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The Best Toilet Paper Holders

🕚 Updated October 2022

Your toilet paper holder probably isn't a piece of home decor that you've given a lot of thought to, even though you use one every day. Give it some thought now and upgrade to one of these stylish and functional options.

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  Best Classic Design Best Stackable Best for Jumbo Rolls Best with Shelf Also Consider
Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder
Metal Free Standing Toilet Paper Organizer
Stainless Steel Bathroom Tissue Holder
Metal Toilet Paper Holder
Simple Houseware
Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Holder
Our SummaryA reliable wall-mountable toilet paper holder with impressive durability.A freestanding toilet paper holder that's ideal for saving space, storing extra rolls, and improving organization.A wall-mountable toilet paper holder that is rustproof and sleek.A freestanding toilet paper holder that makes it easier to organize bathroom items.A toilet paper holder that offers you optimal convenience and ease of use.
Pros✓ Made of stainless steel
✓ Simple installation
✓ Classic wall-mounted look
✓ Sturdy construction
✓ Great for smaller bathrooms
✓ Six finishes
✓ Offers easy access to extra toilet paper
✓ Anti-corrosive and rustproof
✓ Easy to install
✓ Five beautiful finishes
✓ Can fit bigger rolls of toilet paper
✓ Sturdy design
✓ Multifunctional
✓ Holds large rolls
✓ Helps save space
✓ Made of a durable steel alloy
✓ Elegant finish
✓ Holds three rolls of toilet paper at a time
Cons✗ Not compatible with wall paper or painted walls✗ More functional than it is stylish
✗ Only for storing, not dispensing
✗ Requires screw mounting, so it's not viable for every wall✗ Could tip over easily
✗ Not ideal if you don't need the storage
✗ Could tip over easily
✗ Only two finishes
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The Best Toilet Paper Holders

A chrome toiler paper holder with one open end holds a half-used roll of toilet paper.

Most toilet paper holders are just a single horizontal bar of metal or collapsible plastic attached to your bathroom wall or the side of the vanity. However, in this day and age, you’ve got a wider variety of storage and decorative options than ever before. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic toilet paper holder, many modern designs offer even greater convenience. Some provide bonus storage space for spare rolls of toilet paper, which can be extremely handy if you have limited cabinet space in your bathroom; plus, they’ll ensure you have a fresh roll on hand. Some come with built-in shelves so that you have a spot for items like air fresheners or a safe place to rest your cell phone when you go to the bathroom. There are even novelty or more unique toilet paper holders that can add a little more personality or decoration to your bathroom. If you’re looking for a new toilet paper roll holder, here are a few we recommend.

Buying Guide for Toilet Paper Holders


Why buy a toilet paper holder?

Ultimately, toilet paper holders allow you to optimize the way you store and organize your bathroom items. You can eliminate the clutter in your bathroom and make your toilet paper much more accessible. It’s also more hygienic to keep your toilet paper on a holder than just sitting on your counter or the tank of your toilet.

What should you look for in a toilet paper holder?

  • Type: There are more types of toilet paper holders than you might think. There are classic single-axle models, of course. These can be screwed into your bathroom wall or cabinet or stuck on by an adhesive. Both ends may be attached to the wall/cabinet with a pop-out axle for when the time comes to change rolls, or only one end is attached so that you can slide the toilet paper rolls on and off the other end. Other options include freestanding models, where you stack several rolls on top of each other inside some sort of metal or wire cage or slide them onto a single metal pole. These may or may not have their own axle attached for dispensing. There are also metal, wood, or wicker baskets for holding toilet paper. Some of these can either be mounted, though most are meant to rest beside or on top of the toilet. Another (rarer) option is a mounted or freestanding shelf-like model with special slots designed to hold toilet paper.
  • Size: When considering a toilet paper holder’s size, you’ll want to consider both its physical size and its capacity. Most are designed to hold and dispense standard-sized rolls of toilet paper. So if you’re someone who uses extra-large rolls, keep an eye out for a toilet paper holder that mentions being compatible with them. If you opt for a freestanding model, make sure it’s not too tall or too short for your needs and that it’ll fit properly in the space you have available. If you decide to buy a model that isn’t a standard axle toilet paper holder, also be sure to consider how many rolls it can hold at once. Two or three is fairly standard in most models, but there are higher capacity models available, too. Some axle toilet paper holders may have a dual capacity, though they’re not as common as classic single models.

