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The Best Under-Sink Organizers

Simple Houseware
🕚 Updated January 2023

Are you tired of opening up the cabinet under your sink to find a huge mess of cleaning products, bathroom essentials, or kitchen necessities? These under-sink organizers are a fantastic solution to this problem.

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  Simple Houseware
Under-Sink Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack
Simple Trending
Stackable Under-Sink Cabinet Organizer
RollOut Caddy Under Sink Organizer
Spicy Shelf
Expandable Under-Sink Organizer
2-Tier Organizer
Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer
Our SummaryThis fully adjustable under-sink organizer makes it easy to arrange your things neatly.This set of two stackable organizers is a genius way to keep your products neatly kept under a sink.This highly versatile caddy has convenient wheels and handles for quick and easy maneuvering.This multifunctional and adjustable organizer is made to fit around plumbing.This attractive and stackable organizer is versatile and has great airflow.This two-tier organizer features a unique pull-out track so you can slide everything out for easy visibility and access.
Pros✓ Fully customizable
✓ Fits almost any configuration
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Durable steel
✓ Easy to move
✓ Easy to customize
✓ Drawers don't stick
✓ Comes with extra assembly parts
✓ Two adjustable dividers
✓ Smooth-spinning wheels
✓ Handles for easy transport
✓ Hanging basket attaches to front or back
✓ Fits in weird spaces
✓ Works well in pairs
✓ Height and width are adjustable
✓ Quality materials
✓ Saves space
✓ Holes for airflow
✓ Can label
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Two tiers
✓ Easier to access and see your items
✓ Durable chrome-finished rack
Cons✗ Assembly directions are unclear
✗ May wobble
✗ Drawers aren't meant for heavy objects
✗ Higher cost
✗ Plastic may not be sturdy enough for heavier items
✗ Liquid spills can seep out of the bottom
✗ Could be more stable
✗ Not wide enough for some common products
✗ Top of shelf won't support much weight
✗ No tread on the bottom
✗ Requires drilling
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The Best Under-Sink Organizers

A metal organizer with two shelves neatly organizes bottles of cleaner, toilet paper, lotions, and soaps under a restroom sink.
Simple Houseware

Buying Guide for Under-Sink Organizers

Two under sink organizers with frosted plastic baskets contain a multitude of bathroom accessories, neatly.

Why buy an under-sink organizer?

With an under-sink organizer, you can keep your cleaning products handy without having to knock over bottles to get to the one you need. You can keep extra toilet paper tucked in its own secure space. You can keep all your lotions, shampoos, soaps, and toiletries neatly put away. The options are almost endless! Under-sink organizers are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to accommodate dozens of different needs. Plus, many are made to fit neatly around plumbing, so you can still reach your pipes if you have a plumbing emergency, like a leak.

What should you consider in an under-sink organizer?

  • Measurements: It’s important to be sure that your new under-sink organizer will fit securely into your cabinets. Take a tape measure and measure the width, depth, and height of your space before deciding on a new under-sink organizer.
  • Capacity: Another important consideration for your new under-sink organizer is capacity. Exactly how much will your new organizer hold? Is it large enough to store all your cleaning necessities? If you’re looking for an organizer with drawers, will the drawers be large enough to hold what you need them to? Check out all the measurements and details to be sure your new organizer is right for you.
  • Shape: Not all under-sink cabinets are built the same. Some have older plumbing, large garbage disposals, or valves that you must take into consideration. The shapes of many organizers are specifically designed to work around these plumbing elements.

How much should you expect to spend for an under-sink organizer?

Luckily, under-sink organizers are affordable for most people. Single organizers generally cost around $20 to $30 each, depending on the size and materials. However, you can find some smaller ones for less and some more specialized or extensive ones for more.

Our Picks for the Best Under-Sink Organizers

Best Expandable

SimpleHouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack

This fully adjustable under-sink organizer makes it easy to arrange your things neatly.

Pros: This organizer is fully customizable and can fit just about any under-sink configuration. It’s easy to put together, and the alloy steel won’t rust or deteriorate if it gets wet. You can adjust the placement of the shelves to fit larger items on the bottom and smaller items on the top, or you can fit medium-sized products on both shelves.

Cons: The assembly directions could be clearer. When it’s fully extended, the organizer could feel a little wobbly.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an under-sink organizer that’s the jack of all trades, this is the model for you. The shelves are easy to install, and you can connect them at the height you want. Fit it in tight or spacious under-sink cabinets.


