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The Best Toy Swords

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🕚 Updated August 2022

Lots of kids love playing with makeshift swords; the image of the mighty hero wielding their weapon to save the day is an enduring, timeless image for a reason. And thanks to these fun toy swords, they don't have to rely on using pool noodles to have pretend duels with their friends or siblings.

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  Best Electronic Set Best For Minecraft Fans Best Variety Set Best For Cosplay Also Great
Light Up Saber with FX Sound
Minecraft Sword
Super Z Outlet
Assorted Foam Toy Swords
Demon Slayer Sword
Legend of Zelda Sword
Our SummaryEach light-up sword in this pack is extendable and has fun sound effects.Whether you're making a Minecraft-inspired costume or are just a big fan of the game, this plastic sword is the perfect accessory.These foam blades come in a range of different styles and offer great fun between family and friends.This detailed and striking sword is a great costume or cosplay accessory, especially for fans of Demon Slayer.Love the Legend of Zelda video game series? Bring your own version of its iconic Master Sword into your home.
ProsValue pack, lightweight, colorful, LED lights, extendable, built-in sound effects.Officially licensed, true to the game, hard molded plastic make, very lightweight, brightly colored.Range of different designs, high value pack, soft felt make, bright and colorful, suitable for pools.Solid bamboo blade, authentic to the anime, display stand and scabbard belt included, multiple color options, dual purchasing option.Authentic look and licensing, matching scabbard, great for costumes or decoration, thick high-quality plastic make.
ConsBatteries required, not super durable.Pricey for a single sword.Smaller size, no hardened core.Not for younger kids, expensive.Blade may be too short for adults.
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The Best Toy Swords

Silhouette of little boy hold toy sword playing on sunset.
Lyuba Alex/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Toy Swords

Happy small girls having fun and playing with pirate swords in the park.

Why buy a toy sword?

Ninjas, Vikings, Spartans, and pirates, oh my! When you’re a kid and you wield the plastic handle of your favorite toy sword, you might as well be holding onto your own personal time travel device. You can be anyone at any time in history, ready to duel until dusk with your sibling—er—enemy forces. Not only are toy swords a classic backyard favorite, but they’re also a great companion piece for costumes and dress-up games. There are even some iconic pop culture swords that you can buy replicas of so your kid(s) can pretend to be their favorite video game or cartoon character as they play. A sword is a sword, but it’s the never-ending story your child attributes to its gleaming, springy blade that makes it so fun to have.

Toy swords aren’t limited just to kids, either. Plenty of teens and adults buy toy or fake swords for costumes, cosplaying, or even as a fun decoration to hang up on their bedroom wall. Even if they aren’t real steel, a really detailed model still looks cool—and let’s face it, you’re never too old for an impromptu sword fight with a friend, sibling, or cousin.

What should you look for in toy swords?

  • Purpose: There are terrific toy swords by the plenty, but it’s important to remember that some swords are built for play-fighting and others, well, not so much. You can grab a foam sword and joust all day. However, you shouldn’t expect the same results from hollowed-out, ultra-detailed replication. These types of toy swords will be better suited for costumes or decoration.
  • Material: Most toy swords will be made from either foam or plastic. Some are also covered in fabric; some aren’t. While a foam sword would be the safest and most user-friendly product to swing around at one another, some swords are simply constructed with more power than others. Whether it be foam or plastic, find a toy sword with some heft and sturdy assembly that can handle being impacted without damaging any people or items it might hit (whether accidentally or on purpose). Also keep in mind that some foam toy swords have a plastic core for extra stability and durability that will give them more weight but also make them less soft.
  • Additional Features: You want the best bang for your buck, after all, so find something exciting, something cool that you, your kids, or your best friend can enjoy together. Some toy swords will come with matching shields or as part of a bundle with other toy weapons. Others have their own scabbards to slide into when not in use, which may also be attached to your child’s belt or strung across their body. You may even be able to find some that light up or make sound effects.

How many different types and designs of toy swords are there?

As mentioned, there are lots of toy replicas of famous pop culture swords out there; the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda games, lightsabers from Star Wars, Wonder Woman’s sword, Excalibur from the King Arthur legends, and so forth. Classic straight, double-sided, long swords are the most common, of course, but there are plenty of other styles of toy swords out there too. Two-handed broadswords, sabers, and scimitars with more curved edges, slender katanas, pirate cutlasses, and more are also available.

There’s quite a bit of design variation on the blades and their hilts. Some “blades” will be longer or wider or more pointed than others, while others have fantastical shapes like flames. The hilts and grips can be almost any color imaginable with all sorts of fun decorative touches—fake jewels, animal shapes, etc. A textured grip will also make it easier for you or your child to hold (and wield) the toy sword.

Our Picks for the Best Toy Swords

Best Electronic Set

LESUTER TOYS Light Up Saber with FX Sound

Each light-up sword in this pack is extendable and has fun sound effects.

Pros: These toy swords are perfect for the Star Wars lover in your life, no matter their age. This value pack of three translucent LED toy swords features blades that emit a solid blue, green, or red light, plus the sound effects usually associated with laser swords. They’re also motion-activated, so with each flick and swish of one’s wrist, you can expect either of the swords to emit a whooshing or clanging sound for a more realistic play-fight session. Each of the three swords is not only colorful with bright lights but extendable; they can be reduced to as little as 18 inches in length or as much as 33 inches. They’re nice and lightweight as well, so even young kids will be able to swing them about for as long as they want.

