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The Best Men’s Boxers

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🕚 Updated November 2021

If you hadn't heard it recently, then here's a reminder: Men, it's likely time to toss out your current crop of dingy underwear in favor of something a bit more up to date.

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  Top Choice Best Patterns Most Comfortable Best for Sports Best Value Set
Tartan Boxers
Polo Ralph Lauren
Woven Boxers
Fishers Finery
Silk Boxers
Chill Boys
Performance Boxers
Fruit of the Loom
Boxer Shorts
Our SummaryThese boxers come in a five-pack of assorted plaid colors and feature a soft blend of cotton-polyester.These boxers are crafted entirely from 100% cotton material and are available in 31 different color patterns.This pair of boxers is a premium option that's crafted entirely from a hearty silk that will not tear or stretch.This pair of boxers are dependably hard-wearing and designed to accommodate the active man.This multi-pack brings you both quality and quantity from an instantly recognizable brand name.
ProsIncludes five pairs of boxers in a classic pattern, features double-stitched seams, no tag on back of waistband.Available in 31 color choices, made of 100% cotton construction, no-dig waistband stops irritation.100% silk material grants uncommon comfort, designed to be rip-proof, extra groin protection.Built for excessive movement, material fabric is flexible and breathable, features moisture-wicking tech.Includes six pairs of boxers in the pack, constructed largely from cotton material, tough enough for moderate exercise.
ConsOpen design can feel structurally unsupportive, cotton-polyester blend takes on damage easily, lack of color choices.Three-pack can leave a lot to be desired in regard to quantity, hefty price tag, longer legs can ride up.Purchase only includes one pair of boxers, hefty price tag, button-fly can lead to inconveniences.Only includes one pair of boxers, button-fly can lead to inconveniences, material can cling to legs.Dependence on cotton means a higher chance of shrinkage and fading after a wash.
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The Best Men’s Boxers

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We won’t get into the specifics of the shape they’re in, so you keep that to yourself. We’re just here to ease you off the path of undergarment confusion, and that starts with selecting the most uncomplicated type of underwear. For many men, that would be a decent pair of boxers. So, if you’re in the market for a comfy and fun pack of drawers, then here are some boxers we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for Men’s Boxers

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Why should you buy boxers?

Above all else, boxers are a must-have because they’re just darn comfortable. Unlike the excessively snug feel of every variation of a brief, boxers provide protection without constriction. This openness gives you plenty of ventilation, coverage, and comfort.

What should you look for in a pair of boxers?

  • Construction: When selecting your next pair of boxers, it’s important to know that the key to comfort is the material. Cotton-based undergarments will provide you with warmth and a bit more structure than most boxers contain. On the flip side, items made from the likes of stretchy polyester and mesh are better at promoting breathability and flexibility, while softer premium materials give you a cozy night’s rest. Certain materials are solid for accomplishing different tasks, setting up our next area of interest.
  • Support: Another key factor to consider when picking out your next pair of boxers is support. Boxers aren’t known to be the most structurally caring underwear for men, as a number of factors, most notably the open design, can cause unnecessary discomfort. Select pairs work their way around this problem by balancing the rigid with the gentle (i.e., utilizing thick materials with soft accompanying features). Think about the kind of person you are and the everyday environment you take on, as the wrong pair in the wrong environment can lead to noticeable discomfort and potential injury.
  • Class: Finally, you can have a little bit of fun when picking out your undergarments. Go for broke in the style department and find something that speaks to the kind of man you are. Look for classy solid colors or humorous prints. You may not see them for the majority of your day, but you should still enjoy them when you do.

What’s the ideal process for washing underwear?

Naturally, you should be washing your underwear before your next wear or as soon as possible. However, particular types of underwear require different levels of care. According to numerous reports, your standard cotton underwear should be washed in warm, not hot, water, and air-dried. If you’re short on time, then a quick run on a low dryer setting is best, as anything higher will torment the cotton beyond repair. Washing undergarments can get especially tricky when they’re made from more delicate, thin materials (i.e., anything regarded for its moisture-wicking abilities). For these items, you should typically clean with cold water in the wash, by hand, or with the assistance of a professional cleaner if the fabric is especially fragile and expensive.

Our Picks for the Most Comfortable Men’s Boxers

Top Choice

Hanes Men's Tartan Boxers

These boxers come in a five-pack of assorted plaid colors and feature a soft blend of cotton-polyester.

Pros: A breezy five-pack that’s featured in a traditional men’s pattern, these boxers are thin and airy while featuring just enough thickness for you to feel its ComfortSoft cotton. These assorted striped boxers are crafted from a 55% cotton to 45% polyester combination that pairs well with the ensured sturdiness of its double-stitched seams. The back of its waistband also features no tag, so you won’t feel that horrible scratching midway through the day.

