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The Best Twin Mattresses

🕚 Updated October 2021

From bunk beds and pullout trundles to children's bedrooms, dorm rooms, and life on the go, the twin mattress works brilliantly in many settings.

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Foam and Spring Mattress
Spring Mattress
Twin Mattress
Hybrid Twin Mattress
Floor Mattress
Our SummaryA twin mattress that understands the firm and soft crowd, this bed features multi-foam layers and interspersed springs for a reactive night's rest.A simple mattress, in terms of both price and usage, this twin bed features reinforced comfort and safety standards.This twin mattress is a premium choice that favors enduring softness with its multi-layered memory foam structure.Offering both gentle and firm support, this twin understands how to accommodate most kinds of sleepers.Highly dependable in more ways than one, this twin is great for those who like to travel.
ProsBoth firm and soft properties, knit cover promotes breathability, available in four thicknesses.Easily priced, felt pad core provides insulation, tempered coils provide solid foundation.10-inch rise, all-foam structure offers softest feel on market and contours to body's curves.Dual acting comfort between springs and foam layers, available in three thicknesses, provides medium feel.Roll-up design allows for efficient portability, built to withstand constant smashing and water, washable cover.
ConsFoam top layers can eventually flatten and place you up against the springs, bed-in-box shipping means 72-hour wait before use.Bed-in-box shipping, firm build is not kind on sensitive backs, some users still feel coils despite top layer.All-foam design not as plump as expected, lack of springs causes sinking over time, large price tag.Bed-in-box design takes a few hours to expand completely, lack of layer designated for airflow makes for warmer nights.Thin to the point of feeling more floor than mattress, users reported trouble with hard-to-use carrying bag.
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The Best Twin Mattresses

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It’s a bed that understands simple living, and for users who would rather not fuss with high prices and attempting to stuff oversized beds through narrow doorways, a twin mattress is for you. If you’re looking for a new twin mattress, here are some options we recommend.

Buying Guide for Twin Mattresses

A young woman lying in a twin bed and smiling.

Why should you buy a twin bed?

As previously noted, a twin mattress is a great buy for a number of reasons. Most are very moderately priced, and they know how to set aside enough space for a peaceful night’s rest without taking up the entire room. They’re the mattress size that most of us have years of experience with while growing up or while living in a dorm.

What should you look for in a twin bed?

Here are a few factors to consider when looking for a mattress:

  • Mattress Style: Before you jump straight into your next purchase, it’s important to know that there are actually two styles of twin beds on the market. There’s your standard twin, which measures 75 inches in length and 38 inches in width. Then there’s the twin XL, which maintains the 38-inch width but tacks another 5 inches onto the length, amounting to 80 inches in length overall. That extra 5 inches may not seem like much, but it matters a lot if you’re taller or if you don’t want a space-intrusive mattress.
  • Mattress Conveniences: As far as conveniences go, you want to find a mattress that caters to your body, because why sleep on a bed that’s no better than the couch? Seek out a twin mattress that matches your ideal level of comfort with a certain firmness or softness level and how those two are achieved (i.e., mattress height, padding, structural design).
  • Mattress Durability: The key to selecting your perfect twin mattress also resides in its overall strength. No one likes an investment that sours in just a few months, so consider the factors that reinforce its durability. Look to perks like sturdy foundational support, protective covers, or water/tear-resistant qualities that ensure your mattress will keep its shape intact for as long as possible.

How effective are mattresses that are shipped in a box?

In all likelihood, every mattress you come across will arrive at your front door in a tightly compressed box, and there are several understandable concerns you may have about that shipping process. Typically, most mattresses that are shipped in a box feature memory foam padding, which is kind on the back but might be less breathable. And when they arrive, their coiled body will take hours or even days before returning to its normal form. Still, this is a much more convenient form of delivery and handling on your part, and many people are happy with their shipped mattresses.

Our Picks for the Most Luxurious Twin Mattresses

Best Overall

Zinus Foam and Spring Mattress

This mattress features multi-foam layers and interspersed springs for a reactive night's rest.

Pros: This twin mattress features an even balance of firm and supple properties, as its supportive foam layers cradle you while its buoyant coil systems keep you in place and feeling cozy. Resting above both of these elements is the bed’s jacquard knit cover, which furthers your comfort while keeping the mattress breathable throughout the night. This twin mattress is also available in four heights, ranging from thin and firm to tall and plump.

Cons: While this bed’s reactive coils will hold up well over time, the same can assuredly be said about the foam layers that rest on top of them. As the cotton and foam finally give way and flatten under your body, you’re likely to feel more and more of the sturdy springs, amounting to a less than easy sleep. The mattress also comes to you rolled up in a compressed container and then takes 72 hours to unravel properly. If you hope to break in your mattress right away, the three-day wait may frustrate you.

