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The Best Twin-Over-Full Bunk Beds

Dorel/Harper & Bright Designs/Harper & Bright Designs
🕚 Updated September 2021

There's nothing quite like a bunk bed as a kid, whether in your bedroom at home, at summer camp, or on vacation. Check out these quality twin-over-full bunk beds to add to your child's room.

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  Best Wooden Model Best Metal Model Best with Slide Best Storage Capacity Best with Stairs
  Dorel Living
Twin Over Full Solid Wood Bunk Bed
Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame
Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Slide
Harper & Bright Designs
Bunk Bed With Drawers
Harper & Bright Designs
Bunk Bed with Trundle
Our SummaryAn attractive and colorful wooden bunk bed that can be converted into two regular beds if desired.A metal bunk bed with two space-saving ladders that's strong enough to sleep several people if need be.A solid wood bunk bed that doubles as a play area and storage unit all in one piece of furniture.A wooden bunk bed with two built-in drawers at the bottom for convenient extra storage space.A conveniently designed bunk bed with solid stairs for added safety plus a pull-out trundle for overnight guests.
ProsMultiple color choices, convertible, guard rails on top bunk.Sturdy, high weight capacity, integrated double ladders, several color choices.Useful features, multiple color options, interchangeable ladder handrails, high weight capacity.Built-in drawers, good safety features, convertible.Extra bed for sleepovers, full staircase, built-in shelving.
ConsCoil spring mattresses only, limited ladder options.Simple look, no rails on bottom bunk, difficult assembly.Expensive, not 100% hardwood, limited mattress thickness.Not 100% real wood, limited mattress thickness on both bunks, can't move ladder.No under-bed storage space, expensive, trundle mattress not included.
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The Best Twin-Over-Full Bunk Beds

Three different bunk beds with twin beds over full beds.
Dorel/Harper & Bright Designs/Harper & Bright Designs

Throughout one’s childhood, few experiences match the joyous high of cracking jokes with a sibling between the shared distance of a top and lower bunk. You cackle loudly up above while they try and fail to muffle their wheezes into the pillow down below, which quickly prompts a late-night visit from Mom or Dad. When you’re older, potentially with children of your own, you’ll come to notice every terrific feature that a bunk bed set can actually offer. Where you once let dust collect underneath another bed, you’ll open up a great place for your kids to play, store their toys, or keep another piece of furniture. You’ll mostly appreciate these things when you’re not bursting into their room to tell them to curb the midnight laughter, but if you’re looking to share in these cute sibling moments and save some space, here are some twin-over-full bunk beds that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Twin-Over-Full Bunk Beds

A blue metal bunk bed in a child's room with a full-size bed on the bottom and a twin-size bed on top.

Why buy a twin-over-full bunk bed?

Bunk beds are a great option for parents whose kids have to share a bedroom, especially a bedroom that’s on the smaller side. Essentially, it’s two beds in the space of one. Since the beds are stacked on top of each other, it clears up a lot of floor space in the room. This space can then be used as a play area, a spot for furniture, or simply part of an open floor plan.

Specifically, a twin-over-full bunk bed is an ideal option for parents with children who are sharing a room but who are more than a few years apart in age. (Say, a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old kid, for instance.) Since children with a larger age gap might require different bed sizes and weight capacities, a twin-over-full bunk bed provides you with just that—a bigger, full-size bed below for an older child and a smaller, twin-size bed above for a younger, smaller child.

What should you look for in a twin-over-full bunk bed?

  • Material: Bunk beds are almost universally made out of either metal or wood for proper stability. Metal is probably the better choice if you have older kids, as it’s the stronger material and incredibly durable. It will last longer and hold up better under the higher weight of teens and preteens. On the other hand, wood is safer for younger children, as it isn’t as hard and is less likely to have sharp edges. Wooden bunk beds tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than metal ones.
  • Height: If you’re buying a bunk bed for your children, consider the maximum height above the ground that you feel is safe for your kids to sleep on. Most are somewhere between 5.5 and 6 feet high. However, there are plenty of bunk beds that accommodate safety concerns with a lower design. These are an ideal option for younger kids who might be more wobbly on their feet or less aware of their surroundings or a bedroom with a low ceiling.
  • Storage: A bunk bed already saves you space, but it doesn’t hurt to seek a bunk bed with additional storage capacity. There are two main types of storage space you can find in bunk beds. Some have built-in shelving along the ladder that offers interesting ways to shelve books and knickknacks. You can also find models that have drawers underneath the bed, which are useful for storing clothes and blankets or for simply stashing loose toys and other items. If you’re really lucky, you might even be able to find a bunk bed that has both.

What other features can you look for in a twin-over-full bunk bed?

