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The Best Toy Swords for Kids and Teens

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Ninjas, Vikings, and Spartans, oh my! When you’re a kid and you wield the plastic handle of your favorite toy sword, you may as well be holding onto your own personal time travel device. You can be anyone at any time in history, ready to duel until dusk with your cousin—er—enemy forces. Not only are toy swords a classic backyard favorite, but they’re also a great companion piece for costumes and even a fun decoration to have hung up on your wall. A sword is a sword, but it’s the never-ending story your child attributes to its gleaming, springy blade that makes it so fun to have. If you’re in the market for a new piece of trusty steel, here are some we recommend.

A Sword Fit for a Great Time

Consider these things before you buy your next toy sword:

  • Purpose: There are terrific toy swords by the plenty, but it’s important to remember that some swords are built for play-fighting and others, well, not so much. You can grab a foam sword and joust all day. However, you shouldn’t expect the same results from hollowed-out, ultra-detailed replication.
  • Material: While a foam sword would be the safest and most user-friendly product to swing around at one another, some swords are simply constructed with more power than others. Whether it be foam or plastic, find a sword with some heft and sturdy assembly that can handle being impacted.
  • Additional Features: A variety of design features are something you should take into account as well. You want the best bang for your buck, after all, so find something exciting, something cool that you, your kids, or your best friend, can enjoy together.

Best for the Pool: Super Z Outlet 16″ Foam Prince Sword Toy Set

Sure, water guns are a staple for pool days, but a great way to switch up the routine is with a pack of waterproof swords. This Super Z Outlet Foam Sword Set includes six toys separated into two sets: one blue handle with a sharpened blade and a red grip with a blunt tip. This will make it easy for dueling competitors to know whose sword is whose and allow for whole factions to be formed with the additional four swords. Each sword measures 16 inches across and is designed entirely from foam, so it is soft enough to not hurt when it makes impact but still carries enough heft for kiddie battle, in or outside of the pool.

Best for the Pool

16" Foam Prince Sword Toy Set Party Supplies (6 Pack)

This foam sword set features six waterproof swords that are fantastic for enjoying an afternoon in the pool.

Best for Cosplay: Rubie’s Wonder Woman Adult Sword

If you’re looking for a sword that’s better suited for superhero attire at a costume party or costume contests at comic book gatherings, Rubie’s Wonder Woman Adult Sword is a top-notch plastic replica. Wield The God Killer blade like the daughter of Zeus with this officially licensed DC Comics costume accessory. While it isn’t designed for playful combat, this replica would fit in perfectly alongside other costumed friends in a hero supergroup. However, with such a sleek yet ambiguous design, it isn’t hard to see this replica fitting in with a variety of costumes. So, whether you’re dressed to fend off fiery dragons, waves of mummies, or pretending to save the world, this heroic sword will get it done.

Best for Cosplay

Rubie's Costume Wonder Woman Movie Sword Costume Accessory Costume , Gray

This detailed and striking sword is a great costume accessory.

Best Light-Up Sword: Joyin 2 Deluxe Ninja LED Light Up Swords

It may be the perfect mashup of warfare: the appearance of a stealthy katana and the sci-fi wonder of a laser sword; Joyin’s LED Light Up Swords is a fun, genre-mashing experience. This two-pack of translucent LED swords features a blade that emits a solid blue light and another that shines multi-color hues. It’s also motion-activated, so with each flick and swish of one’s wrist, you can expect either of the swords to emit a whooshing or clanging sound for a more realistic fight session. Even its handle is detailed to a T, so if you’re pretending to be the most skilled samurai on the planet or a new hope from a galaxy far, far away, you can count on this sword to immerse you in the experience.

Best Light-Up Sword

Best for Backyard Combat: SparkFoam 39″ Samurai Sword

A pinnacle choice for play-fighting, the SparkFoam Samurai Sword is begging you to pick it up and show off your swordsmanship. Its high-density, flexible EVA foam is wrapped around a fiberglass core for authentic yet safe strikes. The overall enjoyment here is all in the details. From its specially designed cloth handle wrap to the blade’s gleaming finish, this foam sword was modeled after the real thing, so if you’re looking for a way to duel with your best buddy then accept no other substitutes.

Best for Backyard Combat

SparkFoam 39" Foam Samurai Sword + Plastic Scabbard Bundle (Black Guard w/Red Handle)

This durable hardened foam blade offers great fun between family and friends.

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