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The Best Toy Cars

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🕚 Updated November 2022

Many children love seeing and riding in cool cars, so it should be no surprise that they love to play with toy cars, too. Check out these toy vehicles for your kiddos to zoom across the floor and race down a track with joy.

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  Best Light-Up Cars Most Unique Best Classic Racing Cars Best with a Track Best Remote-Controlled Best for Toddlers
Light Up Monster Truck Set
Dinosaur Toy Pull Back Cars
Transport Car Carrier
Hot Wheels
City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage
Tornado LED Remote Control Car for Kids
Mini Monster Trucks
Our SummaryFor hours of fun, this two-pack of LED light-up monster trucks is great for kids as young as 3.This colorful collection of six dinosaur cars makes the perfect gift for children ages 3 and up.Kids will love the cool truck and racing cars, and parents will love this toy and storage solution all in one.This enormous car tower features fun dinosaur designs to keep your little racers busy for hours.With LED lights and a zero-interference controller, you can perform 360-degree tricks with this ultimate remote-controlled racing car.This set of six cute monster trucks is brightly colored and comes in a see-through carrying case.
Pros✓ Fully assembled
✓ Batteries included
✓ Multifunctional play
✓ Durable
✓ Glide smoothly
✓ Bright colors
✓ Unique
✓ Great storage solution
✓ Fits 28 cars
✓ Cars and accessories included
✓ Great for storage
✓ Sturdy
✓ Fun sounds
✓ Indoor/outdoor
✓ Handles multiple terrains
✓ Tough
✓ Lights up
✓ Extra battery included
✓ 100% BPA-free durable plastic
✓ Indoor/outdoor
✓ Safe for kids as young as 2
Cons✗ No automatic lights
✗ Less durable than others
✗ Smaller than described✗ Included cars are not high quality✗ Dinosaur doesn't always "eat" the cars as it should.✗ Short battery life✗ Storage bag fits cars too tightly
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The Best Toy Cars

hands of a small boy playing with toy cars.
Evgeniy Kalinovskiy/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Toy Cars

Two boys playing with toy cars on a large tower track.
Hot Wheels

Why buy toy cars?

Toy cars can be modern or nostalgic, winking to the muscle car or classic styles of the past. They can even be collector’s items. Younger children love the way toy cars roll across the floor, and some even light up or make fun sounds. And intricate toy car playsets encourage hours of imaginative fun.

What should you consider in toy cars?

  • Style: There’s no shortage of genres and styles when it comes to the toy market game. You have your classic tiny racers that a child can wheel across surfaces with little fuss, and then there are your toy cars that are educational while still providing gobs of cruising fun. Just an aisle over is a helping of more modern options, too—battery-driven racers that know how to steal a kid’s heart, whether that’s with unmatched speed or a light show for the ages.
  • Quality & Quantity: You should also consider an option that offers a bit more for your buck. There’s no telling what the right toy car for your kiddo would be, but it does help when there are multiple cars to attempt this. Consider toy car sets that either offer one great car in multiple pairs or several unique cars with their own individual style and details.
  • Motor Function: Another worthwhile quality you shouldn’t overlook is the kind of motor function your racer is running on through mechanical energy. Most toy cars utilize a push-and-go system, in which the user is in constant control of its direction and speed. Other cars utilize friction motors, a system that works via as much kinetic energy a user revs it with, whether that be by pulling or pushing the car forward.

How can toy cars promote child development?

Toy cars are a great choice for group play, and they can encourage sharing and turn-taking. And whether your child is playing with their toy cars alone or in a group setting, toy car sets also foster creative play and imagination while developing fine motor skills.

Our Picks for the Best Toy Car Sets

Best Light-Up Cars

ArtCreativity Light Up Monster Truck Set

For hours of fun, this two-pack of LED light-up monster trucks is great for kids as young as 3.

Pros: These light-up cars come fully assembled and with batteries included, so all you need to do to operate them is flip a switch. The transparent monster wheels light up with multicolored LEDs that gleam and sparkle as they move. And the kids will love the multifunctional play: they can move forward and backward, they can flip, they can be used indoors, and they can be used on pavement. The easy-to-operate friction monster trucks are ideal for kiddos as young as 3. Plus, they’re super fun to play with at night in the dark, so they make an excellent toy for a sleepover.

Cons: The lights don’t turn off automatically. And these are not as durable as some other options.

Bottom Line: Has your child ever wished for a cool light-up car? This may be an excellent gift! You get two cars per pack, so the toys are shareable. And they’ll entertain your child for hours of monster truck fun.


Unique Choice

DINOBROS Dinosaur Toy Pull Back Cars

This colorful collection of six dinosaur cars makes the perfect gift for children ages 3 and up.