Should you get a toilet paper holder with a shelf attached?

A toilet paper holder with an extra shelf can be an extremely useful addition to your home. If you don’t have a lot of counter space in your bathroom, this additional shelf makes for a handy place to place items like air fresheners, tissues, or wipes. Some are specifically designed as a place to set your phone as you’re using the bathroom so that it won’t get dirty, wet, lost, or fall onto the floor or (heaven forbid) into the toilet itself.

Our Picks for the Best Toilet Paper Holders

Best Classic Design

YIGII Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

A reliable wall-mountable toilet paper holder with impressive durability.

Pros: Most bar-style toilet paper rolls require screws, tools, and some sort of drilling or nailing to be installed in the desired spot. However, this one doesn’t require a lengthy installation process or special tools or screws, thanks to its adhesive tape backing. Just peel off the film from the adhesive pad, stick it onto the smooth surface of your choosing, press down for several seconds, and you’re good to go. (Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be mounted to a painted wall or wallpaper, and if you let it rest for 24 hours before sliding on toilet paper, the adhesive will stick that much better.) The stainless steel body is anti-rust and easy to clean to boot. And the upward bend of the open end ensures that your toilet paper won’t slide or fall off and roll onto the floor.

Cons: This is definitely a simple option; it won’t provide extra storage beyond the one roll you’re currently using. You should also keep in mind that the adhesive tape is not compatible with wallpaper or painted walls, which will be problematic for some.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with a classic toilet paper holder. They’re simple yet effective and low maintenance. This stainless steel model is open on one side, making it easier to slide rolls of toilet paper on and off as needed. You won’t have to pop the center bar off and then reinsert it each time you need a new roll like older models. And this particular model is much easier to mount to the wall or cabinet than most.


Best Stackable

mDesign Metal Toilet Paper Organizer

A freestanding toilet paper holder that's ideal for saving space, storing extra rolls, and improving organization.

Pros: This model allows you to hold and stack up to three rolls of toilet paper on top of each other at a time. It’s a great option if you often have guests over since it’ll ensure you have toilet paper visible and ready for them. At 7 inches wide by 14.5 inches high, this freestanding model can hold even larger rolls of toilet paper and will fit well in most bathrooms, even those in smaller apartments, RVs, or campers. You should be able to tuck it away behind or beside the toilet to take up minimal space. And thanks to the freestanding design, you don’t have to permanently drill or place it somewhere. The slightly raised feet keep the toilet paper off the ground, so it won’t get dirty or wet. It is made of strong steel wire that wipes clean and has a rust-resistant finish for increased durability. It’s available in five different finishes.

Cons: The freestanding design is more suitable for bathrooms with minimal space, such as powder rooms or small workplace bathrooms. Note that it doesn’t have a dispenser; it’s more just for storage. It’s also more functional and practical than it is decorative and stylish, so if you want something that really wows in appearance, this probably isn’t the model for you.

Bottom Line: While this will obviously take up more floor space than a traditional model, the tradeoff is extra storage space for more rolls. You’ll be able to stack several rolls of toilet paper on top of one another, ensuring you’ll have extra right on hand when the current one runs out, and you won’t have to waste bathroom cabinet or under-the-sink storage space on spare toilet paper. This standing toilet paper holder is best used in tandem with a wall-mounted toilet paper holder.


Best for Jumbo Rolls

KES Toilet Paper Holder

A wall-mountable toilet paper holder that is rustproof and sleek.

Pros: This classic wall-mountable toilet paper holder is large enough to hold jumbo-sized rolls, with a maximum length just shy of 5 inches. It can also be installed vertically or horizontally to the right or left, depending on your personal preferences or what fits well in your bathroom. The installation process is incredibly easy, and it comes with the hardware you need to mount it to your wall or cabinet. It can be fixed to tile, painted, or marble walls. The mounting screws are designed to be secure, preventing the holder from wobbling or coming loose. The toilet paper holder is made of durable stainless steel that won’t corrode or rust, and it has a large knob on the end to prevent rolls from falling off. It’s available in four different colors.

