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The Best USB Wall Plugs

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🕚 Updated March 2023

USB wall plugs are a versatile charging option for your smartphone and other electronics. However, not every USB wall plug makes the grade. Check out these highly-rated USB wall plugs for fast on-the-go charging.

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  Top Choice Best for USB-C Best Value Most Versatile Best for Workstations
Two-Pack USB Dual Port Wall Charger Adapters
20W USB-C Charger
Five-Pack USB Wall Chargers
USB Surge Protector
100W USB-C Multiport Charger
Our SummaryThese affordable USB wall plugs are a great option for quickly charging several devices at once.This dependable USB-C wall plug stands out for its fast charging speeds and impressive longevity.These budget-friendly USB wall plugs come in a variety of fun colors and sport two USB outlets.This USB surge protector includes three USB-A ports and a USB-C port that's ideal for charging your smartphone.This powerful USB-C wall plug is great for quickly charging laptops and smartphones.
Pros✓ Charge up to four devices at once
✓ Compact design
✓ Works for both Samsung and Android
✓ Variety of color options
✓ Fast charging
✓ Fun color options
✓ Great for charging modern smartphones
✓ Compact build
✓ Great price
✓ Includes five USB wall plugs
✓ Comes in five colors
✓ Nice variety of ports/outlets
✓ Great safety features
✓ Includes USB-C port
✓ Can pair with other USB wall plugs
✓ Great for simultaneous charging
✓ Travel-friendly design
✓ Has foldable plug
Cons✗ Potential buzzing noise
✗ Prongs may be too close together
✗ Slower charge with multiple devices
✗ Only charges one device at a time✗ Slower charging time✗ Limited combined amperage for USB ports✗ Expensive
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The Best USB Wall Plugs

Unplugging USB cable from power adapter.
Jin Odin/Shutterstock.com

Many people choose USB wall plugs over wired chargers since their USB design allows them to be used with a vast array of USB technology. Thus, all you will need is compatible USB cables to charge your devices instead of investing in many different chargers. However, it’s important to do your research to end up with a USB wall plug that is perfect for your devices and lifestyle.

Buying Guide for USB Wall Plugs

White USB Wall charger cube American type.

Why buy a USB wall plug?

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a new USB wall plug. Perhaps your current USB charging options are not powerful enough to quickly charge your devices. Maybe you’re looking for a USB wall plug with multiple ports to charge several devices simultaneously. Or, perhaps your old USB wall plug gave up the ghost, and you’re seeking a reliable replacement that will give you many years of use. Whatever the reason, you’ll likely find an affordable USB wall plug ideal.

What should you look for in a USB wall plug?

  • Charging Speed: The speed at which a USB wall plug will charge your devices depends on many factors, from amperage/voltage to battery capacity to the number of devices you are charging with a single USB wall plug. Find a USB wall plug with a USB 3.0 or USB-C standard for speedy charging if your devices are compatible. Keep in mind that devices like laptops will need more power than your phone or wireless Bluetooth speaker, so be sure that your USB wall plug provides enough wattage for demanding applications.
  • Design: Does it feature a portable design, or is it better suited for a permanent station in your home or office? If you’re seeking a portable option, it’s best to find a USB wall plug with a foldable plug and compact design. Also, be aware of how many AC outlets a USB wall plug will take up by closely considering its number of plugs, size, and whether or not it can be repositioned via a rotating design.
  • Number of Ports: USB wall plugs with multiple USB ports are best suited for those who charge more than one device at a time. While inexpensive multiport USB wall plugs may lack the power to charge two laptops at once, these are usually a wonderful option to keep by your nightstand so that you can plug in two or three devices when you go to bed and have them fully charged in the morning.

What should you consider when buying a USB wall plug for charging multiple devices?

If you plan on buying a multiport USB wall plug that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, it’s important to ensure that it has enough amperage for how you use it. In general, charging a smartphone at optimal speed will take at least 1 amp, although certain fast charging technologies can up the amperage for blazing-fast charge speeds. However, if you also charge a tablet and wireless earphones, you will want a USB wall plug that pulls around 4 amps to maintain a fast charge speed.

Our Picks for the Best USB Wall Plugs

Top Choice

AILKIN Two-Pack USB Dual Port Wall Charger Adapters

These affordable USB wall plugs are a great option for quickly charging several devices at once.

Pros: If you need a reliable and convenient USB charging solution for multiple devices simultaneously, this pair of USB wall plugs are an excellent option. With two charging ports per plug, they allow you to charge up to four devices simultaneously, making them a great addition to any bedroom or home office. They are also nice and compact, making them a great option for travel, RV, and home use. The well-made and durable design ensures they can withstand frequent use and travel. They charge both Samsung and Android devices well, making them versatile and practical for many users. These USB wall plugs offer great value and come in various colors.

