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The Best Truck Toolboxes

🕚 Updated October 2021

If you own a lot of tools, then you likely understand how crucial it is to keep them organized. If you often tote your tools around in your truck, a truck toolbox is a great investment.

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  Best Overall Most Storage Most Compact Best Premium Option Most Affordable
  Buyers Products
Black Steel Underbody Truck Box
Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick Up Truck Tool Box
SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box
69-Inch Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box
30-Inch Updated Aluminum Truck Tool Box
Our SummaryA steel truck toolbox that offers amazing security for your belongings.An aluminum truck toolbox with ample storage space and a sturdy build.A simple storage solution for your tools or gear. It's compatible with most trucks, thanks to a special latching system.A unique toolbox made of stainless steel with unique features.This toolbox will secure your possessions against theft.
ProsDurable and sturdy, keeps items secure, seals out moisture and heat.Multiple security features, designed for saving space, maximum durability.Compatible with most trucks, optimal accessibility, secure storage functions.Thick aluminum lid, multiple storage options, easy to install, low profile.Two-handle design for better portability, ideal for home storage, great workmanship.
ConsOnly comes in one size and color.Smaller storage capacity.Minimal storage capacity compared to other toolboxes.More storage and features than what some people will need.Lacks ideal storage space.
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The Best Truck Toolboxes

A silver rectangular toolbox in the back of a truck bed.

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, contractor, or repair person, you likely know how important it is to take proper care of your tools. You also might have to travel with them for work, so you’ll need a way to keep them secure and organized. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of a truck toolbox, so here are some we recommend.

Buying Guide for Truck Toolboxes

A toolbox that fits over the wheel well in the back of a truck.

Why buy a truck toolbox?

Do you often misplace your tools? Does it take you minutes of digging to find the tool you need to do your job? Do you often have to lug your tools around to various places? If you’re tired of these inconveniences, having a truck toolbox can make a huge difference. Truck toolboxes are typically larger, more secure, and more heavy-duty than basic toolboxes. Even if you aren’t a contractor or repair person, a truck toolbox can securely store tools that you might need while driving around, like emergency gear or a car jack.

What should you look for in a truck toolbox?

  • Capacity: Think about the number of tools that you own. Will you require a toolbox that provides extra storage? You can also save space inside the bed of your truck and provide you with additional storage options.
  • Security and Protection: Your toolbox will contain a lot of important items, and you’ll want to keep them secure. There are several different security features available and aimed at providing you with optimal protection against theft.
  • Durable Construction: Severe weather and other natural factors are a cause for concern, but having a durable truck toolbox will prove to be a difference-maker. With a practically impenetrable structure, you can expect your tools to remain in proper working condition.

Are there multiple size options for better compatibility?

Most truck toolboxes come in a wide range of sizes with unique design features that better accommodate your storage needs. This way, you can organize your tools and other belongings according to your own preferences and the space you have available. Whatever the length and width of the bed in the back of your truck, you should be able to find a toolbox that fits inside it well.

Our Picks for the Best Truck Toolboxes

Best Overall

Buyers Products Black Steel Truck Box

A steel truck toolbox that offers amazing security for your belongings.

Pros: This durable and anti-corrosive toolbox offers optimal protection against extreme weather conditions and keeps your belongings secure. It’s built to last with a premium black powder coating that looks great. It also comes equipped with a special gasket to seal out the weather. It has a drop-down door and a flush lock handle to save space.

Cons: This particular toolbox only comes in one color and one size, whereas some of the other models offer multiple size and color options. Also, in terms of overall capacity, there are larger toolboxes available.

Bottom Line: This truck toolbox can keep your belongings safe and organized at all times. You can mount it on a flat surface to keep it from sliding around. In terms of versatility and overall performance, you likely won’t find a better option.


Most Storage

LucaSng Black Aluminum Truck Toolbox

An aluminum truck toolbox with ample storage space and a sturdy build.

