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The Best Training Ropes

🕚 Updated December 2021

Training ropes, also known as battle ropes, are impressive pieces of workout equipment. They've gained a lot of popularity in recent years, so if you want to know what makes them so well-liked, try one of these quality training ropes.

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  Best for Beginners Most Advanced Best for Jumping Rope Best for Kids Best with Anchor Straps
Exercise Battle Rope
Poly Dacron Battle Rope
YZL Sports
Heavy Weighted Jump Rope
Kids Battle Rope
Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap
Our SummaryThe optimal training rope for those who want to start working out more often.A reliable training rope that is suitable for fitness enthusiasts.This rope allows you to perform intense full-body workouts.A lightweight training rope that's ideal for active kids.A training rope you can travel with, thanks to its anchor strap kit.
ProsMade of industrial-grade polyester, versatile design, ideal length.Non-slip handle, versatile and effective, water-resistant and durable.Appropriate for most adults, upgraded durable construction, great for low-impact exercising.Great for building core strength in young children, grippy handles.Versatile and unique, optimal portability, multiple length options, grippy coating.
ConsA little stiff.Not for beginners, hard on wrists.Light, not great for traditional battle rope exercises.Handles can come undone with extensive use.Can wear down if used on rough ground.
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The Best Training Ropes

A young woman moves two battle ropes in a gym.

Whether you’re a heavy lifter, a CrossFit trainer, or a newbie to the gym scene, you can benefit from training ropes. They build upper-body and hand strength and get your heart beating like a jog on the treadmill would. Training ropes will ultimately help improve your cardiovascular endurance and your muscle strength.

Buying Guide for Training Ropes

A man working out with a training rope

Why buy a training rope? 

Having a pair of training ropes can simplify your workout routine. They provide you with a more affordable, higher-intensity, and less fussy alternative to equipment like dumbbells for gaining arm strength. They can help you improve balance and power as well as you wave them up and down.

What should you look for in a training rope?

  • Weight: Beginners will find it difficult to move a battle rope that is too heavy, while advanced users will be unchallenged by a rope that is too light. The weight will depend on the thickness and the length of the rope. Thicker ropes will tack on a lot more weight, and longer ropes will allow for more fluid movement. 1-inch thick and 30-feet long ropes are some of the lightest and great for beginners. 2.5-inch thick and 50-feet long ropes will be much heavier and better for advanced battle rope users.
  • Grips: You’ll want a good grip on your ropes while you’re waving them around and sweating. Look for long, reliable grips so that you can use them comfortably and safely.
  • Width: Smaller hands will appreciate a smaller width in their rope for an easier and safer experience. 1.5-inch thick ropes are typically good widths to look for. Bigger hands can go for a larger width, like 2 inches.

How do you anchor training ropes?

The best way to anchor them is to find a sturdy, reinforced, immobile structure and use the anchoring kit to attach and secure your training ropes to it. Some things you can use include poles, jungle gyms, or hooks attached to a wall. Your training ropes should come with an anchoring kit and instructions on how to set up the strap/hook that it provides.

Our Picks for the Best Training Ropes

Best for Beginners

ZENY Exercise Battle Rope

The optimal training rope for those who want to start working out more often.

Pros: This training rope is a bit smaller than others. It has a grip diameter of 1.5 inches, a length of 30 feet, and weighs 15 pounds. It’s made of heavy-duty, high-strength industrial polyester, making it durable and resistant to wear. You won’t have to worry about it fraying or coming loose. It also features a waterproof protective sleeve that will continue to elongate the life of your rope. The heat-shrink grips conform to the rope’s shape for superior control and safety while you work out.

Cons: This rope is somewhat stiff, which will limit the movements you can perform.

Bottom Line: Getting started with battle ropes can be daunting. However, the ZENY Battle Rope makes it much easier. This rope will help you get the full-body workout you’re looking for to improve strength, stability, and cardiovascular endurance.


Most Advanced

Perantlb Poly Battle Rope

A reliable training rope that's suitable for fitness enthusiasts.

Pros: This extra-sturdy training rope has a 2-inch width, which will challenge your grip strength and pump up your power. The longest rope is 50 feet long, and its dense poly Dacron blend will last through even the most vigorous workouts. This rope offers an intermediate option if you would like some variety. The intermediate-level rope is 40 feet long by 1.5 inches in diameter.

Cons: This rope isn’t for beginners. It can be hard on your wrists.

Bottom Line: Looking for a challenge? If so, consider buying this Perantlb Poly Battle Rope. It’s a sturdy, heavy training rope that will hold up to some intense workouts.


Best for Jumping Rope

YZLSPORTS Weighted Jump Rope

This rope allows you to perform intense full-body workouts.

Pros: This training rope weighs 5.2 pounds and is 9.5 feet long. It has a comfortable 2-inch diameter soft rubber handle, and its durable polyester blend has a high tensile strength that will resist breakage. It’s lighter than most training ropes because it’s more appropriately used as a weighted jump rope to kick your cardio up another level.

Cons: This product isn’t as effective when used as a battle rope because it is much lighter.

Bottom Line: This rope will challenge your typical routine. Using a training rope in a jump rope style is a great workout for the shoulders and rotator cuffs and helps to improve coordination, agility, footwork, and endurance.


Best for Kids

Aoneky Kids' Workout Rope

A lightweight training rope that's ideal for active kids.

Pros: This training rope is much thinner and lighter to be appropriate for kids to use. You can choose between a range of rope lengths from 25 feet all the way to 50 feet, with a weight starting at 5.5 pounds. A thin diameter of 0.8 inches makes grabbing onto this rope a breeze, even for kids with smaller hands.

Cons: The blue plastic handle tends to come undone with extensive use.

Bottom Line: This rope for kids has a lengthened grip, making it easier to hold onto for longer. It’s lighter and thinner to be suitable for kids and teens to use for an effective workout.


Best with Anchor Straps

ZELUS Battle Ropes

A training rope you can travel with, thanks to its anchor strap kit.

Pros: This is a highly durable poly Dacron blend rope that is odorless and environmentally friendly. You can choose between 30-, 40-, or 50-foot lengths and also 1.5- or 2-inch diameters. The grips are covered in a non-skid coating that won’t let the ropes slip out of your hands even when you sweat!

Cons: We advise that you avoid using this particular rope on rough ground, as it can potentially damage the combination polypropylene/polyester material.

Bottom Line: Zelus offers a fantastic product that is suitable for most adults. The anchor straps make it more portable and versatile. You can easily roll up the rope and attach it almost anywhere that is sturdy enough to handle your intense workout. Have fun and burn some calories with this rope!

Final Thoughts

Training ropes are fantastic fitness equipment. If you want to elevate your workouts, try one of our top picks to get you burning calories, building muscle, and gaining endurance.

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