There are some great bonus features in twin-over-full bunk beds that will add to your child’s fun, increase their functionality, or both. While most bunk beds come with a ladder, some have actual full stairs instead. Parents might find stairs to be preferable since they’re more stable, and your child is less likely to fall off of them. There are also some models that have a built-in slide. This turns the bunk bed into a play area as well as a sleeping one. Whoever occupies the top twin bunk will likely love getting out of bed in the morning via a slide—just anticipate some arguing over who gets to sleep up top! And some twin-over-full bunk beds have a pull-out trundle underneath. While this means no under-bed storage, it’s extremely handy for sleepovers or for when family’s in town and staying over at your place.

Our Picks for the Best Twin-Over-Full Bunk Beds

Best Wooden Model

Dorel Living Twin Over Full Solid Wood Bunk Bed

An attractive and colorful wooden bunk bed that can be converted into two regular beds if desired.

Pros: One of the benefits of wooden bed frames is that they often come in a wide variety of colors as opposed to metal beds, and this twin-over-full bunk bed is no exception. There are five different color choices available, making it easier to find one that suits your children’s room and preferences. It also comes with handy guard rails around the entire top bunk (except for the small open slot for the ladder), a safety feature that parents can appreciate. And as a bonus, this bunk bed is convertible. The beds can be separated and used as two individual beds instead of a bunk bed. This might come in handy if you ever move to a larger home and your children don’t need to share a room anymore, if you need an extra bed for the guest room, or in other similar scenarios. And while it’s not the tallest of bunk beds, there’s enough of a gap between the bottom bunk and the floor to stash smaller, shorter items like shoes and certain toys.

Cons: The bed frames of this bunk bed are only meant for coil spring mattresses. If you own other types of mattresses, they might not fit or work properly with this frame. And you might find the ladder options to be more limited than those of other bunk beds. Some models allow you to shift the ladder to either end of the bed, reverse it, and employ other similar options that make it more versatile. But with this bunk bed, there’s only one slot where the ladder will fit, and once it’s installed there, it can’t be moved or shifted.

Bottom Line: As far as bunk beds for youngsters go, every parent has an underlying fear of their child accidentally taking a tumble from the top bunk one day. Thankfully, this bunk bed helps remove some of that fear with the guard rails lining its top bunk, all crafted from the same hardwood, so you can add dependable construction to its already child-friendly design. As long as you own appropriately sized coil spring mattresses and don’t mind a ladder that can only go in one place, you’ll love this aesthetically pleasing wooden twin-over-full bunk bed.


Best Metal Model

DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame

A metal bunk bed with two space-saving ladders that are strong enough to sleep several kids if need be.

Pros: Metal bed frames are known for their sturdiness, and this metal twin-over-full bunk bed is no exception. The body is made out of steel, so you know it will be plenty tough and durable, even if your little ones love to climb and jump about on a daily basis. And with a strong, sturdy bed frame comes a high weight capacity. The top bunk can support up to 200 pounds, and the bottom bunk up to 450 pounds, which is strong enough to support teenagers and adults, much less children and preteens. Unlike a lot of metal bed frames, this one actually offers a variety of color options, five in total. And the integrated double ladders not only take up less floor space, but also, allow whoever sleeps on the top bunk to climb down on whichever side of the bed they prefer.

Cons: As is also common with metal bed frames, the design of this twin-over-full bunk bed is pretty simple and minimalist. It will serve its appointed task admirably, but it’s not the most aesthetic or intricate bunk bed on the market. Despite this bunk bed’s simple appearance, it’s quite tricky to assemble in some ways. There are a lot of pieces to put together, so it can be a confusing and time-consuming task, even with the included instructions. And while the top bunk has fully integrated guardrails, there are none to speak of on the bottom bunk. Whichever child sleeps on the bottom bunk won’t have that additional safety feature.

Bottom Line: If sturdiness and a high weight capacity are the key features that you’re looking for in a bunk bed for your little ones, this metal twin-over-full model will suit your needs well. It’s strong enough to support more than two occupants if need be and is handy for sleepovers, or even for most full-grown adults. And the ladders are attached right on either end, rather than being angled and slanting outward, so they will take up even less floor space than most. But it might not suit your children’s room if it has a more vintage or classic design. And parents who know that they have a fidgety sleeper on the bottom bunk might prefer a model that has guardrails on the bottom as well as the top bunk.


Best with Slide

Bellemave Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Slide

A solid wood bunk bed that doubles as a play area and storage unit, all in one piece of furniture.

Pros: This bunk bed is the perfect combination of fun and functional. While the built-in slide is the most obvious of its features, it has others that are equally handy. There are two small drawers underneath the bottom bunk as well as actual stairs instead of just a ladder. The handrails that run alongside the stairs are interchangeable, so you can rearrange them however best suits you and your children and their safety. As an additional safety perk, this bunk bed can support quite a lot of weight, 250 pounds on the top bunk and 450 pounds on the bottom, more than enough for a child. You can even put a friend or cousin or two in with them during sleepovers or family gatherings. And with six color options, it’s easy to find one that perfectly suits your children’s bedroom.

