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The Best Toys for Kids Who Love Horses

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Among all of the animals you can find on a farm, it’s the horse that somehow finds a way to garner most of a child’s sweet attention. The cattle dog may wag its tail and deliver soft boops on a child’s face, and the pygmy goat is always around to deliver a gut-busting bleat, but it’s the horse—exuding an uncanny beauty behind its marble eyes—that will always bring a toddler to a full stop and smile. So, if you’re interested in a toy for the equine admirer in your household, then there are a few toy horses that you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Trusty Steed

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Design Style: A driving factor you should consider when picking your next toy horse is style, moreover, what kind of design the horse features. A cute caricature of a horse is sure to win over toddlers and younger children, whereas some older children will appreciate an option that’s a little more lifelike and detailed in its overall depiction.
  • Interactivity: Another factor that a child’s age can directly influence is interactivity—how much fun a child may have with a single horse versus multiple horses or several accommodating features. Of course, the more a child can play with it will often translate into more fun, but it’s important to note because while young kids may never tire of their favorite plush horse, an older child may want something beyond a cuddle buddy.
  • Child Care: Additionally, it’s always important to scope out potential safety hazards in toys and how a product will care for your child during playtime. Your next toy should make it absolutely clear that it was constructed from high-quality materials, meaning toxic-free inside and out.

Best Grooming Horse: Sunny Days Entertainment Blue Ribbon Champions Deluxe Quarter Horse

A Palomino-style horse with a golden coat and texturized mane.

Realistically detailed across every inch of its frame and every accessory in its package, this Sunny Days Entertainment Quarter Horse brings kids an “award-winning” show horse that enjoys having a comb brushed through its textured mane. Among the 14 essential horse-care accessories this package includes are the blue ribbon for best in show, two types of brushes, a mouth line, and even a detachable, gorgeously engraved saddle. The horse is also equipped to make a variety of trotting sound effects and whinny noises, in addition to featuring a movable neck.

Best Grooming Horse

Best Stable Kit: Breyer Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital

A large white and blue stable that is enclosed by a small fence on one side of the foundation and features several spacious toy rooms.

An expansive stable and medical center, this Breyer Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital includes six animals to care for and an assortment of supplies to ease their stay. It’s a 1:32 scale replica that measures 9.25 inches tall and 11.75 inches long, providing plenty of storage space for the likes of the mother horse and its foal, as well as a donkey, goat, border collie, and a cat. Additional accessories include a horse blanket, an operating table, and a bandage box.

Best Stable Kit

Breyer Stablemates Deluxe Animal Hospital | 10 Piece Set | 1:32 Scale | 11.25" L x 10.75”W x 8" H | Model #59214 , Blue

This large stable and animal hospital includes six painstakingly designed animals and warm roof to put over their heads.

Best Horse Stick: Linzy Hobby Horse

A light brown, plush horse attached to an adjustable rod that can extend between 20 and 36 inches.

As classic a choice of toy as it gets, this Linzy Hobby Horse brings kids an adjustable telescopic stick that they can trot around on like it never went out of style. This horse stick finds the perfect integration of old-school charm with a couple of nifty modern perks. The design is the same: the head of a soft plush horse, with its wispy mane and reins, propped atop of a rod. The differences? Astounding. Not only is the rod adjustable between three sizes (21, 30, and 36 inches), but it’s also tough as nails, while the head features battery operation to deliver neighs and galloping sounds.

Best Horse Stick

Linzy Hobby Horse, Galloping Sounds with Adjustable Telescopic Stick, Brown 36"

A quintessential children's toy for cowboys, cowgirls, and horse appreciators who love to travel down the imaginary dusty trail.

Best Battery-Powered: Haktoys Walk Along Horse with Remote Control Leash

A 12-inch tall and 17-inch long electronic horse that features a soft fabric exterior complete with a plush saddle and stitched-on pair of reins.

A wiggling musical toy that will make the perfect companion for kids who not only love horses but singing, this Haktoys Walk Along Horse offers an adorable sight with a few electronic perks tucked under its plush. This remote-controlled horse can strut, neigh, and shake its body to nine different songs that kids are bound to dance along to as well. Its 30-inch leash provides ample walking space between the electronic horse and the kid/owner, while the battery compartment is safely tucked away beneath a covered closure on the underside of the horse.

Best Battery-Powered
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