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The Best Tools to Mold Your Play-Doh

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It’s fun to play with but not to eat! Play-Doh is a malleable, clay-like compound that’s used to build all types of creative structures, like animals or fake food. While you can certainly mush and mold the Play-Doh with your hands, there are tools available that can offer better precision in your final product. If you’re in the market for the best Play-Doh tools out there, we’ve rounded up four great toolsets to enhance your sculptures.

What to Look for in Play-Doh Tools

Rolling, pressing, cutting, you name it. These tools come with a variety of different functions. Here are some basic considerations to make:

  • Type of Tool: You’ll need different tools depending on what you want to achieve with your clay. If you want to create designs, shapes, or animals, the “cookie-cutter” tool is best for that. While these tools effectively mold the clay into its intended shape, they leave the final product in two dimensions. For 3D structures, rolling pins, knives, and extruders are tools that can be of use.
  • Cleanliness: Bits of clay can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of a tool. Depending on the tool’s structure, it may be harder to rinse out some tools in comparison to others. If you’re looking to keep your play area clean, keep this in mind.
  • Other Additions: Some sets offer their own molding clay, which can be a valuable purchase if you don’t have your own already. Additionally, some sets provide their own unique tools with cool functions.

Best Value: Play-Doh Ultra Fun Factory Bundle Multi-Pack

You’ll get incredible value with this multi-pack from Play-Doh. You get 47 tools and 12 3-ounce canisters of Play-Doh, which come in different colors. This set includes “cookie-cutter” tools that can mold the compound into different animals and shapes. Its most unique tool is the Fun Factory, a press-down machine that can squeeze the clay into 10 different shapes.

Best Variety: FRIMOONY Play Dough Tools for Kids

This toolset from FRIMOONY offers a wide range of tools for any application. The set includes a rolling pin, a couple of cutting tools, a variety of patterned stamps, and “cookie-cutter” tools in different designs. These tools are relatively small, allowing young ones to use them dexterously. They’re easy to clean as well.

Best Variety

FRIMOONY Dough Tools Set for Kids, Various Plastic Molds, Assorted Colors, 45 Pieces

This set includes a wide range of fun and easy-to-use tools for children.

Best Educational Set: KIDDY DOUGH Play Dough Tool Kit

This set provides an educational opportunity with its alphabet-themed cutters. Along with the 26 ABCs, the set includes numbers 0 through 9, rollers, and other cutters of various shapes. The set comes with 42 pieces in total and can be washed with soap and water.

Also Great: Play-Doh Ultimate Creativity Tub Toy

The Ultimate Creativity Tub Toy comes with all the essentials: Play-Doh, cutting tools, and a plastic tub for easy cleanup. The set includes five different colors of Play-Doh and various cutters in animal and geometric shapes. It also comes with an extruding toy, which can spew out the clay in a special design.

Also Great
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