Cons: Furniture is rarely an inexpensive purchase, especially when it’s multipurpose like this bunk bed. Thus, this product is quite expensive, even by bunk bed standards. Due to its higher price, you might assume that this bunk bed is made entirely out of real wood, but that isn’t the case. It’s made out of a combination of pinewood and MDF. The pine is a pretty strong hardwood, but MDF isn’t quite as durable or sturdy. And there’s a suggested thickness to the mattresses that you place on the bunk bed’s frames: While this isn’t a strict requirement, mattresses that are thinner or thicker than recommended (6 inches for the upper bunk, and 8-10 inches for the lower bunk) won’t fit it as well.

Bottom Line: Kids and parents alike will love this multifunctional twin-over-full bunk bed. The built-in slide means that it’s essentially a built-in playground for kids and a fun way for them to get out of bed every morning, while parents will appreciate the safety rails and extra-sturdy stairs. Unless you’re on a tight budget and thus, can’t spring for such an expensive frame, this twin-over-full bunk bed will be an excellent addition to a child’s bedroom.


Best Storage Capacity

Harper & Bright Designs Bunk Bed With Drawers

A hardwood bunk bed with two built-in drawers at the bottom for convenient extra storage space.

Pros: The most obvious benefit to this bunk bed is, of course, the two built-in drawers below the bottom bunk. While most bed frames, as long as they have some sort of platform, offer some degree of storage space below, drawers like these have a few distinct advantages over empty space. Drawers not only make it easier to keep your items better sorted and organized, but they also provide better protection against dirt, dust, and damage. This makes them particularly useful for stashing fabrics like clothes or blankets. This bunk bed is also convertible. It can serve as two separate beds if you so desire. And it has useful safety features, including a full-size guardrail and handrail on the top bunk, pinewood legs, and a firmly attached ladder that won’t wobble or fall over when your child is climbing in and out of bed.

Cons: Although this is a wooden bunk bed, it’s not made entirely out of real hardwood. Most of it is pinewood, but some parts are engineered wood, which isn’t quite as durable and is more easily scratched or damaged than the real thing. It also means that while this bunk bed does have a pretty good weight capacity (175 pounds for the top bunk, and 300 pounds for the bottom one), there are models capable of supporting more weight than this one. And while the attached ladder is great for safety purposes, it also means that the ladder can’t be moved to a different side of the bed. Keep in mind, too, that there’s a mattress thickness limit to both bunks. Your twin mattress for the top bunk shouldn’t exceed 6 inches, and the bottom, full-size mattress shouldn’t be thicker than 8 inches.

Bottom Line: A bunk bed alone is designed to save you space, and a bunk bed with built-in drawers, even more so. This twin-over-full model has two drawers underneath the bottom bunk where you can store clothing, blankets, school supplies, electronics, toys, and more. As long as your children’s mattresses aren’t too thick, this bunk bed should fit nicely in most bedrooms. However, if your pre-owned mattresses are thicker than the listed limitations, you’ll probably want to opt for a different bunk bed to avoid the cost of purchasing new mattresses (unless you intended to do so already).


Best with Stairs

Harper & Bright Designs Bunk Bed with Trundle

A conveniently designed bunk bed with solid stairs for added safety plus a pull-out trundle for overnight guests.

Pros: This bunk bed comes equipped with an extra bed thanks to the trundle that pulls out from and tucks away under the bottom bunk. Most kids love sleepovers, and having access to a trundle bed is perfect for such occasions. Your children and their friend won’t have to sleep on the floor in sleeping bags or double up in the bed thanks to this trundle. And since it tucks away underneath the bottom bunk, it won’t take up extra storage or floor space when not in use. In addition to the trundle, this twin-over-full bunk bed has several other useful features. Instead of a ladder, it has a full set of stairs, which aren’t only more stable and won’t hurt their feet, but that also have a handrail that provides an extra touch of safety. There are also several small shelves alongside the stairs, which are great for tucking away toys and books.

Cons: Even though the pull-out trundle comes included with the bunk bed, an extra mattress doesn’t. You’ll have to find and buy a trundle mattress separately. This will add to the overall cost of this bunk bed, which isn’t exactly inexpensive in the first place. As is normal with bed frames with extra features, this twin-over-full bunk bed is on the pricey side thanks to its trundle, stairs, and shelving. And, keep in mind that since the trundle pulls out from and tucks under the bottom bunk, you won’t get any under-bed storage with this bunk bed.

Bottom Line: Trundle beds are a great way to sleep an extra friend, family member, or guest when required, and this bunk bed equipped with a trundle is no exception. All in all, this model is a perfectly multifunctional sleeping arrangement for dorms, kids’ rooms, and small apartments. As long as you don’t mind the lack of storage space under the bottom bunk or the higher price tag, this is an ideal bunk bed for sleepovers, holidays when family visits, or whenever else you need some extra bed space.

Final Thoughts

Bunk beds are a great combination of fun and practicality. Your kids will love climbing up and down on the ladder or stairs and sharing secrets into the night. They won’t even realize that the bed saves floor space in their bedroom, gives them more room for their toys and furniture, and creates a larger play area.

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