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The Best Twin-Size Headboards

🕚 Updated May 2022

Even small twin beds can look eye-catching with the right accent pieces. If you want to upgrade your child's bedroom or your space, twin-bed headboards can completely change the look. Here are our top recommendations for twin-size headboards.

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  Best Wood Design Beautiful Tufted Choice Best with Storage Best Metal Design Stunning Bohemian Design
  Atlantic Furniture
Madison Twin Headboard
Flash Furniture
Cambridge Upholstered Twin-Size Headboard
South Shore
Spark Bookcase Twin Headboard with Storage
Serena Steel Twin Headboard
Signature Design By Ashley
Paxberry Twin Boho Headboard
Our SummaryAdd texture and rustic elegance to your room with this deceptively simple wooden headboard.Whether you want to make a statement with a vibrant color or add a soft touch with a neutral shade, this tufted, fabric-covered headboard fits into every decor.With the three built-in storage shelves, this headboard is perfect for storing books, reading glasses, electronic devices, or decorations.Weighing only nine pounds, this simple but strong metal headboard will hold up well under whatever daily life throws at it.If you want an especially decorative, unique headboard that will stand out, this stunning, intricate model will make your twin bed the true centerpiece of your bedroom.
ProsReal-wood construction, several color options, minimal assembly, durable finish, USB charger included.Color variety, two alternate style options, inexpensive, adjustable bed rail slots, two different bolt lengths.Built-in storage space, wire organizer for chargers, relatively low priced, easy to clean and assemble.Multiple mounting positions, affordable, sturdy and reinforced, won't scratch your floors, several color choices.Gorgeous and unique design, height-adjustable, heavy and sturdy, easy assembly, gentler whitewashed look.
ConsBest suited for metal frames, short mounting screws.Not padded.Not real wood, not height adjustable, tools not included.Not comfy to lean against, not rustproof, missing hardware.One color, some hardware missing, pricey.
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The Best Twin-Size Headboards

Headboard with pillows next to a lamp on a table.

Buying Guide for Twin-Size Headboards

Colorful guest bedroom with twin beds.
BAF Photography/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a twin-size headboard?

While beds don’t strictly need a headboard to be functional, there are undeniable benefits to attaching one to any sized bed frame, twin-bed frames included. Headboards provide additional support and stability to beds. If the head of your bed is pushed up against the wall, a headboard helps protect the said wall from daily wear and tear. If you prefer to sit up while reading or watching TV in bed, leaning back against a headboard is far more comfortable than leaning against a wall, especially if the headboard is padded or quilted. A headboard also helps keep your pillow(s) in place– you won’t have to worry about them sliding off the back of the bed in the night or getting wedged between your mattress and the wall.

What should you look for in a twin-size headboard?

  • Assembly: Simple design elements typically lead to less complicated installation instructions, so avoid the hassle by considering simple metal frames or headboards with one large piece. Many headboards don’t come with the necessary tools for the assembly, so consider options that give the option of expert installation or be prepped with a toolbox. Some may require an additional set of hands to put together, too. Be sure to double-check that the headboard will be compatible with the type of bed frame you own too.
  • Material: As is the case with the rest of the bed frame, the most durable headboard materials you can find are wood or metal, as they hold up well over time and daily use. If you want an upholstered headboard, consider the fabric type as well. Designs upholstered with linen often come in the widest variety of colors and are antimicrobial. Polyester is less resistant to oily stains but is durable and easy to clean. Faux leather is waterproof and hypoallergenic but is more high maintenance and must be taken care of to avoid cracks in the material.
  • Support: Opt for wall-mounted frames or wall panels that attach to the wall for extra stability for the most reliable headboard. This will help prevent your bed frame from accidentally sliding or moving and scratching the floor by mistake. However, keep in mind that this design will make it difficult to move the bed around your room. Freestanding and bed-mounted headboards offer more freedom when moving your bed around but can be less sturdy than their mounted counterparts.

How tall should your twin-size headboard be?

Keeping in mind that headboard height tends to be measured in terms of how many inches show above your mattress rather than by the full height of the headboard from the top to the ground, most twin-size headboards are designed to sit at 14 inches above your twin mattress. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, though, and can vary from model to model. Some headboards are height-adjustable or have extra pegs to pick the height that suits you best. Others are one height only. If you’re unsure of how tall or short you want your twin headboard to be, you may want to go for one of the former types so you can play around with its height and figure out what works best for you.

Our Picks for the Best Twin-Size Headboards

Best Wood Design

Atlantic Furniture Madison Twin Headboard

Add texture and rustic elegance to your room with this deceptively simple wooden headboard.

Pros: This headboard is made out of 100% real hardwood for more sturdy, long-lasting construction, and the high-build finish adds to its durability. Both the two light and two dark-wood stain-color options come in attractive neutral tones tailored to fit pretty much any bedroom. Assembly is a minimal, straightforward process that shouldn’t take very long and only requires one person. As a bonus, this headboard comes included with a USB charger that can be mounted on the side of the leg to make it easier to charge your cell phone or electronics at night.

