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The Best Tongs for Your Next Barbecue

grilling tongs resting on a cutting board next to grilled meat and an outdoor grill

For those who love to grill, there is nothing like the perfect set of tongs to make your time at the grill even better. A great set of grilling tongs will allow you to maintain excellent control over your meat so that you can flip and position them comfortably and efficiently. Here are some great tongs for your next barbecue.

What to Look for in Grilling Tongs

Look for tongs made from durable, rust-resistant materials like high-quality stainless steel. Length can also be an important factor, as longer tongs will keep your hands further from the grill to prevent burns. While it may not seem all that important, a non-slip grip will greatly add to the ease and comfort of use and should be considered as well. Finally, if you prefer to hang your tongs for storage, be sure that the model you choose features a storage ring for easy hanging!

Top Pick: Weber Original Tongs

chrome and black grilling tongs

For those seeking heavy-duty tongs that will stand the test of time, the Weber Original Tongs are an amazing choice. These dishwasher-safe tongs feature a unique front-end design for a secure grip on food and moderate spring-action without being difficult to close. The tongs are also long enough to keep your hand at a safe distance from the grill and are durably constructed for many years of regular use.

Top Pick

Weber Premium Grill Tongs

These grilling tongs feature all-around heavy-duty construction, a comfortable non-slip grip, and serrated edges for a secure hold on food.

Best Value: Allwin-Houseware Stainless Steel Cooking Tongs

two sets of chrome grilling tongs with black accents and hanging loops

The Allwin-Houseware Stainless Steel Cooking Tongs can be purchased in three different sizes and colors and are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These tongs feature high-quality stainless steel construction and will securely grip and move even unwieldy and heavy foods. These tongs also sport non-slip surfaces and are dishwasher safe, making them a great budget pick.

Best Value

304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tongs, 9" and 12" Set of 2 Sturdy Grilling Barbeque Brushed Locking Food Tongs with Ergonomic Grip, Black

This budget-friendly tong set comes with two different-sized tongs and features impressive heat-resistance and a non-slip design.

Best Scissor Tongs: HINMAY Extra Long Scissor Tongs

slim chrome grilling tongs with a black and red scissor-like grip

The HINMAY Extra Long Scissor Tongs are great for easily moving and flipping foods of many different shapes and sizes. These scissor tongs feature a comfortable silicone-lined handle and durable, food-grade stainless steel construction. While these are not the best tongs for moving heavier foods, they maintain an excellent grip on lighter foods and allow for more precision while positioning food on the grill. For those that don’t like the feel of conventional grilling tongs, these scissor tongs are a great choice.

Best Scissor Tongs

HINMAY Extra Long Scissor Tongs 16-Inch Stainless Steel Barbecue Grilling Tongs

These scissor tongs are great for moving lighter foods with ease and precision and feature food-grade stainless steel construction.

Best Extra-Long Tongs: HOSIMAY 18.7-Inch Locking Barbecue Tongs

chrome grilling tongs with wooden grips

The HOSIMAY Locking Barbecue Tongs feature an extra-long, heat-resistant bamboo handle that provides an excellent slip-free grip. These tongs have a serrated head for greater stability when moving and flipping food on the grill and are made with high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel. Given the length of these tongs, your hands will remain a safe distance from the grill when using them, making them appealing for those who have been burned by smaller, low-quality tongs too many times.

Best Extra-Long Tongs

Extra Long 18.7'' Locking Barbeque Tongs, Non-Stick Food Tongs for All Outdoor and Kitchen Cooking Needs, 100% Stainless Steel with Bamboo Handle

These grilling tongs feature an extra-long, stainless steel design with a heat-resistant bamboo handle. The serrated ends of these tongs do a great job securely holding heavy food items.

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