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The Best Toys for Time in the Pool

Floating toys in a pool by a ladder
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One of the best ways to spend a sunny day isn’t just outside but outside and backstroking through a pool. Of course, what’s a pool without a couple of nifty toys and trinkets to pass the time. Pool toys are a necessary part of the swimming experience for kids, especially those who are still too young to venture out past the shallow side. They need something to keep themselves preoccupied and having fun and not wondering what they could be missing out on over there in the deep end. So, if you’re in the market for a few new pool toys, then here are some options we think you ought to check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Bag of Water Toys

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Better in Pairs: Ideally, you should invest in a batch of pool toys rather than singular items. Of course, most tend to come in variety packs anyway, but there’s an invitation for all when there’s more to a package. Going from one blaster to a multipack of water blasters encourages everyone to join in water sports. Bundle packs with more variety among their contents, like above- and below-water gaming systems, equate to more time spent in the pool and even more excitement.
  • All the Right Places: You should also make sure that the items you’re interested in are built for the water. Lightweight items with buoyant properties forge in an immediate home in your pool, floating atop its surface until the next time you and your kids cannonball into the water. Toys with buoyant properties also ensure that users can easily push them around the pool without accidentally being weighed down by them or getting caught.
  • Safety Measures: Your pool toy should provide concern-free usage in your pool. Items crafted from nontoxic materials that won’t react improperly to the chemicals in your pool or the heat from the sun are your best bet for family entertainment. If you’re buying an item that features a type of battery to function, then it is imperative that the toy feature waterproof measures throughout.

Top Choice: Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

Brightly-colored pull-and-push foam water cannons that are available in packs of three or six.

Available in packs of three and six, this Water Blaster Set from Max Liquidator is a go-to pool toy that everyone can enjoy, in and out of the water. A single water cannon functions as such: submerge the tip of the blaster into a body of water, pull back on the plunger to load it up, ready your sight on your backyard enemy, and then push the plunger forward to send a laser-accurate blast of water out of the front. It’s a beloved classic, notably imitating the look and feel of a pool noodle to prevent accidental injury and bring an enjoyable amount of color into your game. Moreover, each blaster’s buoyant foam exterior will float on any water’s surface so that you can see and reach it at all times.

Top Choice

Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

These buoyant and colorful water blasters are available in packs of three or six.

Best Family Game: JOYIN Inflatable Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

A dual toy package consisting of an inflatable volleyball net and an inflatable roaming basketball hoop, both of which include their respective inflatable game ball.

Bringing you two different family games while incorporating the same bouncy and blow-up design, these Inflatable Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops from JOYIN offer double the fun at one moderate price. The inflatable volleyball net and stand measure 105 inches in length and 35 inches in height, while the inflatable basketball hoop is 27 inches around and stands 23 inches tall. Both floaties are crafted of high-quality raft-like material, making for an incredibly durable, nearly puncture-proof surface.

Best Family Game

JOYIN Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops, Floating Swimming Game Toy for Kids and Adults, Summer Floaties, Volleyball Court (105”x28”x35”)|Basketball (27”x23”x27”),Orange

This pool toy bundle offers users an inflatable volleyball net and an inflatable basketball hoop, both made from nontoxic and durable material.

Best for Pool Combat: Swimline Hotdog Battle Pool Float

Two inflatable hot dogs and complimentary mustard and ketchup boppers for water-style combat.

Looking for a batch of pool toys that are better suited for a couple of swift knocks on the noggin? These Swimline Hotdog Battle Pool Floats offer users two large inflatable Franks, measuring 56-by-25 inches, and a pair of complimentary mustard and ketchup boppers to deliver some friendly blows in the heat of battle. Users take to their vinyl-constructed frankfurter and attempt to knock the other off and into the water. Even if one isn’t interested in the competition side of this bundle, a user can just as easily sit on top of the hot dog and row around with a condiment at their side.

Best for Pool Combat

Swimline Hotdog Battle Pool Float , Brown

This inflatable bundle includes the comical pairing of two large hotdogs and two condiment boppers.

Best Motorized Toy: VOLANTEXRC RC Boat for Pools and Lakes

A slim, black and blue remote-controlled boat that can travel up to 19 miles per hour.

For users who prefer a bit of battery-powered excitement during their pool time, this VOLANTEXRC RC Boat provides sharp looks, turns, and moderate speed depending on the size of your pool. Once you get your hands behind the tiny steering wheel of its remote control, you’ll find plenty to love with this boat. Its simple four-direction maneuverability makes for efficient water travel, and its special flip recovery system ensures your racer won’t get stranded in the middle of the pool ever again. It also includes two pairs of rechargeable lithium batteries. Energy is further preserved via the boat’s low battery protection setting, which reserves the last few minutes of voltage for a safe return back to shore. Additional perks include a thorough waterproof design, a water-cooled system, and a streamlined structural design that makes it easier to cut through wind and water.

Best Motorized Toy

Best Underwater Bundle: JOYIN Underwater Swimming/Diving Gift Set Bundle

An assortment of diving toys that can be placed at the bottom of the shallow end of the pool, including torpedo toys and pool rings.

A uniquely different type of pool toy bundle, this JOYIN Underwater Swimming/Diving Gift Set Bundle is less about what you can enjoy up top and more about providing a thrilling adventure along the bottom of the pool floor. Each bundle consists of four diving rings, four water torpedo bandits, four diving sticks, and six pieces of pirate treasure, all brightly colored and crafted from nontoxic materials. This all-in-one set is intended to help your child hone in on their diving skills, though it is advised that you keep objects in the shallow end of a pool until your diver is experienced and ready to move along.

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