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Make Music at Home with These Trombones

boy playing a brass trombone

Trombones are part of the brass family of musical instruments. Known for having a unique telescoping slide mechanism that changes the instrument’s pitch, the trombone differs from other brass instruments, which use valves to adjust notes. Ideal for orchestras and pop songs alike, trombones offer a special voice-like quality to any music. We recommend checking out these options for trombones, no matter your experience level.

Choosing a Trombone

While there are many trombones to choose from, consider these factors when making your choice.

  • Style: Are you looking for a tenor, bass, or alto trombone? There are several different types, and they all vary in size, come with different attachment valves, and make different sounds. Be sure to check what the right trombone style is for your needs.
  • Components: Do you need bells, bores, or F-attachments? Different sizes and thicknesses of these items will determine the sound your trombone makes, so review these options before making a selection.
  • Finishes: Lacquer, plated, or plastic trombones have different aesthetic appeals and affect the instrument’s weight. Consider what look you want when buying a trombone.

Best Overall: Eastar Trombone

The Eastar Trombone ETB-330 has a bright, stable, and penetrating B-flat tenor sound with an accurate tone, making it a perfect trombone for kids, students, and beginners. Created with a thickened gold lacquering process, it is built to have long-lasting, wear-resistant color. Its inner tube has two layers of coating, and its outermost layer is plated with metal chromium for extra durability. This trombone set also includes shoulder pads, white gloves, wipes, oil, telescopic oil, a cleaning rod, a short brush, a long-haired brush, a shoulder pad, a 7C mouth, and a hard box for easy cleaning and carrying.

Best Set: Mendini by Cecilio Trombone

Mendini’s gold lacquer B-flat tenor slide trombone has excellent slide action, which allows for smooth note changes in all registers. In addition, it has a small .500-inch medium bore and an 8-inch bell for ease of playing. This trombone set includes a silver-plated mouthpiece, a nylon-covered hard-shell case with backpack straps for your convenience, a pair of gloves, a chromatic tuner, and a cleaning cloth. It’s also available in seven different color/component options to accommodate any player’s preferences. 

Best Set

Mendini by Cecilio Trombone Kit - Bb Tenor Brass Instruments for Kids, Beginners w/Case & Gloves

This B-flat tenor trombone comes in a variety of options and includes everything you need to care for your trombone.

Best Plastic: PINSTRUMENTS Trombone

Made of plastic, this trombone is lightweight (only 1.8 pounds) and affordable. Designed with a standard .500-inch bore, this B-flat trombone creates an authentic rich lower sound like its brass equivalent. It also boasts a fiberglass slide with brass slide stockings on the inner hand slide to keep the slide moving easily, an ergonomic grip for comfort, a plastic mouthpiece, and a carrying bag. In addition, it features an antimicrobial, eco-friendly, virtually indestructible design. Moreover, its sustainably made, recyclable, and comes in nine colors for functional yet fun trombone playing. 

Best Design: EASTROCK Trombone

This B-flat tenor trombone is made of high-quality brass, which gives it a penetrating sound and beautiful tone. It’s specifically designed with a pipe and bell mouth that give it stable vibration. The trombone features professional paint technology to create a unique, red look that will stand out in any performance. Plus, it comes with a hard case, white gloves, and a cleaning cloth. 

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