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The Best Topless Can Openers for Your Kitchen

If you’ve been looking for a party trick that’ll impress all of your friends, you should invest in a topless can opener. These can openers work to completely remove the top off of most aluminum cans in order to enhance your drinking experience. They leave behind a smooth edge that allows you to sip directly from the can, giving you the ability to add ice and fresh citrus or garnishes to your favorite drinks. Here are some fantastic topless can openers that we recommend.

Buying a Topless Can Opener

Here’s what to look for:

  • Materials: To ensure that the device easily cuts through each can and leaves behind a shard-free edge, you should invest in a can opener that features stainless steel blades. Stainless steel is easy to clean, making it a hygienic choice for opening your favorite beverages. These blades will also provide a smooth cut to prevent you from cutting your lip on the edge of the can when you take a drink.
  • Size: Unlike traditional can openers, topless can openers can travel with you wherever you go. Your can opener should be small enough to fit in your pocket to allow you topless access to all of your canned drinks, whether they be enjoyed at your favorite bar or on your next camping trip.

Best Overall: LFEEY Topless Can Opener

If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your canned drinks, check out this topless can opener. The can opener has an innovative design that safely removes the top of the can without leaving any sharp edges behind. It features four sharp blades that perfectly align with the tops of beverage cans that range between 9 to 18 ounces. Just pull out the can opener’s handle, insert the four blades into the top of the can, firmly grasp the bottom of the can, and then manually rotate the device to completely remove the top from the can. The can opener is small enough to fit inside your purse or pocket, making it a great choice for parties or outdoor barbecues. This can opener is a great way to make drinking a canned drink seem just a little bit cooler.

Best Overall

Headphone Adapter

This can opener features four sharp blades that align with the tops of beverage cans between 9 to 18 ounces.

Best Portable Option: Akeplon Manual Topless Can Opener

This pocket-sized can opener makes it easy to open your canned drinks on the go. The device is lightweight and compact yet also extremely durable and sturdy. This can opener features a stainless steel blade that easily cuts through the tops of cans, leaving behind a smooth, shard-free edge. Simply clamp both ends of the device onto the can, grasp the can’s bottom, and then rotate the can opener to smoothly remove the lid. It fits perfectly inside pockets or backpacks and even features a loop designed to attach to key chains, making it the perfect can opener for camping and other outdoor activities.

Best Portable Option

Manual Topless Can Opener,Hand Held Beer Can Openers Smooth Edge-Safety Easy Beer Openers for Bar Kitchen Camping Party Picnic,2Pack

This can opener features a stainless steel blade that easily cuts through the tops of cans, leaving behind a smooth edge.

Most Versatile: MINIDIO Manual Can Opener

If you often have trouble opening cans and jars, this can opener set may be the right choice for you. It comes with a topless can opener, a jar opener, and a bottle opener. The can opener completely removes the tops of cans, allowing you easy access to soda, beer, coffee, and much more. The jar opener features eight different-sized openings that allow you to open jars from big to small. The jar opener’s handle is lined with silicone nonslip stripes that firmly grip jar lids, making them easy to unscrew. The bottle opener is also extremely versatile: you can use it to unscrew bottle caps, open the tabs on soda cans, and pop the top off of your favorite beverage.

Also Great: The Draft Top Original Topless Can Opener

This can opener makes having a topless drink seem like a piece of cake. The device features modified wear-resistant splitters and an ergonomic handle that prevents you from over-squeezing while opening the can. It has a patented four-blade design that smoothly removes the top from most 8-to-16-ounce aluminum cans. If you’ve been looking for a unique way to enjoy your favorite drinks, this topless can opener will do just the trick.

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