Best Set

Simple Trending Stackable Under-Sink Cabinet Organizer

This set of two stackable organizers, each with a slim profile, is a genius way to keep your products neatly stored under a sink.

Pros: These organizers are easy to move, stack, and customize. You get two to situate in the best way for your cabinet. The drawers are easy to pull, and they don’t stick. And the organizers come with extra assembly parts, just in case.

Cons: The assembly instructions are a bit confusing. If you put heavy items in the drawers, they can become difficult to pull. Some buyers found these items a bit costly.

Bottom Line: If you want an organizer that helps bring everything you need to your fingertips, this may be a great selection for you. It’s easy to clean and keeps your items neatly in their place. And they can be used side-by-side, on either side of plumbing, or stacked together.


Best Caddy

YouCopia RollOut Caddy Under Sink Organizer

This highly versatile caddy has convenient wheels and handles for quick and easy maneuvering.

Pros: The YouCopia RollOut Caddy Under Sink Organizer is perfect for storing personal care supplies, spray bottles, disinfectant wipes, aerosol cans, sponges, and more. The smooth-spinning wheels with a soft-grip surface make it easy to move the caddy in and out without damaging the cabinet flooring. The handles make it simple to pick up and transport the caddy wherever needed. You can create sections that suit your needs using the two adjustable dividers to keep your goods upright and organized. A detachable hanging basket gives additional storage for small items on the front or back of the caddy. Installation is quick: simply position the movable dividers where you want them and load your supplies.

Cons: Although the manufacturers state that the caddy holds up to 30 pounds, some users experienced the plastic bending a bit with less than 30 pounds inside. Also, if a liquid spills inside the caddy, it can seep out of the openings on the bottom onto your cabinet floor.

Bottom Line: This under-sink organizer is a great choice if you are looking for a caddy that can move with you for maximum versatility. In addition to the 5-inch size, this organizer is available in an 8-inch version that can store more items and fit into a larger space.


Best Compact Design

Spicy Shelf Expandable Under-Sink Organizer

This multifunctional and adjustable organizer is made to fit around plumbing.

Pros: This organizer can fit in tight spaces in a snap. If you have large cabinets, these can even work well as a pair to fill the space and provide the storage you need. You can adjust the height as well as the width to suit your needs. It’s an especially great option for fitting tall bottles of cleaning supplies or shampoos.

Cons: The shelves on this organizer could be more stable. The surface area isn’t wide enough for some bottled products.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a clever solution to organize your under-sink mess, try this organizer. It’s made from plastic, so it won’t rust or deteriorate when wet, and it’s especially helpful when you have tall items to store.


Best Sliding Bins

madesmart 2-Tier Organizer

This attractive and stackable organizer is versatile and has great airflow.

Pros: This organizer is made with quality plastic and metal. You can fit a lot of different toiletry items inside the drawers, and it’s easy to assemble.

Cons: It’s not wise to put heavy items on the top of the shelf, or it will tip over. The organizer has no tread on the bottom to keep it from slipping inside your cabinet.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an under-sink organizer with large, attractive drawers, this may be a great buy for you. It puts everything you need right within reach, and it’s easy to clean.


Best Pull-Out Organizer

G-TING Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

This two-tier organizer features a unique pull-out track so you can slide everything out for easy visibility and access.

Pros: Sometimes, it’s hard to see things deep inside a dark cabinet, even when using an organizer. This under-sink organizer from G-TING might be an ideal solution since it has a slide-out track for the entire unit, making it easy to access all your essentials. Constructed of durable perforated metal wire, this shelf offers ease of function and a clear view while preventing small items from falling through. It’s great for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, providing versatile storage to keep your supplies neat, organized, and easy to grab and go.

Cons: This organizer can be more challenging to assemble than some of the other options since it has two slide-out tracks that must be installed on the cabinet floor. Also, drilling holes into the bottom of your cabinet may be a no-go if you’re in a rental space.

Bottom Line: This under-sink organizer is a solid option for anyone who’d prefer to pull out and view their items from the outside of their cabinet. It comes in silver and black and in two sizes.

Final Thoughts

A great under-sink organizer creates organized storage in the most awkward cabinets of the home. These organizers will take the chaos away from sorting through all your cleaning products or toiletries.

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