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The Best Towable Tubes

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🕚 Updated April 2022

Relaxing by the water is a great way to spend an afternoon. You can sunbathe, fish, and enjoy the weather. However, if you're looking for something in the adrenaline department, check out these towable tubes.

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  Top Choice Best for Multiple Riders Best Unique Design Most Versatile Design
WOW Sports
Thriller Deck Tube
Hot Dog
WOW Sports
Big Bazooka
Our SummaryThis towable tube will appeal to those who desire a wild and thrilling tube ride.This roomy tube sports a sturdy design that's great for adults or children.This unique towable tube holds air well and provides a ton of stability.This tube allows you to choose form a wide range of riding styles and provides a challenging ride.
ProsLightweight design, resists wear and tear, easy to connect, durable and comfortable handles.Wide and roomy, great for kids and adults, fast and simple inflation, comfortably seats four people.Fun and unique design, three size options, holds air well, stable and enjoyable ride.Challenging and wild ride, versatile design, built to last, hard to get bored of.
ConsNot ideal for smooth, relaxing rides.Hard to handle for single riders.Too stable for some thrill-seekers.Tricky to master.
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The Best Towable Tubes

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Olesia Bilkei/Shutterstock.com

Like surfboarding and wakeboarding, tubing is a fun and exhilarating way to pump your adrenaline, but perhaps in a more accessible way. It’s a simple water sport and a blast for people of all ages.

Buying Guide for Towable Tubes

A young girl wearing a life jacket holds onto a tube being towed on the water.
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Why buy a towable tube?

Most watersports are hard to pick up and require years of practice to become proficient. However, riding a towable tube requires little skill and minimal training, making it a stellar warm-weather activity for people of all walks of life. Additionally, most towable tubes can be used with a partner, making them great products to bring to the lake or beach when you’re hanging out with friends, on a group date, or enjoying time with your family.

What should you look for in a towable tube?

  • Size Needed: If you tend to bring a lot of guests on your boating excursions, make sure to grab a towable tube that will accommodate most of them. Keep in mind that seating capacity may not indicate how comfortable a tube is when seating multiple riders, so be sure to check out some reviews to see how groups of riders fared on their tube.
  • Intended Use: Tricksters will want a tube with lots of control and glide in order to manipulate the tube to their liking. On the other hand, casual riders should look for a product that puts stability and comfort at a premium. If your interests lie somewhere in between, don’t worry! There are plenty of versatile towable tubes on the market as well.
  • Durability: Naturally, you will want to enjoy your tube for many years. For this reason, make sure to find one that is made of the right materials so that you can enjoy your time on the water without suffering from tearing, fading, or fraying.

How can you determine a tube’s maneuverability?

Not every towable tube is designed to afford riders precise steering and the ability to get major air. If a maneuverable tube appeals to you, look for a product that sports a lightweight design that is compact enough to be manipulated by a single rider. Also, be sure to read plenty of reviews to see how riders have fared when riding solo and as part of a larger group.

Our Picks for the Best Towable Tubes

Top Choice

Airhead G-Force

This towable tube will appeal to those who desire a wild and thrilling tube ride.

Pros: Featuring a lightweight, easy-to-carry design and a durable nylon cover that resists wear and tear, the Airhead G-Force is an excellent choice for those who like their towable tube rides to be wild and exhilarating. That being said, this towable tube also addresses comfort and convenience in the form of its simple Kwik-Connect mechanism and nonslip padded handles that can take plenty of abuse.

Cons: Those seeking a smooth, luxurious tube ride may find the Airhead G-Force to be a little wild for their liking. However, those willing to trade in a little stability for some extra adrenaline-pumping fun will probably love the way this towable tube handles.

Bottom Line: This towable tube is nearly guaranteed to be a hit for kids and thrill-seekers of all ages due to its durable design and wild, heart-racing ride quality. While it might not be the easiest towable tube to control, its lightweight and comfortable build is an absolute blast when pushed to its limits.


Best for Multiple Riders

WOW Sports Thriller Deck Tube

This roomy tube sports a sturdy design that's great for adults or children.

Pros: The WOW Sports Thriller Deck Tube stands out as a great towable tube for multiple riders thanks to its wide, roomy design that remains sturdy whether it’s used by children or adults. It also features fast and simple one-way inflation, so you won’t have to struggle to put the cap on ASAP to prevent the tube from deflating on you. If you’re looking for a tube that can comfortably seat four riders, this is one to consider.

Cons: Naturally, a tube this large is going to be fairly hard to handle for one person, whether you’re hauling it to the water or attempting to maintain control while riding. For this reason, it’s not a great choice if you or your friends will frequently be using it for solo rides.

Bottom Line: If your group is comfortable being in close quarters with each other, this tube can easily fit four adults with a little room to spare. It also includes some convenient features to make it an easy choice for people who want to spend less time fussing with the tube and more time enjoying a wild ride.


Best Unique Design

Airhead Hot Dog

This unique towable tube holds air well and provides a ton of stability.

Pros: Featuring an iconic, hot dog-inspired design, the Airhead Hot Dog is a unique towable tube that will appeal to those who prefer stable, enjoyable rides over frantic ones that have you tumbling into the water. This towable tube also maintains its inflation level incredibly well, even with heavier riders on it or when left in storage. It boasts three sizes, making it an enticing option for up to five riders.

Cons: While some will love this tube’s degree of stability, riders who enjoy a more intense tubing experience may find the ride a little underwhelming. That being said, its design does struggle to deal with tighter turns, so riders who enjoy getting thrown off of the tube can still have a blast, depending on who’s steering the boat.

Bottom Line: This product is an absolute blast to see in action, but it’s no slouch in the comfort or durability department, either. While it’s probably not an ideal choice for hardcore thrill-seekers, it is an excellent pick for families with young children that are looking for something a little more stable (and unique) than the average towable tube.


Most Versatile Design

WOW Sports Big Bazooka

This tube allows you to choose from a wide range of riding styles and provides a challenging ride.

Pros: If you’re looking for a towable tube that offers a lot of versatility and a bit of a challenge, the WOW Sports Big Bazooka should be right up your alley. This tube offers a wide range of riding styles thanks to its versatile handle placement, so you can enjoy the ride lying down, sitting, kneeling, or even standing up. As such, this durable tube is nearly impossible to get bored of, as riders can personalize their experience by trying a new approach to riding each time they hop on.

Cons: This tube’s winged design makes it a fairly tricky tube to master, as steering and maintaining optimal control will probably not come easy to new riders. While most adrenaline junkies will consider this a positive, those who are looking for a more simple or relaxing ride will probably find the Big Bazooka to be a bit too chaotic.

Bottom Line: Given this tube’s unique design and versatile array of riding styles, it definitely has more “lasting power” than your average flat tube. So, if you’re seeking a product that is durable and challenging enough for multiple seasons of fun, you probably won’t go wrong by choosing the Big Bazooka.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect towable tube for you and your guests is a surefire ticket to nonstop fun when the sun is out and the water is calling. However, be sure to do your research to end up with a tube that is built to last, handles well, and sports a design geared toward the way you like to ride.

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