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The Best Tree House Accessories

🕚 Updated March 2022

Tree houses are some of the coolest places to hang in the warm months of the year. You can make your tree house even more exciting with these fun accessories.

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  Best Climbing Swing Rope Best Lighting Best Ladder Best Zip Line Best Climbing Set
  Jungle Gym Kingdom
Disc Tree Swing and Climbing Rope
Kids Hanging Lights
Tree House Rope Ladder Accessory
Ninety-Five Foot Zip Line Kit
Squirrel Products
Kids Rock Climbing Holds
Our SummaryA a colorful rope swing for extra tree house fun.An easy way to recreate the flashlight illuminated kids' fort inside the tree house.Add this rope ladder to your tree house setup for a good physical challenge.This zip line tree house accessory will make playtime an exciting aerial ride.A kids' rock climbing kit with colorful and fun-shaped holds.
ProsColorful, easy to install, DIY project, durable 4-foot polyester tree strap, metal carabiner, rope is adjustable, textured handholds for secure grasp.Blue, yellow, green, and pink LED rechargeable light bulbs, SafeTouch feature, battery-operated, convenient and fun.Great for energetic kids, can link to obstacle course line, challenges kid’s coordination, strength, balance, improve confidence, secure knots.High-quality parts, safety features, 95-foot zip line meets the international quality standards (RoHS & CE), max weight capacity of 250 pounds, nonslip rubber handle.10 rock climbing holds, DIY install, hardware included, tailor to your kid’s strength and expertise, adjustable.
ConsIt collects rainwater which can be annoying and make your kids legs wet.Not the best quality.Might be a little slippery.Installation can be challenging.Colors can fade in the sunlight.
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The Best Tree House Accessories

Tree house for kids in the garden.

Buying Guide for Tree House Accessories

Beautiful creative handmade tree house for kids in backyard of a house
Ron Zmiri/Shutterstock.com

Why buy tree house accessories?

Tree house accessories help your kid make their fun hideout their own so that it’s a comfortable and fun place for them to be. Maybe begin with just a few accessories like a rope ladder and some colorful lights, then add more later. Items like zip lines, rope swings, and climbing grips are great for increasing physical activity. Plus, when your kid’s friends come over, they won’t get bored.

What should you look for in tree house accessories?

  • Age Range: You may come across tree house accessory products like ladders or swings that don’t offer a target age range. We recommend you look for those products that do; however, in some cases, you may decide to use your own discretion. Other products offer a max weight capacity and suggest that it’s best for toddlers and kids. Think about your child’s size, hand-eye coordination, and overall physical ability.
  • Practicality: It’s pretty straightforward. If you don’t have two trees to work with, then don’t bother with a zip line. If your lawn is as large in circumference as the tree itself, then you won’t have room for a climbing wall. It’s tempting to be allured by all the cool tree house products available. Rather than disappoint your kids and yourself, you may want to take note of your lawn’s size and the size and health of your trees before you make a purchase.

What else should you consider before buying tree house accessories?

What does your child or children consider fun? How do they like to play? If they prefer reading books and drawing, why not create a tree house and decorate it as a cozy reading space. There are colorful tree house lights to consider, as well as cushions, small chairs, and hammocks. However, if you have an active kid that is eager to play hard, check out rope ladders, rope bridges, climbing walls, and more.

Our Picks for the Best Tree House Accessories

Best Climbing Swing Rope

Jungle Gym Kingdom Disc Tree Swing and Climbing Rope

A colorful rope swing for extra tree house fun.

Pros: This colorful rope swing with a disc seat looks so enticing once it’s swinging in the breeze that you’re going to want to join in. It’s super easy to install that your kids can help. Simply secure the durable 4-foot polyester tree strap around a sturdy branch, and clip on the metal carabiner on the top end of the climbing rope. Adjust the rope under the seat as needed. That’s it. They’ll have four 4-inch textured handholds, or climbing platforms, to grasp for security.

Cons: The disc can collect rainwater, which can make your kids’ legs wet when they get on it to swing after it has rained.

Bottom Line: This rope swing will make a fun addition to your tree house tree for your kids. They can swing and climb safely with the handholds along the rope.


Best Lighting

Fomlight Kids Hanging Lights for Tree House

An easy way to recreate the flashlight illuminated kids' fort inside the tree house.

Pros: This four-piece light set includes blue, yellow, green, and pink LED rechargeable light bulbs. They hang from a 44-inch nylon cord, which is a good length to create a playful atmosphere. What’s especially fun about these lights is how they’re activated. You simply grasp the bulb lightly and pull gently to turn the light on. And the surface doesn’t get hot!

Cons: You may be disappointed with the quality of the tree house lights.

Bottom Line: These colorful hanging lights elevate the fun atmosphere of a tree house any time of day. And they’re much easier to install and maintain, thanks to the battery-powered design.


Best Ladder

SportsTrail Tree House Rope Ladder Accessory

Add this rope ladder to your tree house setup for a good physical challenge.

Pros: If you have children bursting with non-stop energy, this rope ladder may be an effective and valuable part of the solution. Climbing up and down the ladder, especially if you link to a SportsTrail obstacle course line, works your kid’s coordination and balance and builds strength and confidence. The 7.5-foot tall rope ladder has five wooden bars, each attached to the rope with secure knots on either end. The installment pieces include two square buckles and two delta clips along with the rope ladder.

Cons: The rungs might be a little slippery for some.

Bottom Line This rope ladder is a great combination of fun and challenging. It’s perfect for climbing up and down from the tree house.


Best Zip Line

CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit

This zip line tree house accessory will make playtime an exciting aerial ride.

Pros: What a relief to know this 95-foot zip line is made of impressively high-quality parts, design, and safety features. The product even meets the international quality standards (RoHS & CE) and has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, so adults can join in on the fun! Everything’s made of stainless steel or rubber for a durable and reliable ride. The handle has a nonslip rubber grip.

Cons: Several users noted that they had difficulty installing the zip line and that the instructions could be clearer.

Bottom Line: All you need are a couple of well-spaced trees, and you can add this exciting zip line to your backyard tree house setup. It’s a dream for adventurous kids.


Best Climbing Set

Squirrel Products Kids Rock Climbing Holds

A rock-climbing kit with colorful and fun-shaped holds.

Pros: When some kids get outside, they instantly become balls of intense energy, eager to use their energy to explore and test their muscles. With this tree house accessory set of 10 rock climbing holds that come in multiple colors and shapes, you can create a physical puzzle for them to test their strength and problem-solving skills. The holds include safety plugs for added protection. The set comes with the hardware needed to set up the rock wall for an easy DIY installation.

Cons: If you’re concerned that the color will fade over time, you may want to place the climbing wall out of direct sunlight.

Bottom Line: These handholds will make climbing up to the tree house even more fun. You can adjust the wall pattern to change things up, too.

Final Thoughts

Tree house building and accessorizing is a project the whole family can get into, and the result is a fantastic space for kids to be kids. These accessories can make your kids’ time outside even more enjoyable.

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