The Best Underwear Styles for Men

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If you hadn’t heard it recently, then here’s a dire reminder: Men, it’s likely time to change your underwear. We won’t get into the specifics of the shape they’re in, so you keep that horrifying sight to yourself. We’re just here to ease you off the path of undergarment confusion. If you’re in the market for a new, comfy, and fun pack of drawers, then here are some options we think you should check out.

What Men Should Want Out of Their Skivvies

  • Construction: When selecting your next pair of underwear, it’s important to know that the key to comfort is the material. Cotton-based underwear provides warmth and form, while stretchy polyester offers more of an airy and flexible experience. Certain materials are solid for accomplishing different tasks, setting up our next area of interest.
  • Support: Another key factor to consider when picking out your next pair of underwear is support. Think about the kind of person you are and the everyday environment you take on, as the wrong pair in the wrong environment can lead to noticeable discomfort and potential injury.
  • Class: Finally, it’s never a bad idea to have a little bit of fun when picking out your undergarments. Go for broke in the style department and find something that speaks to the kind of man you are. Look for classy solid colors or humorous prints. You may not see them for three-quarters of your day, but you should still enjoy them.

Best Boxers: Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Tartan Boxer with Inside Exposed Waistband

A model at center frame wears a loose pair of orange and green striped boxers.

A breezy five-pack of several assorted plaid patterns, these Tartan Boxers from Hanes are thin and airy but feature just enough thickness for you to feel its ComfortSoft cotton. These dunk striped boxers are crafted from a 55% cotton to 45% polyester combination that pairs well with the ensured sturdiness of its double-stitched seams.

Best Boxers

Hanes Men`s TAGLESS Boxer Briefs with ComfortSoft Waistband,7460Z5,5-pack,S,Assorted

A five-pack of plaid boxers that feature a soft blend of cotton-polyester, and a comfort flex waistband.

Best Briefs: Hanes Classics Men’s No Ride Up Briefs Comfort Flex Waistband

A model at center frame wears a pair of white briefs that rest high on the thigh.

Contrary to what you might have heard, men’s briefs haven’t gone out of style. Available in two styles and color variations, this six-pack of Hanes Classics Briefs is form-fitting yet comfy, featuring an elastic pull-on closure that’s fabric covered to eliminate potential pinching and binding. Sure, “tighty-whities” have always received some unfair side-jabbing, but if you prefer the feeling of short leg bands that won’t ride up on the stroll, then just say “sticks and stones” to the undergarment pecking order.

Best Briefs

Hanes mens 6-pack Tagless No Ride Up With Comfortsoft Waistband Briefs, Assorted, XX-Large US

These shortened briefs are form-fitting and come in a six-pack of solid white or assorted colors.

Best Boxer Briefs: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Coolzone Boxer Briefs

A model at center frame wears a pair of heather grey boxer briefs that extend halfway down the thigh.

Undoubtedly one of the most stylish and popular options men wear today, these Coolzone Boxer Briefs from Fruit of the Loom offer users an uncommonly high cotton percentage that does as its name suggests—keep you feeling fresh. While there are seven pairs of boxer briefs to a pack, users can select from 14 different color varieties and four different fit types: regular leg, short leg, long leg, and big man.

Best Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom Men's Coolzone Boxer Briefs (Assorted Colors), 7 Pack-White, Small

A seven-pack of boxer briefs that feature a cool 94% cotton construction and plenty of color variety.

Best Synthetic Pack: Bulliant Mesh Athletic Sports Boxer Briefs For Men

A black pair of form-fitting, mesh boxer briefs.

Ideal for the man who needs his underwear to keep up with his outdoor lifestyle, these Bulliant Mesh Athletic Sports Boxer Briefs utilize a soft-touch and moisture-wicking design that looks as cool as it will feel. This three-pack of black, gray, and navy undergarments features several comfort-inducing perks, like its tag-less construction and 3D pouch, that will keep your mind on the exercise and not on trouser adjustments.

Best Synthetic Pack

Mens Underwear Briefs 3 Pack,BULLIANT Mesh Athletic Sports Boxer Briefs Low Rise Waisted For Men No Fly

This three-pack of sporty boxer briefs features a variety of comfortable perks that will keep your mind on your reps, not your underwear.

Best for Cycling: BALEAF Men’s Padded Cycling Underwear

A black and blue pair of polyester boxer briefs with a padded seat-region and a 4.7-inch inseam.

Another sporting-centric pair of stretchy briefs that are more than just comfortable, this Padded Cycling Underwear option from BALEAF is a quality, protective choice for cyclists everywhere. You’ll appreciate their flexibility, thanks in large part to the inclusion of 10% spandex materials. However, you’ll love the inclusion of its long-lasting 3D cushion, an ergonomic and densely padded insert that keeps the most sensitive regions free of discomfort or pain over long-distance riding.

Best for Cycling

BALEAF Men's Padded Bike Shorts Cycling Underwear 3D Padding Mountain Biking Bicycle Liner Shorts (Blue, XXXL)

A snug and padded pair of briefs that is the ideal choice for cyclists on long-distance bike rides.

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