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The Best Touch Lamps

🕚 Updated February 2023

The classic push-button or pull-chain lamp has its role in most homes. However, there's an alternative out there, and it's as simple to manage with one tap of a finger. Here are some of our top picks for touch lamps.

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  Top Choice Best Industrial Design Best Vintage Style Best Color Changing Best Design
Bedside Touch Lamp
Industrial Touch-Control Table Lamps
Industrial Table Lamp
Portable Touch Lamp
Crystal Table Lamp
Our SummaryThis minimalist touch lamp is sized to fit almost any nightstand, so no more fumbling around in the dark.A marriage of antique elegance and modern technology, these lovely lamps are practical too.This three-way dimmable industrial-style touch lamp comes with two USB ports for your devices.This cone-shaped portable touch lamp is capable of miraculous color displaysAdd some sparkle to your room decor with this luxurious crystal-embellished touch lamp.
Pros✓ Alluring minimalist design
✓ Slim enough to fit on most tables
✓ Two USB charging ports
✓ Thick glass shade
✓ Two LED Edison bulbs included
✓ Three brightness settings
✓ Base and pole touch-activation
✓ Two USB charging ports
✓ Touch sensor on/off control
✓ Three-way brightness levels
✓ Vintage industrial design
✓ 6W LED light bulb included
✓ Two USB ports in the lamp's base
✓ Battery-powered and USB chargeable
✓ Compact and portable
✓ Five brightness levels
✓ Over 256 multicolor combinations
✓ Remote control
✓ Sparkle design
✓ Touch controlled
✓ Three brightness levels
✓ Dual USB ports
✓ Lightweight and portable
Cons✗ Highly sensitive
✗ USB ports are not compatible with all charging cables
✗ Touch feature may not be as responsive✗ Not ideal for reading or lighting an entire room✗ Wooden base may look cheap
✗ Short power cord
✗ Not very bright
✗ Can get hot
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The Best Touch Lamps

Led touch lamp in a blue color.

Buying Guide for Touch Lamps

LED touch lamp next to a stack of books, a coffee mug, a note pad, and a pen.
Pavel Iykov/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a touch lamp?

Some people prefer touch lamps to the classic choice because they’re so easy to turn on in the dark. They save you the trouble of fumbling to find a switch or flip when you can’t see. Some senior citizens, or those who live with arthritis and other forms of hand problems, also prefer touch lamps, as tapping a touch lamp is easier on their hands and joints than pulling a chain or turning a dial.

What should you look for in a touch lamp?

  • Power: When it comes to a touch lamp’s power and brightness, there are a few factors to consider. Be sure to check a lamp’s listed wattage and the types of bulbs it’s compatible with. Touch lamps use standard light bulbs, but some only work with LED bulbs or incandescent bulbs instead of both. Many models will have adjustable brightness levels, which can provide you with a night light and regular lamp in one device or help set a certain ambiance when desired. Consider if you want a touch lamp that is battery-powered or plugs into a traditional power outlet.
  • Features: There are a handful of useful features that touch lamps can provide. Many have one or more USB ports to give you a convenient place to charge your devices or a regular power outlet to plug in devices. Some have remotes or control panels to allow even greater control or control from across the room. Some models offer color-changing lights or voice-enabled capabilities. If you plan to use your touch lamp as a night light, you may want to look for one with an automatic shut-off timer so that it doesn’t stay on all night after you fall asleep.
  • Style: No matter what design or style of lamp you prefer, the odds are good that you’ll be able to find a touch lamp that matches it. They can have fabric shades like classic living room lamps or vintage-style glass ones with elaborate patterns. These shades can be round, square, rectangular, or tapered and come in multiple different colors. They can be crystalline or metallic, small and compact, sleek and modern, or even come in the shape of a classic desk lamp. There are even floor lamps that are touch lamps, though these are less common.

How dangerous is exceeding the wattage on a touch lamp?

There’s no other way to put it: replacing the standard bulb in your touch lamp with one that exceeds the maximum wattage can and will have disastrous results for your device and its surroundings. “Overlamping” refers to the process of placing a bulb in your lamp that is higher in wattage than the manufacturer recommends. When this is done, the lamp is left susceptible to overheating to the point of burning out the inner circuitry in its body. You’re bound to ruin the fixture completely in these cases, so make sure you pay attention to the suggested light bulb wattage and stick to it.

Our Picks for the Best Touch Lamps

Top Choice

Yarra-Decor Bedside Touch Lamp

This minimalist touch lamp is sized to fit almost any nightstand, so no more fumbling around in the dark.

