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The Best Trumpet Cases

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🕚 Updated July 2022

Having the best equipment for the craft can make a musician's life easier. While they obviously need a well-maintained instrument, having a suitable carrying case is important too. Here are some of the best trumpet cases available.

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  Best Hard Shell Case Best Soft Shoulder Case Best Multi Compartment Case Best Backpack Design Most Sophisticated Design
  Gator Cases
Lightweight Molded Trumpet Case
Trumpet Gig Bag Case
M404 Trumpet Multiple Mute Bag
Rain-Proof Trumpet Case
Professional Trumpet Gig Bag
Our SummaryThis case protects your trumpet with its hard shell exterior and locking latch.Get maximum comfort and style with this gig bag trumpet case.A highly-functional case for trumpeters who use a variety of mutes.Caught in a downpour? No worries! This backpack trumpet case is waterproof.This gig bag helps you look and feel good when traveling with your trumpet.
ProsDurable shell, rubber feet, soft foam lining, interior storage area, lightweight yet sturdy, rings to attach an optional shoulder strap.Lightweight case at 1.1 pounds, fashionable, adjustable shoulder strap, soft padding for protection, outside pocket for accessories and personal items, durable Oxford cloth, heavy-duty double zippers.Six padded compartments to organize and store various mutes, water-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon exterior, cushioned carry handle, padded shoulder strap, optional backpack straps, large front pocket for accessories, side pocket for water bottle.Made of durable, water-resistant Oxford cloth, soft cotton and foam for protection during travel, 3 ways to carry, roomy exterior pocket and grooved interior compartment for storage.Stylish gig bag, water-resistant Oxford cloth, soft interior foam cushioning, lightweight and compact, adjustable padded shoulder strap, soft leather handle and roomy external accessory pocket.
ConsSmall storage area.May not be durable enough for children.May be bulky to some users.Has room for just the basics.Doesn't offer as much protection against rough handling.
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The Best Trumpet Cases

A silver trumpet in a black case lined with velvet.
Andrea Church/Shutterstock.com

How has your trumpet case been treating you lately? While most musicians get a standard case with their instrument purchase, it might not have all the features needed to suit their needs. Also, if you bought your trumpet used, it may not have come with a case. Let’s explore some trumpet cases we recommend.

Buying Guide for Trumpet Cases

Gold trumpet in a black case on the floor.

Why buy a trumpet case?

It’s essential to provide your trumpet the care it needs for it to offer you optimum performance. You may have paid hundreds to thousands of dollars for your trumpet, and a high-quality trumpet case can provide protection for your investment. Some trumpet cases offer special protection from water damage, while others feature lightweight designs to make handling and transporting easier.

What should you look for in trumpet cases?

  • Type: Hard cases provide extra protection for your horn and the accessories kept within the case. Most hard trumpet cases are constructed of plastic, although some may be made of wood. Soft trumpet cases are often made of leather, nylon, or a blend of various fabrics. Soft cases are often lightweight and more affordable than their hard counterparts. Gig bags are a type of soft case purchased primarily for the style and portability that performing trumpeters may desire.
  • Weight: The weight of the case itself is something you should consider since you’ll be adding the weight of your trumpet and accessories. A professional musician may have to travel with their instrument without knowing how much they may need to carry it around in an airport, while a student trumpet player may have to carry it back and forth to school on a daily basis. Keeping these things in mind, check the product specifications for the weight of the case you’re considering to ensure a good fit for your circumstances.
  • Carrying Capacity: The trumpet case you purchase needs ample room for the accessories you’ll need to carry with you and possibly space for personal items such as your keys and phone. 

What types of accessories might you need to carry in a trumpet case?

Whether the musician is a student or a professional trumpeter, there should be space in the trumpet case for at least one mouthpiece, a cleaning cloth, and valve oil. A compartment for sheet music would be a plus. Depending on the player’s needs, you may also want to look for a case that can hold more than one mouthpiece and one or more mutes.

Our Picks for the Best Trumpet Cases

Best Hard Shell Case

Gator Cases Lightweight Molded Trumpet Case

This case protects your trumpet with its hard shell exterior and locking latch.

Pros: When purchasing a product, we often turn to tried-and-true brands to get the best results. And many musicians view Gator as one of those brands, as they have a good reputation for manufacturing quality musical gear. Their trumpet case has a durable black nylon shell, rubber feet on the exterior, and a soft foam lining inside. There is also an interior storage area, ideal for fitting your mouthpiece or other small accessories. Although this hard-shelled case is sturdy, it’s still lightweight and comfortable to carry. Traveling trumpeters may especially appreciate the rings on the side where an optional shoulder strap can be attached.

