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The Best Toy Organizers

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🕚 Updated January 2023

As almost any parent can tell you, it doesn't take much for children's toys to fall into disarray, tending to make play areas into dumping grounds for toys. Keep things contained with one of our handy toy storage organizers.

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  Best Bin Shelf Best with Bookshelves Best for Baths Best Chest Best Drawer Storage
  Delta Children
Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins
Kids' Book Rack
Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket
Delta Children
MySize Deluxe Toy Box
Horizontal Storage Dresser Unit
Our SummaryA cute and colorful organizer that makes containing those toy messes easier.This organizer has four levels of book storage with an easy overview of the book covers.This is an over-the-tub basket toy organizer that allows you to store, sort, and dry toys for bath time.A piece of furniture you can keep around even after your child outgrows the toy phase.This fabric drawer unit offers a wide variety of storage options.
Pros✓ Nine bins, three shelves
✓ Available in multiple colorways
✓ Frozen and Sesame Street design themes
✓ Book storage with view
✓ Includes two bins
✓ Can be freestanding or anchored
✓ Inexpensive
✓ Quick to dry
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Greenguard Gold Certified
✓ Sturdy wooden design
✓Available in six colors
✓ Stylish and versatile
✓ Five large-capacity drawers
✓ Breathable fabric
Cons✗ Soft-sided bins may get damaged by more rough and tumble kids✗ Requires assembly
✗ Takes up a lot of space
✗ Too small for bigger toys
✗ May get in way during bath time
✗ May be too small for some toy collections✗ Somewhat flimsy
✗ A little overpriced
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The Best Toy Organizers

A woman puts a label on a bin full of toys.
Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Toy Organizers

A young boy playing in the bath with his toy organizer

Why buy a toy organizer?

Toy storage organizers serve two main functions. As the name suggests, they offer a convenient place to stash toys when your children are done playing with them so that your playroom looks a little less like a bomb went off in it or a small tornado traveled through it. Second, they allow you to sort toys better. You can keep the puzzles in one slot, stuffed animals in another, and so forth. This makes it much easier for children to locate a particular toy, and they won’t have to dig through or throw the entire contents of their toy chest onto the floor to find it. As a bonus, slightly older kids might even be encouraged to put toys away of their own accord thanks to toy organizers.

What should you look for in a toy storage organizer?

  • Type: There are a few different types of toy organizers on the market, so you’ll want to think about which one best suits your needs. The three main types are storage bins, drawer organizers, and toy cubbies. Bin organizers usually consist of several rows of bins beside each other. Many bins can be color-coded, and the bins tend to vary slightly in size by row, making organizing and sorting toys easier for you and your child. Drawer organizers are made of sets of drawers, baskets, or storage cubes of assorted sizes that are removable and made of foldable cloth or built right into the organizer. Cubbies are similar to shelves, except that their compartments are always built-in and open-faced rather than having drawers that pull in and out. Bins and cubbies allow your child to see into the toy organizer at all times, while drawer models offer toys a bit more protection. Some toy organizer baskets are designed especially for bath toys.
  • Size: The number of bins, slots, or compartments a toy organizer contains will vary by company and brand. Most will have two to four rows, with three or four bins or compartments per row. There are narrower, more compact models for smaller homes and apartments and larger ones with more toys. You’ll want to consider how much open space you have in your home and the number of toys your children own. Double-check the dimensions before buying a toy organizer to ensure you’re getting the amount of storage space you want.
  • Color and Design: Like most types of furniture, you have many different designs and color options for toy organizers. This allows you to better match them to your playroom, child’s bedroom, basement, or room in which you plan to keep your toy organizer. There are plenty of single-colored options in neutral shades and bright, bold, pastel, jewel tones, and many other hues. Since toy organizers are meant to hold children’s toys, many models are designed to appeal to kids.

What’s the difference between toy storage organizers and toy chests?

Toy chests are just a subset of toy storage organizers. Toy organizers include many different designs with various numbers of divisions, while toy chests are typically rectangular boxes with only one spot to store things. Multiple divisions make it easier to locate certain toys rather than dig through a giant chest and fling toys all over until the right one is found.