Cons: This headboard was meant to attach to metal frames, so you may struggle to fit it to a wooden frame. The included mounting screws are also on the shorter side, making it harder to attach to your bed frame.

Bottom Line: Don’t let this twin headboard’s simple and understated appearance fool you. The rustic wooden style of this headboard fits perfectly into just about any bedroom style while offering visual interest and making your bed frame appear that much more elegant.


Beautiful Tufted Choice

Flash Furniture Cambridge Upholstered Twin-Size Headboard

Whether you want to make a statement with a vibrant color or add a soft touch with a neutral shade, this tufted, fabric-covered headboard fits into every decor.

Pros: If you want something more colorful than the usual wood or metal headboard, you’re in luck. This upholstered, tufted twin headboard comes in 11 possible color options that go beyond the typical neutral shades. There are also two alternate design options if you don’t like this headboard’s shape or tufted look. Thanks to the bed rail slots, you can adjust the headboard to several different heights when you’re ready to assemble your new frame. And it’s easier to fit different bed frames since you receive extra mounting bolts with two different lengths. To top it all off, this headboard is inexpensive, so it’s an excellent choice if you’re on a budget.

Cons: While this headboard will be more comfortable to lean back against than a wood or metal one, it’s not padded the way that many upholstered models are to increase its comfort.

Bottom Line: With 11 different fabric colors that range from vibrant red to soft beige, you can customize this classic headboard design to your style. The tufted design features a diamond pattern and buttons to create the timeless look of elegant furniture that is surprisingly contemporary.


Best with Storage

South Shore Spark Bookcase Twin Headboard with Storage

With the three built-in storage shelves, this headboard is perfect for storing books, reading glasses, electronic devices, or decorations.

Pros: This handy headboard and its simple black, white, and chocolate color options give you plenty of space to stash all kinds of items, whether you want to use it for practical storage, display pictures, decorations, or some mixture of the two. It’s a handy option if you have a smaller bedroom with no room for a nightstand. The convenient cord hole in the middle shelf allows you to hide the messy cables and wires for your electronic devices while still keeping them close. The material is non-toxic and easy to wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Assembly is surprisingly easy given this is a more involved headboard than most, and its price is on the lower side.

Cons: The material of this headboard is particleboard rather than real wood, so it’s not as durable and more prone to scratches. The headboard also isn’t height adjustable.

Bottom Line: You can use this to express your creative chops by decorating the three shelves with your most frequently used items and favorite art, keeping your favorite books at hand, or stashing your electronics while sleeping.


Best Metal Design

Modway Serena Style Steel Twin Headboard

Weighing only nine pounds, this simple but strong metal headboard will hold up well under whatever daily life throws at it.

Pros: The metal of this affordable twin-size headboard is powder-coated and features a reinforced ladder beam for extra support and durability; you shouldn’t have any issues with wobbling with this particular headboard. This piece can fit twin beds of any height, thanks to its seven mounting positions. No matter what flooring you have, there is no need to worry about damage due to the non-marking caps on each leg of the headboard. If the black is too stark for you or doesn’t match your bed frame, check out the light gray or white color options.

Cons: This isn’t a good headboard to sit up or lean back against due to its metal build and open back. Nor is the metal completely rustproof, so it may rust over time.

Bottom Line: Create a clean, industrial aesthetic with this stainless-steel frame that offers a simple but sleek element to your bedroom. Whether your bedroom is decorated in a more vintage style or a modern, contemporary one, this headboard will fit both room designs perfectly.


Stunning Bohemian Design

Signature Design By Ashley Paxberry Twin Boho Headboard

If you want an especially decorative, unique headboard that will stand out, this stunning, intricate model will make your twin bed the true centerpiece of your bedroom.

Pros: This model aptly proves that not all headboards must be simple and understated. This headboard’s gorgeous, unique, boho design is exquisitely and intricately carved to attract the eye and make your bed frame truly decorative and beautiful. Its lovely appearance isn’t the only factor this headboard has going for it. The material is whitewashed rather than pure, untouched white, so it’s less bright and harsh on the eyes than pure white headboards often are. Though not made of real wood, it’s surprisingly sturdy and heavy, and there are four possible height options to suit your needs better and show off the bohemian medallion design. Assembly is easy, and while the listing recommends it as a two-person job, it seems doable for one person.

Cons: White is the only color this headboard comes in. You’ll also have to provide some of the required installation hardware on your own, which will add more cost to an already pricey investment.

Bottom Line: This intricately carved twin-size headboard is a true signature piece that will make your bed the centerpiece of the entire room. If you want your headboard to stand out rather than blend in your bedroom, this stunning, attention-grabbing model is an excellent choice.

Final Thoughts

Whether your twin-bed frame lacks a headboard altogether or you want to upgrade your current one, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in an attractive, sturdy twin-size headboard. It’ll only give your bedroom a new look and feel without spending a lot of money while also keeping your wall and pillows safe as you sleep.

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