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The Best Universal Sockets to Keep in Your Tool Chest

three different universal sockets side by side

Universal sockets are incredibly handy tools and may be a lifesaver when you’re working on your next project. You’d be out of luck if you didn’t have the right sized socket for a bolt, but these universal sockets are compatible with almost any sized bolt. The socket’s pins secure the bolt and lock it in place, regardless of size. Having a universal socket may save you time and money on your next project.

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these versatile attachments, here are four great universal sockets for your next project.

What to Look for in a Universal Socket

To make full use of this particular socket’s versatility, you need to ensure that it can fit your fastener and your tool. Look at the sizes of bolts that it supports and make sure the socket accommodates that size. Equally important, make sure that your socket is compatible with your tool of choice.

Top Pick: KUSONKEY Universal Socket Tool Set

black universal socket and dark gray drill adapter

This universal socket from KUSONKEY is a standard socket, fitting 0.25-inch to 0.75-inch (9-mm to 17-mm) fastener heads. This socket is compatible with most drills and manual ratchet wrenches. It’s designed with 54 pins that can lock onto those more difficult shapes like hooks, eyes, and caps. It includes a universal socket and a drill adapter. It’s also compact and easy to take anywhere you need it.

Best Budget: LANXU Universal Socket Tool Set

universal socket and drill adapter on top of two stacked black boxes

If you’re looking for a universal socket at a lower cost, the LANXU universal socket will suit you best. It is compatible with 0.25-inch to 0.75-inch (9-mm to 17-mm) screws, nuts, and bolts, and will automatically adjust to the size and shape needed. It is built with 54 steel pins and comes with a durable power drill adapter.

Best for Large Sizes: AbbottoKaylan Universal Socket Set

two differently sized universal sockets and drill adapters

If you’re working with larger nuts and bolts, opt for this universal socket set. This set comes with the standard 0.25-inch to 0.75-inch (9-mm to 17-mm) socket as well as a 0.44-inch to 1.25-inch (11-mm to 32-mm) socket for larger-sized fasteners. With a set of two different sized universal sockets, you’ll be prepared for any project that comes your way.

Best for Large Sizes

Also Consider: EFFECTEER Universal Socket

universal socket and drill adapter beside their box

This universal socket from EFFECTEER is compatible with 0.25-inch to 0.75-inch (7-mm to 19-mm) fastener heads. It can secure various fastener shapes and sizes and comes with a power drill adapter for versatility. It’s designed with 54 steel pins that self-adjust over what you need to tighten. Whatever you’re working on, this tool will help you get the job done.

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