Cons: One of the most significant issues is that one of the chargers sometimes makes a faint buzzing noise, which can be distracting or irritating. Some have also reported that the prongs on the chargers are too close together, causing the charger to fall out of the outlet. Your devices may charge more slowly, or the chargers may grow hot when two items are plugged in simultaneously to the same wall plug, which can be a safety concern.

Bottom Line: Those with limited AC outlets will love these USB wall plugs’ versatility, as they can handle various USB charging needs in a single, convenient location. While some have reported minor issues, such as slow charging or prongs that are too close together, most customers have found them reliable and well-made.


Best for USB-C

Anker 20W USB-C Charger

This dependable USB-C wall plug stands out for its fast charging speeds and impressive longevity.

Pros: This Anker 20W USB-C Charger sports an incredibly similar look and feel to Apple’s 20W USB-C offering, and its dependability is nothing to scoff at either. So, if your smartphone is USB-C compatible, you’re likely to achieve the fastest charging speed possible with this product. This USB wall plug also impresses in terms of its unique color offerings and longevity, making it an affordable option for those seeking a USB-C wall plug capable of years of reliable service.

Cons: Naturally, this product’s most significant limitation is that it can only charge one device at a time. So, it might not be a perfect choice for those with limited outlets seeking the best bang for their buck. However, its PowerIQ 3.0 technology does ensure that it’s compatible with a wide range of electronic devices.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to replace the trusty USB-C charger that arrived with your smartphone, this offering from Anker is one of the few budget-friendly USB-C wall plugs that can hang with high-quality offerings from Samsung and Apple. However, those with many USB-C devices might benefit from a USB wall plug with more outlets.


Best Value

FiveBox Five-Pack USB Wall Chargers

These budget-friendly USB wall plugs come in a variety of fun colors and sport two USB ports.

Pros: With a total output of 2.1 amps, these FiveBox USB Wall Chargers won’t be the fastest-charging USB wall plugs in your arsenal. However, with two USB ports per charger and five USB wall plugs for an affordable price, it’s hard to argue that this product isn’t an amazing value for your money. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive set of USB chargers that can be used all over the house and are especially ideal for less demanding electronics, this five-pack is an awesome choice.

Cons: Like most budget USB wall plugs, these will take longer to charge your devices than more technologically sophisticated offerings such as the abovementioned products. If you can deal with this and the fact that these USB wall plugs aren’t designed to last forever, you will likely be happy with your purchase.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a basic USB charging option for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and office, these chargers are unlikely to disappoint. The multiple-color offerings are also an underrated touch, especially for families with children who often accuse their siblings of “stealing” their chargers. Problem solved!


Most Versatile

Addtam USB Surge Protector

This USB surge protector includes three USB-A ports and a USB-C port that's ideal for charging your smartphone.

Pros: Featuring a nice variety of ports and outlets that are sure to exceed the needs of many, the Addtam USB Surge Protector is a versatile option that won’t leave you short on AC outlets. This USB surge protector even includes a 3-amp max USB-C port to quickly charge your smartphone with enough juice to charge another device via USB. It also scores points for its impressive safety features, including solid surge, overcurrent protection, and temperature control.

Cons: The maximum amperage for USB charging using this product is set in stone at 4.5 amps, so if you take advantage of its USB-C port, its other ports are unlikely to impress you regarding charging speed. That said, you could plug another quick-charge USB wall into its AC outlet to quickly charge another device.

Bottom Line: If you want to add USB ports to your space without wasting valuable AC outlets, this USB surge protector is a great choice. However, its USB charging capabilities are not exactly suited for those needing speed unless they’re okay with charging one device at a time. For overnight USB charging, however, this remains a handy product.


Best for Workstations

UGREEN 100W USB-C Multiport Charger

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This powerful USB-C wall plug is great for quickly charging laptops and smartphones.

Pros: If you frequently need to charge power-hungry electronics, the UGREEN 100W USB C Multiport Charger is up to the task. This USB-C wall plug is powerful enough to charge two USB-C laptops at once and maintains admirable charging speeds even with all of its ports in use. Despite its many ports, it features a travel-friendly design with a foldable plug to keep your charger safe in transit.

Cons: While it’s difficult to fault this product regarding power or convenience, some may take issue with its price tag, which is up there with other premium USB wall plugs. Additionally, some have noted displeasure with how this product temporarily disconnects while adjusting the wattage per port when a new device is connected.

Bottom Line: You won’t find many USB wall plugs capable of charging a laptop, much less several laptops at once. For this reason, it’s understandable that you will need to pay more for this product than one designed to accommodate smartphones. That said, it’s hard to imagine a workstation that would not benefit from this product’s power and dependability.

Final Thoughts

The USB wall plug you choose should be an ideal fit for the space where you’ll use it and the devices you charge with it. While you’ll have to pay a little more for products that can quickly charge several devices or accommodate power-hungry electronics, finding a great USB wall plug shouldn’t be hard for your budget.

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