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The Best Tool Drawer Organizers

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🕚 Updated January 2023

Have you ever gone to your trusty toolbox to grab the tool you need, only to find a drawer of tool chaos? Keep your wrenches, sockets, drill bits, and more organized with these tool drawer organizers.

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  Top Choice Great Compartment Tray Best Socket Organizer Best for Pliers Best Wrench Organizer
  Ernst Manufacturing
Home and Garage Organizer Tray
TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer
6PC ABS Socket Organizer
Pliers Cutters Organizer Pro
Wrench Organizer
Our SummaryA tool drawer organizer with color options and lots of storage space.A double-drawer organizer that's stackable and easy to transport.Keep your sockets right where you need them with this handy socket organizer.Organize your pliers and cutters with a tool drawer organizer that offers 10 compartments for your gear.An organizer with compartments and space for wrenches of various sizes and shapes.
Pros✓ 10 compartments
✓ Rolled-bottom edges
✓ Fits in small drawers
✓ Stackable with other DEWALT organizers
✓ Removable dividers
✓ 16.5-inch load capacity
✓ Comfortable handle
✓ Molded ABS material
✓ Holds sockets of various sizes
✓ Keeps sockets organized and easy to access
✓ Toolbox, drawer, or wall-mount ready
✓ Perfect for pliers and cutters
✓ Non-slip base
✓ Space to store 10 tools
✓ Protects tools from dents
✓ Made from durable plastic
✓ Frees up your space
Cons✗ Not the sturdiest plastic✗ Not the most spacious when used alone✗ Clips can break✗ Too tall for some drawers✗ Tools can slide around
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The Best Tool Drawer Organizers

An open drawer full of organized tools.
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Buying Guide for Tool Drawer Organizers

A person grabs a wrench from a drawer full of them.
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Why buy a tool drawer organizer?

Get your things in order with a tool drawer organizer that makes it easy and find and access your stuff. You can stop rummaging through drawers to find the tool you need because you’ll have everything in its own spot. If you have an extensive tool collection or fix things professionally, it’s even more essential to organize your tools for your convenience and time management.

What should you consider in a tool drawer organizer?

  • Sizing: You’ll most likely keep a tool drawer organizer in the drawer of a toolbox or a storage unit, and you’ll need to make sure the one you get fits in the drawer you’re planning to use. These organizers come in various sizes, so you’ll just have to measure before purchasing.
  • Design: Some tool drawer organizers are made for specific types of tools and equipment, including sockets, pliers, and wrenches. These can make the process even easier.
  • Durability: You’ll want something that will last for a long time! Find an organizer that’s made from durable plastic that won’t crack even under heavy tools.

How much should you expect to pay for a tool drawer organizer?

You can find solid options for under $20, but it’s not unreasonable to pay around $50 for a high-quality and highly specialized option. Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for and the type of tools you need to organize. Overall, most organizers are relatively affordable and shouldn’t need to be replaced.

Our Picks for the Best Tool Drawer Organizers

Top Choice

Ernst Manufacturing Home and Garage Organizer Tray

A tool drawer organizer with color options and lots of storage space for your things.

Pros: The Ernst Manufacturing Home and Garage Organizer Tray offers you a place to put all your odds and ends. This impact-resistant organizer gives you 10 compartments with plenty of space. With rolled bottom edges, it’s easy to grab small things from all the compartments. Plus, it fits inside relatively small drawers, so you don’t have to worry about finding space for it all. They’re even stackable for extra storage.

Cons: The plastic this organizer is made from is not the sturdiest material.

Bottom Line: This tool drawer organizer is a great option for those looking for some help with organization. You can fit a variety of tools inside, and it’s an affordable option.


Great Compartment Tray

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer

A double-drawer organizer that's stackable and easy to transport.

Pros: This organizer has two drawers to store small items and stacks easily with other TSTAK products for customizable storage. The removable dividers allow you to adjust the size of each drawer based on your needs. The maximum load capacity of 16.5 pounds offers durability, and the bi-material handle on top of the unit makes it easy to lift when ready to stack and transport.

Cons: On its own, this organizer is not the most spacious option. It may be best used in conjunction with other compatible DEWALT stackables if you have many tools to store. 

Bottom Line: With this TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, you can customize your storage while on the go. Whether in a shop, a garage, or on the move, this system of DEWALT tool organizers can keep your tools and supplies accessible, organized, and transportable.


Best Socket Organizer

CASOMAN 6PC ABS Socket Organizer

Keep your sockets right where you need them with this handy socket organizer.

Pros: This molded ABS material socket holder allows you to store both metric and SAE (inch) sockets. The spring-loaded ball bearings on each clip hold sockets firmly and securely. The clips are also convenient and easy to use—simply snap your sockets into place, and they’ll stay there until you’re ready for them. This socket organizer can hold up to 86 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch sockets and can be used in your toolbox, workbench, drawer organizer, or mounted on your wall.

Cons: Some users experienced one or more plastic clips breaking over a period of time.

Bottom Line: If you’re tired of searching everywhere for the right socket, this organizer can be a great option to keep your area neat and ensure easier access to the sockets you need. 


Best for Pliers

MLTOOLS Pliers Cutters Organizer Pro

Organize your pliers and cutters with a tool drawer organizer that offers 10 compartments for your gear.

Pros: The MLTOOLS Pliers/Cutters Organizer Pro is an excellent option for people looking to organize their pliers and cutters. This handy organizer makes it easy to access the tools you need. This organizer also comes with a non-slip base to prevent your tools from falling out. With the 10 different sections, there are plenty of options for where to put your pliers and cutters.

Cons: This organizer might not fit inside your toolbox or drawer since it’s pretty tall.

Bottom Line: This organizer is an excellent option for those looking to organize their cutters and pliers. If you want a designated spot to put them, this is what you should get.


Best Wrench Organizer

TOOL SORTER Wrench Organizer

An organizer with compartments for wrenches of various sizes and shapes.

Pros: The TOOL SORTER Wrench Organizer lets you store tools in a way that makes it easy to find the piece you want when you want it. It frees up some storage space in your garage or toolbox and makes working around the house more convenient. This organizer also protects your tools from dents. You should be able to use this organizer for a long time since it’s made from durable plastic.

Cons: Sometimes, the tools will slide back and forth when you open and close the drawer, which can be a little annoying.

Bottom Line: This organizer gives you plenty of compartments. If you want to add some order to your collection of wrenches, this is the organizer for you.

Final Thoughts

Get rid of clutter and add some convenience to your tool collection with one of these tool drawer organizers. These products are relatively affordable, so you can find the right option for your tools without breaking the bank.

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