Pros: These little dino cars are highly durable. They’re the perfect toy set for kiddos ages 3 and up who love things they can push around. This set includes a T-rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, ankylosaur, pterosaur, and velociraptor. These adorable dino cars are made from durable plastic and rubber and can crash into corners without breaking or chipping. They glide smoothly across hard surfaces, from hard floors to countertops. Plus, the colors are vibrant, so they won’t get lost as easily. But best of all, they’re fast, so kids love to play with them again and again.

Cons: These cars are smaller than they appear in the description.

Bottom Line: Some children love both dinosaurs and cars, and these are the perfect marriage of both. Each pack comes with six cute dino cars, so your child can play with their friends or siblings and learn to share and take turns. Plus, these are a great value, perfect for stuffing into small gift baskets or prize bags.


Best Classic Racing Cars

WolVolk Transport Car Carrier

Kids will love the cool truck and racing cars, and parents will love this toy and storage solution all in one.

Pros: No need to worry about little toys cars littering the floor and injuring little feet. This carrier truck is a fantastic storage solution that’s made from sturdy plastic that will last for years. The front cab is detachable and turns for realistic play, while snap-close lids keep cars and small accessories secure, and the top has an easy-carry handle. This 20-Inch Car Carrier Truck has enough space to accommodate up to 28 Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars, and allows for easy access to take little cars out and put them away. Plus, it comes with six cars, construction cones, signs, and barriers.

Cons: The included cars are not as high-quality as their name brand counterparts. Also, the door on this car carrier is a bit thin and may not survive the antics of a younger, rougher toddler.

Bottom Line: This cute truck carrier is a great solution to the question “where do we put all these cars?” Your child can carry their favorite cars with them anywhere they go with the convenient carrying handle. It’s also a great tool for helping children learn to put toys away and keep them organized.


Best with a Track

Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage

This enormous car tower features fun dinosaur designs to keep your little racers busy for hours.

Pros: For one thing, this track set offers more vertical storage and takes up less space on the floor. In fact, it can hold up to 100 Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars it its many “parking” slots on the tower and on the vertical storage spaces. It’s fairly sturdy, though the parts can be removed and put back together. And it makes fun sound effects that kids love. It can connect easily to other Hot Wheels playsets, so your child can build his own Hot Wheels city. Plus, it’s great for parents and grandparents because it comes in the original packaging, so it’s gift-ready for your child’s next birthday or holiday.

Cons: Sometimes, the dinosaur doesn’t “eat” the cars on the first try.

Bottom Line: This track is more than just a track; it’s an excellent storage solution for your playroom or your child’s bedroom. It doesn’t eat up a lot of real estate, so you don’t have to tear it down every time your child plays with it. And it’s a fun and shareable toy.


Best Remote-Controlled

Force1 Tornado LED Remote Control Car for Kids

With LED lights and a zero-interference controller, you can perform 360-degree tricks with this ultimate remote-controlled racing car.

Pros: This indoor/outdoor car is really fun for older kids, ages 8 and up. They can take control with the easy remote transmitter and watch as their car performs 360° flips, spins, and turns with a push of a button. Plus the anti-interference feature lets your kiddo drive multiple RC cars at once. Each car can pop up on corners, and it works on rough gravel or concrete. It’s tough and can simply flip over an obstacle and keep on going. The light-up feature is fantastic for all-day fun. And it even comes with an extra battery that can charge while you play.

Cons: The batteries don’t last long.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a rough and tough remote control car, this may be a great option for you. It can battle most terrain without getting stuck. And the controls are easy enough for most kids to figure out on their own.


Best for Toddlers

Battat Mini Monster Trucks

This set of six cute monster trucks is brightly colored and comes in a see-through carrying case.

Pros: These rough and tough mini monster trucks are colorful and fun whether they’re used indoors, outdoors, or even in the tub. They’re easy for little hands to grab, and they’re easy to wheel forward and backward. The textured wheels help them move along smoothly in grass, sand, or on thick carpets. And they’re easy to clean, so they can come inside after a trip around the yard or sandbox. They’re made from 100% BPA-free and durable plastic. Plus, they come with a plastic storage and carrying bag.

Cons: The storage bag is a bit small, making the fit rather tight.

Bottom Line: Perfect for kids ages 2 and up, these little trucks move easily and don’t have any loose parts that can become a danger. They’re great indoors or outdoors and are simple to clean off. Aside from the lackluster storage bag, these are a great addition to any toddler’s toybox.

Final Thoughts

Car toys are all over the market, and they’re great for all ages. Even some adults still love to play with them. Toy car sets can be interactive, foster building or engineering skills, and even become collector items.

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