Our Picks for the Best Toy Organizers

Best Bin Shelf

Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins

A cute and colorful organizer that makes containing those toy messes easier.

Pros: Never having enough space can be a real frustration for many caregivers that are trying to corral their child’s toys. But this nine-bin, three-shelf solution puts an end to that. With large, medium, and small cubbies, there’s plenty of space for your child’s toys. It’s a Greenguard Gold certified piece of furniture that comes in a variety of colorways, including Frozen and Sesame Street themed options.

Cons: Some caregivers may not like the soft-sided bins, which can be damaged especially if children are pulling them off the shelves and tossing them around the room.

Bottom Line: When you need an affordable yet functional storage solution, this nine-bin, three-shelf storage unit is perfect and can be color matched to your home decor.


Best with Bookshelves

SEIRIONE Kids' Book Rack

This organizer has four levels of book storage with an easy view of the book covers.

Pros: For those who have an innate love of reading, these four levels of book storage with a view of the book covers are an excellent choice. The bottom has two spacious bins, which allow full use of space. The shelf unit is eco-friendly, with smooth corners that will not cause harm to your child. The layered design keeps everything tidy and orderly. To prevent tipping, you can anchor the shelf to the wall.

Cons: It does require assembly to set up this book storage, but all the tools needed are included.

Bottom Line: This uniquely designed bookshelf adopts wear-resistant cotton linen materials to hold heavy books without ripping. This book storage is a great option for kids who like to see their books and grab them on their own.


Best for Baths

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

This is an over-the-tub basket toy organizer that allows you to store, sort, and dry toys for bathtime.

Pros: This over-the-tub toy organizer is extremely budget-friendly and allows you to create storage space that otherwise couldn’t be utilized. The sides and the bottom are slotted, so the toys dry out faster when not used, preventing the organizer from growing mildewy. It’s also dishwasher-safe (top rack only) for effortless cleaning. The length is adjustable, allowing it to fit on most tubs.

Cons: While this toy organizer is suitable for most bath toys, it might be too narrow for some larger ones. Some parents can find the over-the-tub aspect to be a nuisance. It might get in the way while you’re bathing or washing your child’s hair, and it will have to be moved and put back in place whenever you or your significant other wants to take a bath or shower.

Bottom Line: If your little one loves to play with toys at bathtime, you’ll get a lot of good mileage out of this toy storage organizer. You won’t have to carry bath toys back and forth from your kid’s room and the bathroom anymore, preventing water from dripping all over the place.


Best Chest

Delta Children MySize Deluxe Toy Box

A piece of furniture you can keep around even after your child outgrows the toy phase.

Pros: For parents that love the classic look of a traditional wooden toy chest, this Greenguard Gold certified pick is perfect and comes in six colors. You’ll love the easy-to-open hinged lid design and the built-in handles on the sides. Plus, the lid makes an easy seat for your children when it’s time to read a book or put shoes on.

Cons: While cute, this toy chest isn’t that large and may not be enough storage for children with larger toy collections.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with a classic toy chest. And thankfully, with six colors to choose from, there’s something to match most decor schemes.


Best Drawer Storage

mDesign Horizontal Storage Dresser Unit

This fabric drawer unit offers a wide variety of storage options.

Pros: With five large, removable drawers that provide plenty of storage space, this toy organizer is a sweet buy. Not only is it suitable for storing children’s toys, but you can also use it to keep track of clothes, diapers, blankets, and more. It features a sturdy wooden surface on top where you can place lamps, framed pictures, and other decorative fixtures.

Cons: The fabric construction is a bit flimsy, making it an overpriced option for some.

Bottom Line: This drawer organizer offers you the most storage and decor options, especially since the drawers are removable. Use it for your kid’s playroom to stash away clothes and toys while simultaneously propping books or your favorite photos on top.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a good toy storage organizer can be a timesaver and a lifesaver for parents. And these handy pieces of furniture don’t just benefit parents alone—kids will love them, too, since they can find their favorite stuffed animal or ball easily when playtime comes around.

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