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The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Any Player

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No matter what musical skill level you have, using the wrong mouthpiece can make it difficult for you to produce an intended sound or song. Different mouthpieces can produce various tones and make playing certain styles of music easier. Depending on the material and size of the mouthpiece, some are more suitable in certain situations, making finding the right mouthpiece important for beginners and experts alike. Here are several mouthpieces we recommend.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Trumpet Mouthpiece

  • Tone: The size of your mouthpiece’s rim, cup, throat, and backbore will affect your trumpet’s tone. Larger mouthpieces are often used for lower registers and lend well to jazz music. Smaller mouthpieces are used for higher registers and are great for creating clear tones for formal concerts.
  • Materials: Mouthpieces are usually made from brass and plated with another metal. Silver-plated naturally kills germs but tarnish. Gold-plated requires little maintenance but is expensive. Plastic mouthpieces are common among those who play outside because they are lightweight, durable, and capable of withstanding colder temperatures.

Best for Beginners: Vikii Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C 5C 7C (3 Pack)

Three silver trumpet mouth pieces sit on a cleaning towel next to a purple box.

This set of silver-plated mouthpieces features three popular sizes that are perfect for beginners to begin their musical journey and eventually determine which sound prefer. As the player becomes more experienced, this set of mouthpieces will still be convenient as they will learn, which is ideal for different playing styles. Jazz lovers will appreciate the loud volume of the 7C mouthpiece, while concert players will appreciate that the 3C requires less breath to create their beautiful notes. The package includes a microfiber cleaning cloth to maintain the shining look of the silver. Parents can showcase their support of their children’s musical journey by presenting them with the elegant gift box.

Best for Beginners

Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C 5C 7C (3 Pack) with Box and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Compatible with Yamaha Bach Conn King Replacement Musical Instruments Accessories, Silver Plate

This 3-pack of mouthpieces features different throat diameters to allow the beginner to determine which option suits their skill level and desired tone.

Most Efficient: SELMER Bach K3513C Mega Tone Mouthpiece

A silver trumpet mouthpiece is shown against a white background.

If you are looking to create deeper tones in your music, this mouthpiece’s special combination of a Vincent Bach shape and double the standard mouthpiece mass can help you achieve the ideal sound. This mouthpiece has a large cup and medium wide rim, which is good for creating a full, rich tone. The slightly shallow cup helps with articulation and air compression, which makes playing more efficient no matter the instrumentalist’s skill level. This shape saves you energy, enabling you to play for a longer period of time. The larger throat size also helps to reduce air resistance while offering greater flexibility.

Most Efficient

Bach Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece, 3C (K3513C)

The slightly larger cup and extra mass of this trumpet mouthpiece makes musical notes rich without requiring more effort.

Best for Braces: Kelly Mouthpieces Trumpet Mouthpiece 7C

A line of colorful, plastic trumpet mouthpieces.

These mouthpieces are made from Lexan polycarbonate material, which is softer than its metal-plated counterparts. They produce less fatigue on player’s lips and therefore are easier for people with braces to use. The polycarbonate material also doesn’t conduct heat or cold, so it is ideal for those playing outside. With nine color options to choose from, players can show spirit by matching their school colors or show off their unique personalities.

Best for Braces

Kelly Trumpet Mouthpiece 7C Crystal Clear

These mouthpieces are made from the soft Lexan polycarbonate material, making it easier on player's lips.

Best for Jazz: Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature Jazz

A silver mouthpiece with a large cup.

With the help of this specially designed mouthpiece, you can aspire to create the same notes that made Bobby Shew’s presence in the 1960s and 1970s music so impactful. This mouthpiece has a larger cup for a bigger, warmer sound. The extra thick silver plating increases its durability and longevity to keep you making music for years to come. It also fits all standard brands and models of trumpets, so almost anyone can mimic Shew’s signature sound.

Best for Jazz

Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece Bobby Shew Signature Jazz (YAC SHEWJAZZ)

This mouthpiece was made in collaboration with round trumpet player Bobby Shew, who design it with a larger cup produces a bigger, warmer sound ideal for playing jazz.

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