Cons: The interior storage area may be too small to add extra accessories, such as mutes and backup mouthpieces.

Bottom Line: This trumpet case may be just right for a beginner or student player. But a traveling musician may also enjoy it since it’s highly portable due to its low weight and capacity for a shoulder strap. However, if you have many accessories, you may need a separate bag to accommodate them.


Best Soft Shoulder Case

DUENEW Trumpet Gig Bag Case

Get maximum comfort and style with this gig bag trumpet case.

Pros: This 1.1-pound trumpet case is as fashionable as it is portable. Adding to its travel ease, it also has an adjustable shoulder strap and handles, so you can choose the carrying mode that works best for you. And just because the case is lightweight and stylish doesn’t mean it’s not functional. On the contrary, DUENEW’s trumpet case has soft padding to safeguard your instrument from minor bumps and dings it might encounter. The outside pocket is great for storing all your accessories and personal items. Finally, this case features durable 600D Oxford cloth and heavy-duty double zippers to keep the contents well-protected.

Cons: Although this case is padded, it may not be the best choice for a child, who might take a musical instrument and case through a few extra rigors than an adult would. You might want to go with a hard case for a very young musician to keep the instrument safe.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a gig bag that’s easy to take on the go, can carry your required accessories, and looks good while doing its job, this one might be a great choice. You can expect a lightweight case with moderate protection, which should work well for a mature trumpeter.


Best Multi-Compartment

ProTec M404 Trumpet Multiple Mute Bag

A highly functional case for trumpeters who use a variety of mutes.

Pros: A professional trumpet player may need a wide variety of mutes to produce the desired sounds they want to play. But how can they travel with many mutes without being bogged down from juggling all those pieces? Enter the ProTec Multiple Mute Bag! This bag has six padded compartments to organize and store mutes of various uses, shapes, and sizes. The exterior is made of water-resistant ballistic nylon for excellent protection. It also features a cushioned carry handle and a padded shoulder strap for comfort. Storage is also generous, with a large front pocket for your accessories and a flexible net side pocket for a water bottle.

Cons: Having an additional bag to carry may not be the most convenient situation for all trumpet players, and this one may be somewhat bulky for some users.

Bottom Line: This bag is an ideal addition to your musical arsenal if you require various mutes for your trumpet playing. Although it may be something extra you’ll have to handle while traveling, its features, such as the cushioned strap, can help. To keep it even more out of the way, there are optional backpack straps sold separately that can be attached as well.


Best Backpack Design

Sky Rain-Proof Trumpet Case

Caught in a downpour? No worries! This backpack trumpet case is waterproof.

Pros: This case offers your trumpet protection, not only for drops and bumps but also from the elements. The Sky Rain-Proof Trumpet Case is made of durable, water-resistant Oxford cloth. In addition to water protection, this case cushions the instrument with soft cotton and foam to protect it during travel. Choose between three different ways to carry the case: using the handle, the shoulder strap, or as a backpack. Finally, with the exterior pocket and grooved interior compartment, you’ll have options for storing accessories.

Cons: This is another case that may be better for a student or occasional trumpeter who likely doesn’t have to carry many extras such as mutes, as it will likely not have enough room for larger accessories.

Bottom Line: The Sky Rain-Proof Trumpet Case is a great option for those who may want to switch up their mode of carrying their instrument while providing water-resistant protection. As a soft case, it’s lightweight and easy to handle; however, it will likely have room for just the basics.


Most Sophisticated Design

Xinlinke Professional Trumpet Gig Bag

This gig bag helps you look and feel good when traveling with your trumpet.

Pros: Make a fashion statement while transporting your trumpet with this stylish gig bag from Xinlinke. This lightweight, compact case is constructed from water-resistant Oxford cloth and is ideal for providing travel ease for players on the go. Carrying is made convenient with the help of the adjustable cushioned shoulder strap and a soft leather grip handle. Your mouthpiece, valve oil, and perhaps even your smartphone, sheet music, and more can fit in the roomy external accessory pocket.

Cons: Try to avoid very rough handling with this gig bag. Its strong point is mainly providing convenient carrying rather than robust protection.

Bottom Line: If you’d like a lightweight, comfortable gig bag for your trumpet that looks good in your hand or over your shoulder, consider this one. While it has padding, this bag does its best work when helping you get your trumpet where it needs to go conveniently and stylishly.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re picking up a trumpet for the first time or a seasoned ace who’s been playing for decades, you need a reliable trumpet case that will suit your personal needs. Each of our picks highlights various qualities that trumpeters may look for, so you can find the one that’s just right for you.

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