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The Best Torpedo Levels for Accurate Measurements

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Even the slightest off-angles on a given surface could be costly for electricians, plumbers, and DIYers in the long run. If you are looking for the most accurate results, take a look at our favorite torpedo levels.

Want to ensure that your electrical conduit runs evenly? Or double-check if that picture frame in the living room is horizontally level? A torpedo level is a tool that is designed to do just that. It’s able to accurately measure the angle of a surface with liquid vials or precise lasers — which is why it’s such a valuable tool to have in the toolbox. If you are looking for the best of the best, we have rounded up the best torpedo levels on the market, so you don’t have to.

What to Look for in a Torpedo Level

  • Precision: An inaccurate tool that’s designed for accuracy wouldn’t be very helpful. It’s important that your torpedo level’s readings are as precise as possible. Most levels use bubble vials to read angles — and while that’s effective — consider laser levels that may offer visual clarity on top of what traditional bubble vials can offer.
  • Magnetism: Levels are especially handy for those looking to run pipe or other metal structures. For that reason, many of these tools come equipped with integrated magnets, which allow the level to stay secure for an accurate measurement.
  • Size: Some torpedo levels are bulkier and heavier than others. While they aren’t tough to lug around, they might be slightly cumbersome with the rest of your tools.

Best Overall: Klein Tools Magnetic Conduit Level

Orange torpedo level with four bright bubble vials and a gold thumb screw.
Klein Tools

Precise readings, strong magnets, and a durable build are what you can enjoy from Klein Tools Magnetic Conduit Level torpedo level. The tool is equipped with extremely strong rare earth magnets that ensure your level stays in place during use and comes with four high-visibility vials in 0, 30, 45, and 90-degree measurements. With its thumbscrew, you can attach the level to piping and receive an accurate reading while bending.

Best Overall

Klein Tools Magnetic Conduit Level

Take advantage of this tool's four measurement vials and extremely strong magnets.

Best for Plumbers: WORKPRO Magnetic Torpedo Level

Blue torpedo level with four bubble vials and measurement increments along the bottom.

This tool comes with four measurement angles, secure magnets, and a heavy-duty aluminum alloy — all at a relatively affordable price for what you get. The torpedo level can be read from multiple angles and comes with a thumbscrew to measure various angles while bending pipe. The green vials measure 0, 30, 45, and 90-degrees. This torpedo level can surely be of use when you are installing fixtures or other metal accessories.

Best for Plumbers

WORKPRO Magnetic Torpedo Level

This torpedo level is designed with secure magnets, four bubble vials, and heavy-duty construction.

Best Budget: Kapro 227-08 Toolbox Level

Red rectangular torpedo level with three bubble vials and rubber bumpers on each end.

For those who want to use a torpedo level for casual purposes, here’s a great budget option for you. The tool can read level, plumb, and a 45-degree incline angle. It’s a lightweight tool — weighing less than 4 ounces — and is constructed with molded plastic. While this level isn’t as durable as many others, it makes up for this disadvantage with rubber end caps that can absorb impacts.

Best Budget

Kapro 227-08 Toolbox Level

This lightweight tool delivers results with three bubble vials and a magnetic groove.

Best Torpedo Level with Laser: Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

A black torpedo level with three bubble vials, tape measurer, and laser.

For heightened accuracy over typical bubble vials, a level with an integrated laser can get the job done. This level from Qooltek is designed with various features for the best results, including three bubble vials at level, plumb, and 45 degrees, an 8-foot measuring tape with imperial and metric readings, and a precise laser level with three sight modes. Additionally, you will also get a backup battery cell for extended use.

If you measure far distances, be aware that the laser might have a +/-2 millimeter inaccuracy.

Best Torpedo Level with Laser

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

This is a multifaceted tool with a laser for precision measurements.

Best for Electricians: Greenlee L107 Electrician’s Torpedo Level

Green torpedo level with four bubble vials and a tightening lace.

This is a professional-grade torpedo level created with an electrician in mind. It’s a portable tool with four bubble vials that can be viewed from both sides at all angles. It is designed with a V-groove and rare earth magnets for secure mounting onto your electrical conduit.

Best for Electricians

Greenlee L107 Electrician's Torpedo Level

This tool is equipped with four bubble vials and is easy to carry along with you.

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