Bottom Line: All-in-all, this Zinus Foam and Spring Mattress brings you and yours the proper kind of comfort in its multi-layered and spring-supported foundation, so long as you are comfortable waiting out its unraveling phase.


Best Budget

Linenspa Spring Mattress

A simple mattress in terms of both price and usage, this twin mattress features reinforced comfort and safety standards.

Pros: By far the least costly choice you could invest in, this twin mattress boasts a wallet-friendly price tag and sleep support that is still more than accommodating. It features a 6-inch rise off your floor, bed frame, or box spring, and it’s 75 inches in length. Three key elements define this twin: a cushioned foam top for comfort, a felt pad core for insulation, and tempered steel coils for foundational support. This mattress is also fire resistant, so you can sleep soundly knowing it meets your preferred level of safety.

Cons: It arrives at your door compressed and rolled into a box, and unrolling the mattress typically takes a few days to complete. And once it returns to its original shape, you may not enjoy its “firm” build, especially if you’re the type who enjoys a soft and fluffy feel for your backside. Some users have reported that, despite its top layers, they can still feel the coils.

Bottom Line: This Linenspa Spring Mattress provides the kind of optimal comfort and affordability that’s ideal for a children’s bunk bed or the pullout trundle of your guest room.


Best Memory Foam

Avenco Twin Mattress

This twin mattress is a premium choice that favors enduring softness with its multi-layered memory foam structure.

Pros: With its 10-inch rise and multi-layer foam padding, this twin mattress is the right choice for those who want to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud. It boasts an all-foam structure, from the plush cover lining the surface to the dual-layer high-density foam that provides a soft yet strong base. People flock to memory foam beds because they immediately contour to your body’s curves, and this mattress is no exception.

Cons: Despite this bed’s rise off the ground, it isn’t as plump as some taller options. This is largely due to the softness of the memory foam design, which can be subjected to its own set of issues later down the line. For instance, its lack of steel springs is intended to prevent the discomfort felt after multiple years of use. But once the top layers of support on a memory foam mattress give out, you’ll just end up sinking into the bed because there are no springs to keep you in place. Its hefty price tag also makes it one of the more expensive twins around.

Bottom Line: A solid buy for those who appreciate their softness spelled out in all-caps, this Avenco Twin Mattress comes with a price, but it won’t take long for you to recognize where your money went after a few nights of luxurious rest.


Most Comfortable

Linenspa Hybrid Twin Mattress

Offering both gentle and firm support, this twin understands how to accommodate almost every kind of sleeper.

Pros: A blend of classic comfort and new school extravagance, this twin mattress is designed to offer you the ideal middle-ground in mattress firmness. This 8-, 10-, or 12-inch bed features traditional spring support to maintain the appropriate level of tension over time, while a thick layer of memory foam brings you naturally conforming comfort. The dual performance here provides a mattress that understands how to care for the backs of multiple sleepers.

Cons: While taking not nearly as long as most mattresses take, you’ll still have to wait a few hours to let the expansion period take place before enjoying your new twin. And though the memory foam here is laid on thick, you’re likely to experience a far more rigid and tense experience as it flattens and brings you closer to the reinforced springs. Some users have also reported that this twin lacks a layer designed for proper airflow, conducting more overnight heat in the process.

Bottom Line: Available in three plump thicknesses, this Linenspa Hybrid Twin Mattress combines traditional comfort with new-aged luxury to craft a bed that’s attuned to various sleep styles and budget-friendly buyers.


Most Portable

Hazli Floor Mattress

Highly dependable in more ways than one, this twin mattress is great for those who like to travel.

Pros: Compact, portable, and well priced for the camping crowd or those who prefer simpler means, this twin mattress is built to withstand a variety of physically debilitating circumstances. This is a roll-up mattress, which means it can be molded in and out of shape for easy transportation in between restful evenings. When unrolled, you’ll be sleeping on a mat that consists of a memory foam surface and a half-inch high-density foam base. This is all encased in a plush waterproof cover that you can remove and clean as you need.

Cons: This is by far the thinnest twin mattress you’re likely to find, and its ultra-slim design doesn’t bring about the most consistent level of comfort. This option, while enjoyable in spurts, may not be ideal for users who want to avoid overly firm sleeping conditions. It may be easier to carry the mattress and bag rather than attempt to stuff the rolled-up mattress into the tight bag.

Bottom Line: Tired of pulling the air mattress off the shelf whenever you’re headed out of town? This twin keeps you from having to break out the pump ever again, as its portable design and amply cushioned body make it an easy choice to take on the road for a few nights.

Final Thoughts

Twin mattresses have a lot going for them. They’re large enough to accommodate single sleepers with ease and offer more than enough space for multiple child sleepers. And just because you invest in a twin doesn’t mean it will lack comfort. Some bring you the epitome of luxury, while others know how to care for you at a standard level, saving you plenty of cash along the way.

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