Cons: While some may highlight the spaciousness of boxers as a positive quality, others look to it and see a lack of support. Its near equal dependence on polyester material means that these boxers will not hold up well over time, nor will discolorations and odors be easy to remove. There’s also a surprising lack of color variety to these boxers, offering up only two different types of color styles.

Bottom Line: If you’re a fan of the classics and appreciate ample mobility when you’re on the move, this five-pack of Hanes Men’s Tartan Boxers is a light choice that is totally uncomplicated, so they won’t get in the way.

Best Patterns

Polo Ralph Lauren Woven Boxers

These boxers are crafted entirely from 100% cotton material and are available in 31 different color patterns.

Pros: Available in 31 uniquely printed patterns, these offer the epitome of style for your undergarments. These boxers are fairly traditional in terms of structure, but their 100% soft cotton construction will have you in a 24-hour state of comfort. Unlike other underwear options, this choice features a no-dig elastic waistband that limits marks and irritation. There are also three pairs to a pack, each containing a fully functional fly with no clasp mechanisms to get in the way.

Cons: While this is still technically a bundle, you’re getting a lot less for a lot more here. Standard underwear packs will provide you with at least enough pairs to get you through the workweek, so this option’s three-count can feel underwhelming. Moreover, the price for these three is among the highest on the market, as you’ll pay double figures per boxer. Some users have also taken issue with the length of each pair, comparing them to boxer “shorts” rather than underwear.

Bottom Line: If you’re a brand name with style and gobs of it, then this three-pack of Polo Ralph Lauren Woven Boxers offers great visual appeal and an entirely breathable undergarment experience. 

Most Comfortable

Fishers Finery Silk Boxers

This pair of boxers is a premium option that's crafted entirely from hearty silk that won't tear or stretch.

Pros: For the type of man who’s seeking nothing less than unparalleled luxury, these boxers are a premium treat. These boxers are made from 100% mulberry silk, one of the finest materials to wrap yourself in when you’re after total luxury. Unlike most types of material, this silk provides a stretch- and rip-free construction, no matter how much you toss and turn throughout the day and night. There’s even an extra center panel to achieve an additional level of comfort in motion.

Cons: A considerable drawback here is that you only get a single pair of boxers. You could also expect to pay its price for three or five pairs elsewhere, so this really is a vanity buy that you have to be all-in on. Its button-fly closure is secure in a way that grants you peace of mind while moving around, but when you’re in a hurry to use the restroom, well, that’s when you may run into problems. Its dry-clean-only cleaning process can be demanding, too.

Bottom Line: Quite possibly the coziest pair of boxers you could invest a pretty penny in, these Fishers Finery Silk Boxers are an ideal choice for rest and relaxation after a long day at work. 

Best for Sports

Chill Boys Performance Boxers

This pair of boxers are dependably hard-wearing and designed to accommodate the active man.

Pros: This pair of boxers is built to be put through the wringer of the most active lifestyles. Its material construction consists of 85% micro-mesh polyamide and 15% lycra, amounting to a cohesive fabric that is comfy because it’s flexible in just about every direction you need to twist. The two materials also grant complete moisture-wicking properties, so you can sweat all day and stay bone dry. Best of all, this pair’s super-soft construction ensures protection from irritating wedgies.

Cons: Like with similar options, you’re only getting one pair of boxers out of this purchase. If you’re the type who prefers a bundled value, then you may not appreciate forking over cash for little in return. This pair also employs a button-fly closure that can easily overextend its security when you’re in a hurry. These boxers tend to cling to the body, too.

Bottom Line: Ideal for the man who needs his underwear to keep up with his outdoor lifestyle, these Chill Boys Performance Boxers utilize a soft and moisture-wicking design that looks as cool as it will feel.

Best Value Set

Fruit of the Loom Boxer Shorts

This multi-pack brings you both quality and quantity from an instantly recognizable brand name.

Pros: Balancing comfort with ample style, here’s a bundle that understands you deserve quality and quantity. Included in this package are six pairs of boxers that are made of both cotton and cotton-polyester (90:10). Either type of boxer you slip into grants you a soft knit that is kind for leisurely use but tough enough for some heightened activity, thanks to its moisture-wicking construction. Additionally, its assortment of varying shades of blue offers a neat look overall.

Cons: While items made from cotton are well-regarded for their warmth, there’s plenty to dislike about the material. For instance, you have to be especially delicate when washing and drying these boxers, as the cotton construction is prone to shrinking and fading. And like other options, the button-fly closure can inconvenience you when you’d least like it.

Bottom Line: A classic in terms of design and name-brand recognition, these Boxer Shorts from Fruit of the Loom offer you standard comfort in one of the most accommodating bundles available.

Final Thoughts

Boxers have long been a staple of men’s undergarments because they provide a level of comfort and freedom that’s often missing from a crucial part of one’s daily wardrobe. Whereas other styles of underwear are constantly reworking their design, a classic pair of boxers gets it done with little fuss.

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