Cons: Batteries are required for these swords to light up and make sounds, three AAA batteries specifically, so they’ll need regular replacement. And the swords themselves aren’t super durable, the blades in particular, since they’re made of plastic.

Bottom Line: These lightsaber-like toy swords are the perfect mashup of warfare and the sci-fi wonder of a laser sword. This pack of light-up toy swords is a fun, genre-mashing experience, so if you’re pretending to be the most skilled Jedi on the planet or a new hope from a galaxy far, far away, you can count on this sword to immerse you in the experience.


Best for Minecraft Fans

Disguise Minecraft Sword

Whether you're making a Minecraft-inspired costume or are just a big fan of the game, this plastic Minecraft sword is the perfect accessory.

Pros: Do you love the Minecraft video game, or are you planning a Minecraft-themed costume for an upcoming party? Wield this officially licensed Minecraft costume accessory or hang it up on your wall. While the hard molded plastic isn’t designed for playful combat, it also ensures that it’s a bit more solid and durable than most plastic toy swords. Yet it’s still plenty lightweight, weighing in at less than half an ounce. This replica will fit in perfectly alongside other costumed friends or perfectly match any Minecraft character you might want to dress up as, thanks to its highly realistic, brightly colored, true-to-the-game design.

Cons: Though it’s not ridiculously expensive, this sword is slightly pricier for a single toy sword; there are packs of several toy swords that cost the same amount.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a sword that’s well suited to costume parties or contests or video game and comic book gatherings, this toy sword is a top-notch plastic replica of an in-game Minecraft sword. So, whether you’re dressed to fend off various entities, cutting through cobwebs and bamboo, or pretending to save the world, this heroic sword will get it done.


Best Variety

Super Z Outlet Assorted Foam Toy Swords

These foam blades come in a range of different styles and offer great fun between family and friends.

Pros: Giant foam swords are always a hit with kids, and this set includes eight, each with its own unique design and bright color scheme. No two swords in this pack are the same. This will make it easy for dueling competitors to know whose sword is whose. Each sword measures 15 to 17 inches across and is designed entirely from foam and felt, so it is soft enough to not hurt when it makes impact but still carries enough durability and heft for kiddie battle, in or outside of the pool.

Cons: Due to their size, these swords may be a bit on the small side for teens and adults. They also don’t have a hardened core, which means the blades aren’t as stable as some other toy swords.

Bottom Line: Sure, water blasters are a staple for pool days, but a great way to switch up the routine is with a pack of waterproof swords. The assortment of different swords gives kids plenty of options to choose from when playing, and the eight-pack makes them perfect for pool parties or group play.


Best for Cosplay

Zisu Demon Slayer Sword, About 41 inches, Hashira Pillars & Protagonist Katana for Cosplay Purpose, Anime Original Texture (Black-Tanjirou)

This detailed and striking sword is a great costume or cosplay accessory, especially for fans of Demon Slayer.

Pros: Whether you enjoy the Demon Slayer anime or want a katana-inspired toy sword to display in your home, this is the sword for you. It’s made from real bamboo wood (with plastic handles) for a more durable look yet isn’t sharpened like an actual blade, so it is still safe to carry about as part of a costume. From handle to tip, this sword resembles the real deal from the Demon Slayer series, available in 18 different color schemes. You can also buy several of the colors in sets of two if you prefer. Regardless of which quantity or color you choose, each sword comes with a scabbard belt and a display stand. 

Cons: Since these swords are made from bamboo wood rather than foam or plastic, they shouldn’t be given to younger kids or used in play fights at all. They’re also much more expensive than most toy swords.

Bottom Line: A pinnacle choice for cosplay, costumes, and decor, this katana-like toy sword is begging you to pick it up and show off your swordsmanship. The overall enjoyment here is all in the details. This sword was modeled after the real thing in the Demon Slayer series, so if you’re a fan and/or looking to dress up as your favorite character from anime, then accept no other substitutes.


Also Great

Disguise Legend of Zelda Sword

Love the Legend of Zelda video game series? Bring your own version of its iconic Master Sword into your home.

Pros: If you love the Legend of Zelda video game series, you can bring your own version of the Master Sword into your home. Nintendo officially licenses it, so you know you’re getting an authentic replica in every aspect—it’ll perfectly match your Link costume or be instantly recognizable if hanging on the wall or on display in your home. It’s made from thick, high-quality plastic that’s more durable than most plastic toy swords, and it comes with a matching, also authentic, scabbard to boot.

Cons: This sword is a bit on the smaller side, so it’s really only proportionate for kids and preteens. Taller teenagers and full-grown adults may find the blade a bit too short for their costuming needs.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re a fan of the well-known Legend of Zelda game series, your little one wants to dress up as Link for a costume party, or they simply love playing as a Zelda character on a regular basis, this is the perfect toy sword for your needs. It resembles the famous Master Sword from top to bottom, adding a greater touch of realism to play or display.

Final Thoughts

Toy swords are a great way to inspire kids’ creativity and imagination as they play while also helping them to develop their hand-eye coordination, agility, and motor skills. Plus, they’re just plain fun for all ages—even as an adult, what’s not to love about giving your brother or sister a whack with a toy sword without getting in trouble?

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