever handle, arm, and all the necessary hardware. It is also compatible with many of the top toilet brands, such as Kohler, Glacier Bay, Toto, Gerber, and American Standard.

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