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The Best Trunk Organizers

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🕚 Updated January 2022

Car trunks organizers are an affordable solution to securing and storing groceries, emergency supplies, tools, and sports equipment in the back of your car. Take control of your trunk with these organizers.

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  Drive Auto
Trunk Storage Organizer
Car Trunk Organizer
Drive Auto Products
Car Trunk Organizer
Car Trunk Organizer-3rd Gen
Cargo Pal
Multipurpose Organizer
Our SummaryA great choice for those looking to keep things from sliding around in the back of their car.This car organizer's adjustable straps keep your items in place while the sturdy handles allow you to move the bag with ease.A trunk storage unit that also helps keep your budget in good order.A spacing-saving storage organizer that won’t take up the entire trunk of your car.This is a quick and convenient solution to your items sliding around the car.
ProsQuickly folds up, includes tie-down straps for extra support, impressively sturdy.Waterproof, comes with a detachable lid, offers a number of pockets.Offers some privacy, can be used in a number of places, works well with other organizers.Comes with eight pockets, offers support from straps, provides plenty of storage space.Can arrange the pieces, made from sturdy material, comes with fastening hooks.
ConsNot water-resistant.Stitching isn't great in some areas.Best when used with other organizers.Smaller than expected.Don't stick to all fabrics.
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The Best Trunk Organizers

A trunk of a car with an organizer inside of it.
Ella Shin/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Trunk Storage Organizers

A trunk organizer inside of a trunk with an ice scraper on it.
Ella Shin/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a trunk storage organizer?

Whether you’re securing a large load of groceries or packing up your family’s luggage for a weekend road trip, a trunk organizer can help you get the most use out of your car’s storage space. Find the right fit for your trunk and your stuff!

What should you consider in a trunk storage organizer?

  • Compartments: Most trunk organizers feature large compartments that are at least a foot wide. If you have a roomy trunk, opt for a three-compartment organizer to take advantage of the entire space. Removable dividers are also helpful for creating designated spaces for specific items or supporting small items. Trunk storage organizers should also feature exterior pockets for items that require quick accessibility. Before purchasing an organizer, ensure that the length, width, and height are appropriate for your car’s trunk space. Organizers that are too small will cause you to lose valuable space, while organizers that are too big might make it more difficult for you to access your items from the top.
  • Features: If you’re looking to utilize a trunk storage organizer for groceries, look for one that has an insulated compartment to keep items cold or hot for longer periods of time. Waterproof material is also ideal for organizers that will be holding food and drink items. Some organizers even have Velcro material on the base or the backing to keep them from sliding around.
  • Attachment System: Organizers with straps or a hook that attaches to your car are ideal for standing storage organizers. Straps with buckles are ideal for hanging truck storage organizers as they can be removed from the seats with ease. Additional Velco pieces are great for supporting either type of attachment system.

How much should you expect to pay for a trunk storage organizer?

These products are very affordable! You shouldn’t have to pay more than $25 for a quality item. While you can still find options for under $10, the most popular items are in the range of $20 to $25.

Our Picks for the Best Trunk Storage Organizers

Top Choice

Drive Auto Trunk Storage Organizer

A great choice for those looking to keep things from sliding around in the back of their car.

Pros: The Drive Auto Trunk Storage Organizer is a solid choice if you’re looking for a convenient trunk storage organizer you can take along for the ride. This option quickly and easily folds up, so it won’t take up much space when you’re not using it. It also comes with a tie-down strap system to keep your things in the right place even when you’re breaking. Plus, there are a number of compartments where you can put your groceries, camping gear, auto supplies, and more.

Cons: The supportive elements of this trunk storage organizer are made from material that will lose some of their rigidity if they get wet.

Bottom Line: This collapsible trunk organizer gets the job done even when you turn or hit the brakes.


Best with Cover

FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer

This car organizer's adjustable straps keep your items in place while the sturdy handles allow you to move the bag with ease.

Pros: No matter how much junk is in your trunk, the FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer can help you find the perfect place for your items. You can throw in your heftiest groceries and sports equipment with the support of the reinforced base plates. The base is also waterproof and features non-slip additions to keep your items in place on rough roads. This organizer is 22.5 inches long at full extension but can be folded down to just 3 inches. Two large side pockets and four mesh pockets allow you to access important items quickly, while the detachable lid keeps stored items secure.

Cons: There are certain parts of this organizer where the stitching isn’t as strong.

Bottom Line: The size of this trunk storage organizer is incredible! There’s lots of room for groceries or other items, and you can secure it inside with a cover.


Best for Budget

Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer

A trunk storage unit that also helps keep your budget in good order.

Pros: The Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer stops your groceries, luggage, and more from rolling around when you’re driving around. The mesh netting not only keeps your things in place but also offers you a bit of privacy. Plus, you can use it with more than just your car: take it along for the ride when you’re on a golf cart, RV, or ATV, too. It also fits pretty snugly over other trunk storage organizers for an extra layer of security.

Cons: This option works best when you already have a storage unit that you’re looking to cover. While it can work on its own, it’s definitely designed to be an accessory for further support. There are also some complaints about how stretchy it is: users wished it was easier to wrap around certain products.

Bottom Line: While it’s best to use this trunk storage organizer on top of another organizer, it can still get the job done securing your items. Plus, for this price, it’s hard to find something to complain about. Most people found it super useful.


Best Back-of-Seat Option

SURDOCA Car Trunk Organizer-3rd Gen

A spacing-saving storage organizer that won't take up the entire trunk of your car.

Pros: Take advantage of the vertical space in your trunk with this organizer that prioritizes pocket space. With eight pockets that range from 4.9 inches wide to 9.45 inches wide, you can safely tuck away emergency supplies, kid’s toys, or tools. The three seat straps use a z-shaped stitch for a stronger hold, while four supportive sticks and Velcro backing ensure that the structure doesn’t swing while your car is in motion. As you organize your items, select from enclosed, open, and mesh pockets to create the ideal setup.

Cons: While it may keep your things in place, you won’t find that there’s a ton of space to put your things in.

Bottom Line: This unit is the right size if you don’t want your trunk storage organizer taking up your entire trunk. As a bonus, the material of this organizer is waterproof and machine washable.


Best Barriers

Cargo Pal Multipurpose Organizer

This is a quick and convenient solution to your items sliding around the car.

Pros: The Cargo Pal Multipurpose Organizer comes with two pieces that you can use to keep your stuff from sliding around. Use hooks to fasten the barriers to your car so that whatever you have in the trunk stays put. Thanks to the material it’s made from, you should feel confident about this item lasting for a while. Plus, you have the freedom to arrange these blocks however you want to make sure they’re helping you in the best ways.

Cons: The main problem with this option is that the hooks don’t always stick to your car’s fabric.

Bottom Line: These trunk storage organizers stick to the fabric in your trunk and do an excellent job at keeping things in place.

Final Thoughts

Stop getting annoyed by things rolling around in your trunk! Get a trunk organizer to keep it all in place and make it much more convenient to pack for a trip or make a grocery run.

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