Pros: This extra-large toolbox provides the most amount of storage. With a sturdy design and textured surfaces, you get maximum protection and durability. It also features a built-in lock, which will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your tools are secure. Plus, you can mount it on your truck, RV, or trailer.

Cons: If you don’t plan on utilizing all the storage space that the toolbox offers, then you should consider purchasing a smaller model. The toolbox alone weighs over 22 pounds, so it could be too heavy and bulky for your needs.

Bottom Line: If you require extra storage for your belongings, then this toolbox is a viable option. It’s suitable for use at home or for driving to different work sites. You won’t lose your tools and can show up prepared to get the job done.


Most Compact

UNDERCOVER SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

A simple storage solution for your tools or gear. This compact toolbox is compatible with most trucks, thanks to a special latching system.

Pros: This toolbox offers optimal compatibility, as it’s suitable to install in most truck beds and provides plenty of clearance. It has incredible accessibility because it swings out nearly 180 degrees towards the outer end of your truck. It also has multiple security features to ensure that your tools are safe while you drive around.

Cons: This toolbox is smaller in size with minimal storage capacity compared to other truck toolboxes. Also, you’ll need to install it on your own, which requires some effort and assembly.

Bottom Line: Compact toolboxes are incredibly useful for those who want better efficiency when organizing the space in their truck. Featuring an innovative latch system, this toolbox provides you with incredible convenience when you’re out getting work done or helping friends with construction projects. Take this opportunity to make your life easier by optimizing the way you organize your belongings.


Best Premium Option

UWS 69-Inch Truck Toolbox

A unique toolbox made of stainless steel with unique features.

Pros: With a durable and sturdy design, the lid of the toolbox contains solid foam, preventing it from bending or binding. The dense aluminum construction also helps reinforce the toolbox to keep your belongings safe. Furthermore, the toolbox contains a tool tray ideal for organizing smaller items so that they don’t get lost among the rest of the contents.

Cons: Although the toolbox comes with pre-drilled holes, you’ll need to mount and install it on your own. It’s also pretty expensive.

Bottom Line: This toolbox allows you to store and transport many different types of cargo, including fishing supplies and camping equipment. It provides you with quick and easy access to your belongings, and it keeps a low profile on your truck to remain out of view while you’re driving.


Most Affordable

TUFFIOM Aluminum Truck Toolbox

This toolbox will secure your possessions against theft.

Pros: This is the perfect toolbox in terms of portability because it only weighs a little more than 10 pounds, yet you can store an array of tools and other belongings. It features a durable aluminum surface that’s also incredibly stylish and shiny, giving your truck a more business-friendly appearance. The workmanship of the toolbox is pretty impeccable, as it won’t easily succumb to damage or deterioration.

Cons: If you own a lot of tools, this likely won’t fit all of them. Look for a larger model if you have a larger tool collection.

Bottom Line: Although the toolbox is smaller in size, it still offers the security and storage features you would normally require. It will last you years, and you can store many different items inside of it. Your belongings will remain safe inside, and you can even use this toolbox for home storage purposes.


Also Consider

Cab Bag Covert Storage for Trucks

A durable bag for storing tools and personal items inside your truck.

Pros: Made of durable nylon material and featuring multiple storage compartments, this tactical-style bag is a viable alternative to traditional toolboxes. It fits great in the back seat of your truck, and it comes equipped with adjustable dividers to organize your belongings. It has a low profile, and it allows you to free up plenty of space in your home or truck.

Cons: This bag is more suitable for storing gear for your hobbies versus tools needed to perform a job. It’s made of fabric rather than more durable metal or hard plastic.

Bottom Line: This toolbox is ideal for storing and organizing some of your basic tools and equipment, including jumper cables, hunting gear, fishing supplies, and more. You can take it with you almost anywhere, and it makes it much easier to organize and keep track of your tools.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get sloppy when it comes to organizing your tools and other belongings. Take this opportunity to invest in a truck toolbox so that you can keep track of your tools. With interior compartments and other unique storage features, having a toolbox for your truck can prove to be a game-changer.

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