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The Best Trucks for Your Skateboard

assorted skateboard trucks in multiple colors and patterns

There’s not a single component to a skateboard that doesn’t go unvalued or underused. Tethering all of them together, however, are the trucks. Most of the trucks you will find are only asked to be chunks of metal that connect your wheels to the deck. Durability is undoubtedly a key perk, but it shouldn’t be the only one. If you’re in the market for a pair of skateboard trucks that does more than just link wheels to your deck, here are a few options that we recommend.

Purchasing a Pair of Trucks

Consider these factors when buying your next pair:

  • Turning: A dependable pair of trucks does more than keep your board from falling apart, as it is pivotal in assisting in your turning radius. Seek out a pair of trucks that plays it tight on the turning and offers great rebounding.
  • Bundling Perks: If you’re more interested in the best bang for your buck, invest in a value pack. Bundling offers you more than a pair of trucks because if you’re looking into the right deal, you’ll not only get a great set of trucks, but a great pair of bearings, riser pads, and skateboard tools, too.
  • Clearance: No, we’re not referring to a good sale. Clearance is the necessary amount of space between your trucks and deck. This is crucial to the overall experience of your ride, so it’s imperative you find a pair that is appropriately sized for the dimensions of your board.

Best Set: VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

two black skateboard trucks and various matching accessories

Featuring five different skating components for your deck, this VJ 5.0 set not only includes a pair of trucks but also the wheels, wheel bearings, riser pads, and spacers. Bundles should always be a top pick, especially when each item in that bundle would be worth the purchase on its own. Here, you’re getting a pair of mid-sized 7.6-inch axle aluminum skateboard trucks that are compatible with most street and park boards. The ABEC-7 bearings offer dependable speed without jacking up the overall price of the bundle. The included wheels are also a significant plus, coming in sizes of 52, 53, and 54 mm. They are 99a durometer, which means that while hardened, they are still light and easy to get off the ground when tricking.

Best Set

Best Single Pair: Core Skateboard Trucks

two yellow and white and black skateboard trucks

With more than 20 years of truck craftsmanship, this pair from Core Trucks is a solid, moderately-priced option that stands above the rest. It features lightweight aluminum alloy hangers, offering plenty of clearance to pull off any grind. Riders can also expect smooth turning capabilities thanks to the trucks’ super high rebound ability of the bushings and pivot cups design, offering a smooth, responsive, and consistent ride.

Best Single Pair

Core Skateboard Trucks 5.0 (7.75") Dipped Yellow/White Base, Premium Bushings

This pair of trucks offers riders a highly responsive ride with its super high rebound abilities.

Best Longboard Trucks: Caliber Truck Co. Longboard Trucks

black skateboard truck

No list offering the “best” skateboard trucks can be complete without considering the entire playing field, so if you fancy longboards over street boards, here’s an option for you. The closest way you can get to a surfboard on wheels, this pair of Caliber trucks offers the kind of easy and “exaggerated” turning that long cruisers are after. Its easy maneuverability through tight spaces is carried out by its inner step on the bushing and its kingpin and chamfer setup, which offer the trucks a tighter turn radius and improve its rebounding power.

Best Longboard Trucks

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks (Black)

With its smooth and swift turning abilities, this pair of trucks is ideal for long cruisers.

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