Cons: You will need to install this toilet paper holder on your own, which will require some effort and planning on your part. However, it comes with instructions to help guide you through the process. The screw mounting won’t work for every wall.

Bottom Line: Jumbo rolls of toilet paper can be super handy for families or those who want to reduce their household costs or how often they have to change the roll. Not all standard toilet paper holders can fit or hold jumbo rolls, but this one can! Plus, it’ll look great and last a long time.


Best with Shelf

TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder

A freestanding toilet paper holder that makes it easier to organize bathroom items.

Pros: This holder is equipped with a basket, a horizontal bar, and a small top shelf. The basket holds up to three extra rolls of toilet paper at once, the horizontal bar dispenses your current roll, and the top shelf can hold or store various items either temporarily or permanently; use it to stash tissues, wet wipes, or air freshener and the like, or simply place your phone there for safekeeping while you’re using the bathroom. The extra storage capacity is not the only thing about this toiler paper holder that’s convenient either. The 6.5-inch diameter won’t take up more than its fair share of space, and the flat, weighted base with raised feet keeps the toilet paper off the ground while providing extra stability. Keep two or more backup rolls inside the basket for even further stability and balance. Since this holder is freestanding, it doesn’t need to be mounted and can be moved to almost any spot in the bathroom as needed. The bronze, white, or grey finish (your choice) ensures the holder is rustproof, anti-peel, and anti-scratch. It’s also easy to clean; all you have to do is wipe it with a dampened cloth. While some assembly is required, it doesn’t require special tools or drilling.

Cons: If you don’t think you’ll need or use the storage space this provides, you should opt for a wall-mountable option. It’s on the taller side, so it could be prone to tipping over if you accidentally bump it. And it only comes in three finishes, as opposed to other models with more color options.

Bottom Line: If you live in an apartment or condo or a dorm with its own bathroom, you may find that storage space comes at a premium. This can make it tricky to find a place to stash your extra rolls of toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and other useful bathroom items. Even if your bathroom does have a good amount of storage space, if your toilet is placed far away from your sink or counter, you may not have a convenient and safe place to put your phone, wallet, or other personal items while you’re in the bathroom. This freestanding toilet holder is designed to help solve both these problems along with its original purpose of holding and dispensing toilet paper.


Also Consider

TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder

A toilet paper holder that offers you optimal convenience and ease of use.

Pros: The freestanding design, with its 7.25- by 7.25- by 23.5-inch dimensions, will fit in just about any bathroom; since it sits right on the floor, you won’t have to find a convenient spot to mount it. Since it’s not bolted down or attached to the floor, you can shift it wherever you want in the bathroom, and the three prongs at the base keep your toilet paper off the ground. The basket can hold up to three rolls of spare toilet paper at once so that you, your family, and your guests won’t get caught without it, and it saves you the trouble of using cabinet space to hold extra rolls. This sturdy holder is made of tough, solid steel and comes in a chrome or bronze finish.

Cons: If you don’t need or want the storage space, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. It only comes in two finishes, so if you don’t like the bronze or chrome looks, you’re out of luck. It’s also easy to knock over a freestanding model if you aren’t careful or paying attention.

Pros: There are benefits to both wall-mounted and freestanding toilet paper holders. You may have trouble deciding which is the better choice for your bathroom. Fortunately, with this particular toilet paper holder, you don’t have to choose between one or the other, but rather, you can get the best of both. It combines the convenient dispensing of a wall-mounted model with the storage space of a stackable, floor-standing one. The basket at the bottom holds spare rolls of toilet paper, while the tall neck with its attached horizontal bar gives you a place to hold and dispense the roll that you’re currently using.

Final Thoughts

Having a toilet paper holder will go a long way when organizing your bathroom supplies and optimizing your hygiene habits. With freestanding and wall-mountable options in toilet paper holders, you can modernize your bathroom in your home or commercial facilities to provide optimal functionality and style.

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