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The Best Toilet Plungers

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🕚 Updated October 2021

A plunger is an essential household tool for fixing unexpected and unpleasant clogs in plumbing. Since you never want to be caught unprepared, here are some great plungers to have on hand.

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  Best Overall Best Budget Best Set Best Suction Also Great
Toilet Plunger and Caddy
Supply Guru
Rubber Toilet Plunger with Wooden Handle
Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo
Jackson Supplies and Hardware
High Pressure Accordion Toilet Plunger
Mr. Clean
Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush
Our SummaryA stainless steel plunger that can handle heavy-duty clogs with ease.A traditional plunger that you can use for residential and commercial purposes.An efficient and modern toilet plunger that comes with a toilet bowl brush.This plunger supplies you with plenty of suction power without having to overexert yourself.A turbo plunger with an innovative design for effectively removing clogs.
ProsDrip-free design, efficient when removing clogs, durable stainless steel rod.Long wooden handle, capable of high-capacity force and suction power.Heavy-duty construction, suitable for residential and commercial use, convenient storage options.Utilizes water to improve plunging efficiency, minimizes residue that can stain your toilet bowl.Comes with caddy that has a nonslip base, comes with toilet bowl brush.
ConsMetal handle will likely rust over time.Not as reliable as the more modern toilet plungers.Doesn't have a drip-free design.Doesn't come with a storage tray.With a shorter length, it's not ideal for taller people.
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The Best Toilet Plungers

A toilet in a bathroom with a toilet plunger next to it in a nice white case.

A plunger will certainly come in handy when those unexpected clogs occur. When the water can’t pass through your drain, it prevents your toilet from working properly. If you’re looking for a reliable toilet plunger to keep things moving, here are some options that’ll get the job done.

Buying Guide for Toilet Plungers

A woman uses a plunger on a toilet in a bathroom.
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Why buy a toilet plunger?

If your toilet clogs, you’re dealing with a messy situation—especially if you don’t already own a plunger. Clogs can quickly get out of hand, causing an unsanitary state of affairs that you and your family will want to avoid. Having a toilet plunger handy will help take care of those clogs quickly so that wastewater isn’t spilling over into your bathroom or sitting there and getting smelly.

What should you look for in a toilet plunger?

  • Durability: It’s best to buy a product that will last. Plungers aren’t very expensive, but you don’t want to have to keep buying new ones. You want a plunger that will last through many uses—one that won’t give out on you when you need it most.
  • Storage: Some plungers come with storage holders for convenient placing. Think about the size of your bathroom and the available space you have.
  • Functionality: Each plunger is different in terms of its design and overall performance. Some nice features include splash-back protection from water while plunging and ease of use. Some plungers can also be used to unclog kitchen sinks and drains. However, you might want to buy a second plunger to use for those areas apart from the one you buy for the toilet to avoid spreading germs.

How will you know which plunger is best for you?

You need to consider multiple factors when shopping for toilet plungers, but ultimately, you have to find something that’s suitable for your needs. The design will determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the plunger. Ideally, you want something with a long, narrow profile that has powerful suction capabilities. If you want something simple, traditional, and affordable, check out our Best Budget pick. If you want a more modern, easy-to-use design, take a look at our Best Suction pick. Also, keep in mind how you’ll want to store it. Unsightly plungers in the corner aren’t always desirable, so some models (like our Best Overall pick) come with storage holders that the plunger can rest in without causing an eyesore in your bathroom.

Our Picks for the Best Toilet Plungers

Best Overall

simplehuman Toilet Plunger

A sleek plunger that can handle heavy-duty clogs with ease.

Pros: This plunger comes in an easily accessible holder that hides the unsightly flange when not in use. The unique magnetic collar keeps the plunger secure so that you can pick up the base and the plunger with no drips. The plunger flange is long and narrow to work efficiently with modern toilets. The rod features sturdy stainless steel construction and can withstand vigorous use.

Cons: The metal handle will eventually rust over time if you allow a lot of moisture to come in contact with it. Although it’s attractive in appearance, if you want function above all, you should look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: The black color scheme and sleek design alone are what elevate this plunger over many of the other options available on the market. It offers several premium features, like a drip-free design and easy and attractive storage.


Best Budget

Supply Guru Toilet Plunger

A traditional plunger that you can use for residential and commercial purposes.

Pros: This plunger can generate enough force to remove tough clogs in your toilet while being incredibly affordable. The durable wooden handle also ensures that you can get a good grip on your plunger when removing difficult clogs. It’s a good design for using on sink drains as well.

Cons: The suction power doesn’t compare to other options that are available on the market. You’ll have to work a little harder with this plunger to get the job done.

Bottom Line: Although this toilet plunger has a more traditional design, it is viable to use for both commercial and residential purposes, effectively removing those stubborn clogs.


Best Set

MR. SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush

An efficient and modern toilet plunger that comes with a toilet bowl brush.

Pros: This plunger is built for heavy-duty use, with its commercial-grade rubber suction cup and ergonomic handle. It also comes with a brush for cleaning the toilet bowl. The compact design of the plunger is ideal for storage purposes, and it even comes with a special holder that makes it difficult for bacteria and contaminants to proliferate.

Cons: Unfortunately, unlike most modern toilet plungers, this particular product doesn’t feature a drip-free design. When removing clogs in your toilet, be careful not to leave your plunger lying on the ground.

Bottom Line: Keep your bathroom organized with this powerful toilet plunger that comes contained in a two-compartment holder to keep both products steady. Also, because the plunger comes with a toilet bowl brush, you will have an easy go at keeping your toilet squeaky clean.


Best Suction

Jackson Supplies and Hardware Accordion Toilet Plunger

This plunger supplies you with plenty of suction power without having to overexert yourself.

Pros: This particular plunger offers a ton of suction power because it allows you to utilize water to your advantage. It has a unique design that also minimizes the residue that ends up around your toilet, ensuring that your bathroom will remain clean and sanitary.

Cons: Unfortunately, the plunger doesn’t come with a storage tray, which obviously makes it a little more difficult to prevent water from dripping onto the floor.

Bottom Line: This professional bellows plunger can unclog stubborn blockages by providing you with enough precision and suction power to get the job done. It was invented and designed by a professional plumber and can remove most clogs in business or home bathrooms.


Also Great

Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Toilet Brush

A turbo plunger with an innovative design for effectively removing clogs.

Pros: This turbo plunger will make it much easier to remove clogs and blockages from your toilet. That’s because it comes equipped with a grippy rubber handle that will allow you to maneuver it with ease and efficiency. It also comes with a toilet bowl brush to keep things clean, and the 4.75-inch diameter flange of the plunger provides a tighter seal for greater suctioning force.

Cons: There are better long-term options available. Also, in terms of length, this plunger is somewhat short and not ideal for people who are taller in stature.

Bottom Line: While similar in shape and appearance to a classic plunger, this model offers a modern upgrade to the traditional design. The pressure and power of the plunger ensure that you can remove tough clogs, allowing you to prevent wastewater from making its way into your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

When the water level begins to rise in your toilet, you likely have a clog on your hands. Plungers are an incredibly resourceful tool that will prevent your bathroom from succumbing to unsanitary conditions. These reliable plungers can accommodate your needs and prevent clogs from getting out of hand.

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