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The Best Toys for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

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Dinosaurs dominated the land, sky, and sea thousands of years ago, stomping with every step and roaring in the face of their enemies. For these reasons alone, they’re a kid’s favorite animal growing up, even if they can only discover their might in a 7-inch plastic mold. If you’re in the market for one, two, or even a few new toys for the prehistoric-loving kid in your life, then here are some dinosaur figurines we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Dino Toy

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Single vs. Batch: There’s a fair amount to consider when buying a single toy or a bundle of toys. For starters, take a look at the surface quality between the two products. Manufacturers tend to put more focus into the overall design of a single, larger dinosaur figurine. Those qualities are amplified on a larger toy because, well, the errors would be a lot more noticeable if they didn’t take their time. Of course, just because a bundle typically features smaller toys does not mean the dip in quality is glaring. You’re getting a variety of dinosaurs in addition to accessories that prove why bundles often win over the kids using them.
  • Learning Moments: If you’re a parent or guardian, then it’s important that you find a toy that not only provides ample fun but that can teach your child a thing or two about the history in their hands. Some of the coolest dinosaur toys and bundles feature educational properties, like reading material, to gauge your child’s interest in learning from an early age and strengthen their interest in a newfound dino collecting hobby.
  • Safety: It’s also imperative that the toy you buy is safe and accommodating for your child’s health. If you’re buying for a toddler, refrain from toys that are too small and could be mistakenly swallowed if you aren’t in the room to supervise. The same is to be said for bundles that feature small or loose accessories. Overall, make sure your toy is crafted from nontoxic materials that are up to the task of daily play. Additionally, if you’re buying a battery-operated toy, make sure the overall construction aims to keep any wires or batteries firmly concealed inside the product.

Best T-Rex Figure: Tinsow T-Rex Dinosaur

A 12 inch figure that is available in a red or green pattern, and features a highly texturized surface to mimic scales.

Available in two colors (red and green), this single Tyrannosaurus rex figurine is a hand-painted and highly detailed option for kids who enjoy their fun with a prehistoric chomp. Not only does this dino look solid, but it is solid, situated in a constant state of a monstrous roar across its 12-inch frame. It’s crafted from 100% nontoxic plastic materials that have a realistic scaled texture, in addition to being built to last the heat, the rain, and a fair share of drops.

Best T-Rex Figure

Tinsow T-Rex Dinosaur Toy Action Figure Large Jurassic World Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex

This single Tyrannosaurus rex figurine features an authentic scaled feel and hand-painted detail across its body.

Best Interactive Bundle: TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure w/ Activity Play Mat

Nine small scale and colorful toys that accompany a large activity, which features an amusement park style map as its design.

This huge bundle from TEMI Store offers kids not one but nine different dinosaur toys to play with, and then some. This is an ideal option for kids who can’t get enough of the prehistoric beasts. Included in the batch are small-scale but lovingly crafted versions of everything from the Tyrannosaurus rex, to the Giganotosaurus, to the Velociraptor, and so on. In addition to an exciting lineup of dinosaurs, this bundle also features a Dino Activity Mat for kids to explore and stage their battles. All of this is packaged in a sturdy carrying case that makes cleanup and transportation effortless.

Best Interactive Bundle

Best Educational Choice: Li’l-Gen Dinosaur Toys with Dinosaur Sound Book

An assortment of 12 brightly colored dinosaurs as well as a short book, which is narrated and features a sound bar where kids can hear the roar of each dinosaur included in the bundle.

Some toy dinosaurs can do a great job providing kids with a fine appreciation of animal history, but this Li’l-Gen Dinosaur Toys with Dinosaur Sound Book brings a worthwhile reading experience into the mix. You’re getting a great value here with 12 different dinosaur figures and the Clever Creatures and Boundless Beasts sound book, a short, narrated history lesson about the Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods and the towering wonders which stomped through them. The book also features a soundbar in which users can press on the image of a dinosaur and hear their booming roar.

Best Educational Choice

Best Opposable Dino: Jurassic World Irritator Sound Strike Dinosaur Action Figure

A brown and blue seven-inch long dinosaur that features multiple points of articulation, from the neck to the tail.

For kiddos who love their dinosaurs with a bit of Hollywood flair to their name, this Irritator Sound Strike Action Figure brings a slice of Jurassic World into their playroom. Unlike other toys, this titan of a bygone era isn’t stationary but opposable throughout. It features fluid movement in its jaws, neck, arms, legs, and tail and can deliver a pretty sweet attack motion, clawing its way to the top of your child’s favorite toys. Other standout aspects include the toy’s textured surface, its authentic color pattern, and its clear dinosaur screech.

Best Opposable Dino

Best RC Dino: GOTDAYJOY Electronic Dinosaur Toy

A 12-inch tall gray dinosaur with blue streaks running from the bridge of its nose to the tip of its tail.

A battery-operated and mobile treat, this GOTDAYJOY Electronic Dinosaur Toy proudly embraces a few updates in the toy market to deliver a chomping, stomping, and adorably vicious entrance. This large remote-controlled dino is both educational and exciting, providing a child with a look into dinosaur habits and culture, as well as an early experience with minor technology. Its control panel doesn’t overcomplicate itself either. Just push a button and watch the beast move, halt, or release a fiery spray from his trap. This toy also features seven different LED lighting modes behind its eyes and inside of its jaws.

Best RC Dino
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