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The Best Toys to Buy for Fans of Mickey Mouse

a push car designed like an airplane with a Mickey Mouse theme next to a Mickey Mouse plush toy on a white background

Disney owns so many record-shattering properties today that we often forget who’s actually the face of the company: the beloved Mickey Mouse. The outline of his circular ears and head alone is an immediately beloved sight, helping us to remember his humble and cheerful debut in Steamboat Willie. Of course, a few billion dollars have been gained in the following decades, and Mickey’s been commandeering the boat ever since.  If you’re in the market to find the right kind of Mickey Mouse toy for his biggest fan, then here are a few options we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Mickey Mouse Toy

consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Material Construction: There are various layers you should take into account when considering a toy’s material construction. Toys designed from soft fabrics and cotton filling are often the ideal choices for young children, given that they aren’t likely to cause physical harm. However, fabric toys can get very dirty and favor a spot-clean-only method of care rather than a machine wash. On the other hand, while some plastic toys can vary in material quality, they often feature great attention to detail.
  • Fun or Education: It’s also important that the toy you purchase features one of two qualities, if not both: optimal fun or ample room for learning experiences. Kids love toys, but there are also plenty of options out there that sneak valuable lessons into a child’s playtime, which isn’t a far cry from the Disney character’s shows.
  • Portability: You should be prepared for when a kiddo demands their favorite Mickey toy accompany them on the drive over to Grandma’s house. Buy with portability in mind, whether that means finding a small enough toy to fit in their hands or pockets or one that ensures portability through other means.

Best Plush Toy: Disney Mickey Mouse Plush

A soft Mickey Mouse plush toy with detailed embroidering across his face, gloves, and pants.

An Authentic Disney Store original, this stuffed Mickey Mouse toy features embroidered detailing and a picture-perfect recreation of the world’s favorite mouse. This plush toy stands 7.6 inches tall and just under 4 inches wide, so it’s an easily portable toy. It’s an ideal choice for kiddos who need something soft to lay their heads down on come nap time.

Best Toy Car: Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Outdoor and Explore Camper

A colorful outdoor camper that unfolds to reveal a second layer and includes 10 accessory items.

A moderately-sized playset that allows kids to create their own caravanning adventure, this Mickey Mouse Outdoor and Explore Camper from Disney Junior takes a show-inspired vehicle and adds some wonderful interior details. Kids will enjoy taking Mickey and his best pal Pluto out into an imaginary wilderness to roast weenies on a fire, take a canoe out for a quick fish, or even enjoy the view from the second story of the camper. It’s battery-operated, featuring headlights that illuminate and various character catchphrases.

Best Toy Car

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Outdoor and Explore Camper, Lights and Sounds Playset, Amazon Exclusive, by Just Play

This vehicle playset features 10 complimentary pieces for the complete wilderness adventure.

Best Water Toy Set: Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Bath Toy Set

Three classic Disney characters that are made from a squeezable plastic material and are detail accurate to match the show.

A three-count of beloved Disney characters, this Mickey Mouse Bath Toy Set from Disney Junior offers kids a colorful set of water toys that work in the bath, in the pool, and anywhere else you can enjoy the splashing of water. Included in this bundle is Mickey Mouse, in his signature red shorts and a light blue jacket, as well as Pluto and Donald Duck. Each figure is made from a squeezable plastic material that features a tiny hole in the center of the toy that can swallow water and stream it back out like a handheld water cannon.

Best Push Car: Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Light & Sound Activity Ride-On

A large but toddler-friendly push car that bears an aviation design and features five multidirectional wheels.

Searching for a children’s toy that’s sure to be a takeoff hit? This Mickey-themed Ride-On Plane from Kiddieland puts a kid in the cockpit alongside the Mouse. It’s a 21.5- by 17.25- by 18-inch console that features a wide array of physical and sound perks that will make rolling around on the ground feel like they’re coasting across the sky. At the front of the ride-on plane is a foam propeller that lights up and spins with the press of a button on the steering wheel. Other buttons on the wheel trigger the power, as well as different phrases, realistic revving sounds, and rousing lights. Its multidirectional wheels also make driving more efficient whether the cart is commanded by a single rider or being pushed by a parent.

Best Push Car

Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Plane Light & Sound Activity Ride-On, 20.5" x 18" x 15.375"

This ride-on plane features a surplus of exciting sounds, lights, and mobility across multiple surfaces.

Most Interactive: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mousekadoer Workbench

A Mickey Mouse-themed miniature workbench with six different tools and battery operation.

A hands-on and sneakily educational playset, this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mousekadoer Workbench teaches children about everyday tools and how to use them properly. Kids can get to fixing or creating imaginary pieces of woodwork on the Handy Helper Bench. It features a press-down reciprocating saw that whirs to create an authentic tool experience. Additional toy tools like the hammer and drill press also deliver sound effects and words of encouragement from the king of all cartoon mice.

Most Interactive

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mousekadoer Workbench Construction Building Role Play Set, Amazon Exclusive, by Just Play

A toy workbench that teaches kids how to handle everyday tools in an amusing fashion.

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