Pros: If you want a touch lamp for your bedside table or nightstand, you likely can’t go wrong with this minimalist model. Its slim and compact size makes it a great fit even on the narrowest or tiniest of nightstands. It features two USB ports to charge your electronic devices overnight, which is useful if there isn’t a power outlet close enough to your bedside table to keep your devices within reach. The linen shade protects your eyes while providing a warm, comfortable glow on each of the three brightness levels you can set the lamp at.

Cons: This lamp can be highly sensitive at times, so much so that mere bumps or movements can turn the device on or off. This design concern is exacerbated by the one-touch sensor that runs through the entire base of the lamp and not a single designated spot. Not all charging cords are compatible with the lamp’s USB ports.

Bottom Line: Embodying the best of what one-touch technology can offer, this Yarra-Decor Bedside Lamp allows for simply efficient lighting between three brightness settings. It’s brought to you with an enticing, mid-century modern appeal.


Pros: Looking for a touch lamp that will complement your hip interior décor? This pair of rustproof metal desk lamps with thick glass shades come with two LED Edison lightbulbs. This decorative touch changes ordinary lamps into eye-catching industrial lamps. The bulbs emit 2700K of warm white light. You control the brightness from low to medium to high by simply tapping the base or pole. The table lamps have two USB charging ports (5V/2.1A) and one 2-prong AC outlet (120V) to charge all of your devices conveniently.

Cons: The touch feature may not be as responsive as expected. You may have to touch it several times or press hard to activate the lamp.

Bottom Line: The design aims to make things easier by offering a noticeable minimalist accent, a built-in charging station, and the all-important touch feature. They come with two LED Edison lightbulbs, which save you a trip to the store.


Best Vintage Style

FAGUANGAO Industrial Table Lamp

This three-way dimmable industrial-style touch lamp comes with two USB ports for your devices.

Pros: If you’re looking for a touch lamp that’s just as useful as it is stylish, consider the FAGUANGAO Industrial Table Lamp. It has touch sensor functionality for easy on/off, three-way dimmable brightness levels, and a retro iron cage design that lends a stylish industrial feel to any space. The lamp also includes a 6W LED light bulb and two USB ports that conveniently charge your devices, no matter whether the lamp is on or off.

Cons: Some may find that this lamp is better suited for ambient lighting and aesthetics than for lighting an entire room. On the highest setting, the light may be a bit harsh and glary for reading.

Bottom Line: This touch lamp is a great choice for those who like a vintage, industrial theme. In addition to this rustic piping design, FAGUANGAO touch lamps are also available in an antique cage design and a modern table lamp style with a rectangular shade.


Best Color Changing

Thausdas Portable Touch Lamp

This cone-shaped portable touch lamp is capable of miraculous color displays.

Pros: This battery-powered and USB-chargeable portable touch lamp features a white light mode with five brightness levels plus a multicolor setting to create over 256 combinations. The conical design with a plastic wood-colored base adds another level of allure. Also included is a remote control that you will be grateful for when it comes time to set your desired light show. Use it to pick one among 13 colors or to set up an auto-cycle for a delightful color-changing light display. Alternatively, you can change colors by tapping the control panel at the lamp’s top. Take advantage of its portability by bringing it on a camping trip or moving it from your work desk to the bedside table. It comes with a power cord in case your battery dies.

Cons: The plastic wood-colored base may look a bit cheap. Also, the power cord is on the short side.

Bottom Line: The 3.54 x 3.54 x 5.91-inch portable touch lamp is just the right size to produce sufficient illumination for nighttime reading. The three-watt lamp works as a colorful nightlight as well.


Best Design

Hong-in Crystal Table Lamp

Add some sparkle to your room decor with this luxurious crystal-embellished touch lamp.

Pros: This beautiful and functional lamp will add a touch of elegance to your home or office. The touch-controlled functions make it easy to turn on, adjust the brightness, or turn off. It features three brightness levels: low, medium, and high. The lampshade is made of sparkling crystals that give off a luxurious sparkle. Its built-in dual 5V/2.1A USB ports on the light base allow you to charge your phone or tablet without taking up an extra power outlet. With a 12.6-inch total height, this touch lamp is also conveniently lightweight and portable.

Cons: Although this lamp is a beautiful statement piece, it may not get bright enough for those who want to use it for reading. Also, the bulb can get quite hot, so you should use this lamp with caution around children.

Bottom Line: If you love bling, this may be your ideal touch lamp. It’s available in gold, rose gold, and black to fit in with various home or office decor styles.

Final Thoughts

The touch lamp represents a total embrace of the luxuries of modernity. At a minimum, they accomplish the same things that standard lamps do while looking great to boot. At its best, the right touch lamp can offer maximum convenience and provide a significant effect in illuminating your space.

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