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The Best Training Cones to Help Master Your Skills

man weaving a soccer ball through small orange cones on a field

Practice, as we know, makes perfect. This is true whether you’re trying to become a carpenter, an opera singer, or a soccer player. During practices, it’s crucial to have the proper training tools to succeed in your desired field. If you’re heading to the soccer or football field, then training cones can be an essential part of helping master your skills. In this article, we’ve compiled some of our favorite training cones. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors and can be used for speed agility drills, obstacles, and other training activities.

Purchasing Training Cones

Here are some things to consider:

  • Multipurpose Cones: Although we’re specifically talking about training cones that will help you during soccer practice, a tall, traffic-style cone is multipurpose enough to mark boundaries and can be used in other scenarios that don’t deal with sports or fitness.
  • Quality Plastic: Most likely, these cones will be trampled and kicked around by young children learning to hone their skills. Make sure your training cones are made of quality plastic and are strong and thick enough to withstand an impressive amount of punishment throughout an assortment of outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Bright Colors: A typical training cone is often orange or some neon color so that it’s a lot easier for the athlete to see, whether they are on the field, in a gym, or in a driveway.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best training cones!

Best Overall: Super Z Outlet 20-Pack Training Cones

Six flatter orange training cones.

The best overall cones for sports training comes from the company Super Z Outlet. These round, bright orange cones come in a 20-pack and are a great sports accessory for both indoor and outdoor sports. The durable plastic makes sure your cones will stand the test of time, and their bright orange color is easy to see during practice drills. The cones are stackable and can easily be stored and carried because of a Velcro strap to ensure they stay together.

Best Overall

Super Z Outlet Bright Orange Round Cones Sports Equipment for Fitness Training (20 Pack)

These training cones make great sports equipment for your kids, no matter the sport.

Best Set: MANTRA Sports Speed Training Cones

Eight flatter orange training cones, an agility ladder, and a bag.

To increase quick footwork and boost your fitness levels regardless of which sport you play, we recommend this great exercise package from Mantra Sports. This awesome set comes with eight sports cones, an agility ladder, a carrying bag, four pegs, and a wall poster with various ladder and cone drill exercises. This set is designed for agility training and will help any athlete master their skills and build confidence.

Best Traffic Cones: Super Z Outlet 24-Pack Training Cones

Eight traffic-style cones lined up in a row on a road.

Another option from Super Z Outlet, this 24-pack of traffic-style cones is a nice addition to your training equipment bag. These sports cones are made of durable neon-colored plastic and are easy to see because of their bright yellow, red, orange, and green colors. Each cone is a little over 7 inches tall and is stackable, so it’s easy to carry them all from place to place. Because of their height and vivid colors, these cones can also be used for construction-themed parties, boundary markers, side-line markers, and for learning how to rollerblade.

Best Traffic Cones

Best Color Options: Alyoen Traffic Cones

A dad teaching his son how to rollerblade with a blue cone marking the way

For the best color options, we recommend these 9-inch, traffic-style cones. Available in sets of 10 or 20, these cones can be bought in five different colors and come at an affordable price. They are made from thicker plastic than most other traffic cones, so they will outlast constant damage, and they’re lightweight and portable so that you can easily stack them when you’re on the go. Whether you’re using them for soccer practice or as a boundary marker for when your kids play in the yard, these cones will work great.

Best Color Options

Alyoen 9 inch Traffic Cones, Plastic Sport Cones, Blue Soccer Training Cones for Outdoor Activity & Festive Events (Sets of 10/15/ 20)

Available in a variety of colors, these training cones can be used for anything from soccer training to rollerblade training.

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