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The Best Treadmill Mats

🕚 Updated October 2022

The enthusiasm for a new treadmill wears off during your first workout when you find the treadmill inching forward, a pool of sweat growing on the floor, and your neighbors yelling to stop the thumping noise. Don't let this happen to you. Remember to get a treadmill mat!

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  Top Choice Best for Hardwood Floors Padded Foam Best for Carpet
High-Density Treadmill Mat
Heavy-Duty Treadmill Mat
Sunny Health & Fitness
Treadmill Mat
Treadmill Equipment Mats
Our SummaryA well-made treadmill mat that does the trick and is easy on the wallet.This non-toxic, super-tough treadmill mat is here for the long haul.An all-around good mat that will keep your treadmill in one place as you run or walk.These square rubber pads give you control over where your treadmill needs support the most.
ProsHigh-density foam, PVC material, moisture-resistant, easy to clean, multiple patterns, anti-slip and noise-reducing.Nontoxic materials, vinyl, super durable, dampens noise, protects floor and equipment.Waterproof and sweat-resistant, nonslip, resilient, long-lasting.Innovative design, moisture-resistant, more custom placement.
ConsA bit lower-quality.On the thinner side.On the thinner side.Don't provide full coverage.
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The Best Treadmill Mats

A woman walks on a treadmill that's on a mat on a hard floor.

Buying Guide for the Best Treadmill Mats

A treadmill and other gym equipment on a mat in a home gym.
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Why buy a treadmill mat?

A treadmill mat protects the floor, absorbs sweat, and dampens noise from your running treadmill. You don’t have to have nice hardwood floors to benefit from a mat, either. Sweat damages the carpet and creates a foul odor, too. The sheer weight of the treadmill leaves impressions in carpeting and can mark up the floor as you exercise, especially with nothing to hold the equipment in place. A quality mat can prevent all these unfortunate circumstances from happening.

What should you look for in a treadmill mat?

  • Material: Ideally, treadmill mats are made of thick rubber or PVC material. They’re the best for several reasons. They give mats nonslip protection, noise-dampening effect, and stability so that the treadmill doesn’t slide as you work out. Quality material is also key to durability and therefore, longevity.
  • Size: This is an important quality to look for in a mat. Be sure you know the dimensions of your treadmill, then consider how much extra space you want around the treadmill. Consider how far your sweat might travel, how much space you want when you step on and off the treadmill, and so forth. Most important, of course, is how much space you have in your living room or workout space.
  • Design: Most of the treadmill mats we review here are simple rubber or vinyl rectangles about 3 by 6 feet in dimension. However, some designs do fold up, which is a nice feature if you also want a mat for yoga. There are also exercise equipment pads, simple squares that you position where your treadmill needs the most support.

How much should you expect to spend on a treadmill mat?

You don’t have much to worry about with the price. We found several quality products that were all around the same $25 price range. Just note that the larger the mat, the higher the price. There are super-sized mats that can run for about $300. These are great if you want the mat to extend and cover most of your home gym floor for yoga or other exercises.

Our Picks for the Best Treadmill Mats

Top Choice

BalanceFrom High-Density Treadmill Mat

A well-made treadmill mat that does the trick and is easy on the wallet.

Pros: This high-density foam treadmill mat protects floors (whether carpeted or hard) and the treadmill too. It’s made of a PVC material that features moisture-resistant technology, making the mat easy to clean after a hard workout. It just takes a little soap and water. Flip the mat over to change things up; each side has a different pattern. The durable material is both anti-slip and noise-reducing. Choose from two sizes.

Cons: As this is an easy-on-the-budget item, you may find that you sacrifice a bit of quality in the process.

Bottom Line: With a great reputation and reasonable price, this BalanceFrom mat is a tantalizing option for your new treadmill. It won’t bleed onto the carpet, regardless of hard you sweat. Also, the pattern design isn’t just for looks; it prevents your treadmill from moving around.


Best for Hardwood Floors

SuperMats Heavy-Duty Treadmill Mat

This nontoxic, super-tough treadmill mat is here for the long haul.

Pros: It’s not often you come across exercise equipment that’s made in the U.S. from domestically-sourced, nontoxic materials! Well, SuperMats was able to put it together, just for you. The vinyl, super-durable mat dampens the noise you’ll make as you walk or run. Equally important, the mat staves off the damage a heavy piece of equipment makes on a floor. It also protects the treadmill itself from dust and debris entering the underside of the equipment. You want to keep the mechanical parts clean to prolong the life of your new exercise machine.

Cons: Some users report that the mat is thinner than they’d expected.

Bottom Line: This treadmill mat has a lot going for it. At 2.5 feet by 6 feet, it’s the perfect size for treadmills and equipment like ellipticals and rowing machines.


Padded Foam

Sunny Health Fitness Treadmill Mat

An all-around good mat that will keep your treadmill in one place as you run or walk.

Pros: Go all out to reach your maximum heart rate, sweat like crazy, and holler words of self-congratulations for your achievement. This mat can handle almost everything you through at it. It’s waterproof and sweat-resistant, so cleanup is easy. It’s nonslip, so if you happen to step in your sweat before you’ve had a chance to clean up, no worries. Resilient to the weight of heavy exercise equipment, the mat won’t break down but will continue to protect your floor and treadmill through the years.

Cons: It might be thinner than you’d like.

Bottom Line: When you need to rearrange your home gym, simply roll up this mat and store it; it’s foldable and convenient!


Best for Carpet

IMPRESA Treadmill Equipment Mats

These square rubber pads give you control over where your treadmill needs the most support.

Pros: With this innovative approach to the treadmill mat, you get to build your own. At least, you get to decide where to place each of the thick, moisture-resistant rubber squares exactly where you want them. With six square pads, you can fully protect your floor for treadmills up to 6 feet long. The key is to find the precise points where the machine contacts the floor.

Cons: They don’t provide as full of coverage since they’re separate pieces.

Bottom Line: There is no reason to have a large, carpet-like mat taking up so much space with these high-quality exercise equipment pads. They give you the cushion you need to protect the floor, dampen noise, and maintain the spaciousness of your room.

Final Thoughts

While they may not be the most exciting thing to buy, treadmill mats play a critical role in the lives of those who own treadmills. They prevent odor buildup, dampen noise, and protect the floor as well as the exposed mechanical parts of the treadmill. Instead of having to refinish your floor, professionally clean your carpet, or buy a new treadmill, get one of these good treadmill mats instead!

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