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The Best Umbrella Hats for Rain or Shine

child sitting on a grassy meadow with an umbrella hat on shielding his body from the sun

There’s nothing like getting stuck in the rain to put a damper on a perfectly good day: your outfit gets soaked, your hair gets ruined, and any outdoor plans that you’ve made go right down the drain. On top of all of this, carrying a handheld umbrella can be rather cumbersome. If you’re looking for a hands-free way to make the most out of a rainy day, you should consider investing in a high-quality umbrella hat. While some may think that they look silly, umbrella hats provide all of the same rain protection as a regular umbrella, just without needing the use of your hands. Here are some fantastic umbrella hats that we highly recommend!

What to Look for When Buying an Umbrella Hat

Here are some things to consider before purchasing an umbrella hat:

  • Materials: In order to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, you should invest in an umbrella hat that is made with high-quality materials. Look for hats that are crafted with fabrics such as oxford, nylon, or PEVA, as these materials will ensure that your hat is waterproof, durable, and lightweight.
  • Features: There are a wide variety of umbrella hats on the market, so you need to make sure to find one with features that work for you. Adult-sized umbrella hats should have at least a 36-inch diameter to ensure that the hat provides enough coverage for your entire body; likewise, kid-sized umbrella hats should have at least a 28-inch diameter. Your umbrella hat should come with an adjustable chin strap to ensure that you are able to get the most comfortable fit.

Best Overall: Luwint 36″ Umbrella Hat for Fishing or Gardening

left full-body profile of a caucasian man wearing a gray umbrella hat and gray t-shirt

This umbrella hat is designed to not only keep you dry on rainy days but also to give you plenty of shade when the sun comes out to play. It is crafted with durable, waterproof oxford fabric and features a 36-inch diameter that creates a protective circle around your personal space; it also comes with a spring-stop lanyard cord that fits under your chin to allow you to secure the hat to your head. The outside of the hat is lined with a silver coating to reflect heat and keep you cool all day long. The hat is also super easy to store: when collapsed, it is the same size as a travel-size umbrella, making it convenient to carry in a purse or bag.

Best Overall

Best for Kids: Healthy Care Foldable Yellow Duck Raincoat

little girl standing in the rain wearing a yellow duck umbrella hat

Having your kids carry their own umbrella can be more stressful than it is helpful. This kid-sized umbrella hat is designed to alleviate this problem: it features a 28-inch diameter that effectively protects children from heavy rainfall without the use of a handheld umbrella. It comes in an adorable yellow duck design that turns rain protection into a fun costume for kids. The hat is crafted with high-quality PEVA fabric that is durable yet lightweight, making it comfortable enough to wear through every rainstorm.

Best for Kids

Healthy Care Cute Raincoat, Baby Rain Poncho Rain Coat UFO Children Umbrella Hat Foldable Magical Raincoat, Hands Free (Yellow?Duck)

This hat is crafted with high-quality PEVA fabric that's comfortable enough to wear through every storm.

Best Value: Bedwina Pack of Four Colorful Umbrella Hats

businessman wearing a black suit and a rainbow umbrella hat

This set of umbrella hats will give you the most bang for your buck: they come in packs of four and feature a colorful, eye-catching design that’ll help you stand out from the crowd. The hats are crafted with high-quality, waterproof nylon that has been carefully stitched to ensure durability; they come with an elastic headband that adjusts to comfortably fit your head without being too tight. While their vibrant design is sure to make you the life of the party, the hats are also sturdy enough to be used for fishing, gardening, and other outdoor adventures.

Best Value

Umbrella Hat Pack of 4 - Colorful Party Hats - 20 Inch, Hands Free, Funny Rainbow Colorful Beach Party Hats, Adjustable Size Fits All Ages, Kids, Men & Women

These hats feature an elastic headband that adjusts to comfortably fit your head without being too tight.

Best for Rainy Weather: NEW-Vi Folding Adjustable Umbrella Hat

right upper-body profile of a man wearing a blue umbrella hat that features a water drop pattern

If you want the most convenient way to stay dry on a rainy day, you should check out this umbrella hat! It features a 37-inch diameter that is designed to help you and your belongings stay completely dry. It comes with a chin strap that helps to keep the hat secured to your head through even the strongest winds and inclement weather. The top of the hat features a covered layer designed to facilitate ventilation in order to keep you cool throughout the day. This umbrella hat is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts and those who are simply looking to avoid the rain.

Best for Rainy Weather

NEW-Vi Fishing Umbrella Hat Folding Sun Rain Cap Adjustable Multifunction Outdoor Headwear (Blue (upgraded))

This hat features a ventilation chamber to keep you cool throughout the day.

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