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The Best Vacuum Sealers

🕚 Updated March 2022

Using vacuum sealers makes portioning foods for storage easier, keeps food fresh longer, and reduces the stress of cooking. They come in several forms to meet a variety of food-sealing purposes. Below are some of our top choices.

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  Top Choice Best Sleek Design Best for Pros Premium Pick Best Value
Automatic Food Sealer Machine
VS0160 PowerVac Vacuum Sealing Machine
CV12 Commercial-Grade Chamber Vacuum Sealer
VS5736 Precision Vacuum Sealer Machine
Sous Vide Electric Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer
Our SummaryThis starter kit makes the process of vacuum sealing easy, from cutting bags to sealing vacuum seal canisters.A minimalist-style vacuum sealer that keeps countertops free.A turbo-motorized chamber vacuum sealer that’s ideal for liquid foods.A seriously powerful motor and precise sealing for vacuum sealer connoisseurs.This sous vide mini vacuum sealer is rechargeable and comes with reusable bags.
ProsKeeps food fresh up to five times longer, fully automated with easy-to-use control panel, LED indicator lights, dry and moist modes, built-in bag roll cutter, access port and hose to connect with vacuum seal canisters.Can be stored vertically or horizontally, produces 35% less bag waste than other FoodSaver models, compatible with all types of bags and accessories, moist and dry vacuum modes, easy to use.Great for large families or small restaurants, 1/2-HP rotary oil pump, produces 800W, built with stainless steel, high-strength tempered glass lid, curved chamber is easy to clean, program seals automatically, set your desired time or use SmartVac settings, comes with accessories.Brushless motor, greater efficiency and power, 8-mm sealing element, press lid and lock it with one hand, built-in bag storage and cutter, easy-to-use control panel, multiple modes, includes two bag rolls and extra foam gasket, ELT-certified.Rechargeable, super compact, 30 freezer-safe and reusable bags, five sealing clips, five cooking clips, 10 replacement air valves, USB cable for charging vacuums fast.
ConsDoesn't suck all the air out.Doesn’t produce the best seal, especially with moist foods.Pricey and bulky.Does not come with an adapter.Not compatible with canisters.
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The Best Vacuum Sealers

Plastic sealing machine.

Buying Guide for Vacuum Sealers

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Why buy a vacuum sealer?

If you cook, you may appreciate any apparatus that helps streamline the cooking process, from food prep to food storage. For those following a meal plan that requires food portioning, a vacuum sealer can be a huge help. A vacuum sealer can help you level up your cooking game by keeping your food fresh until use.

What should you look for in a vacuum sealer?

  • Type: Chamber vacuum sealers have chambers, and they’re great if you’ll be sealing large batches of food items. They tend to be better equipped for liquids than other types and are a practical choice if you make a lot of soup, stews, broth, etc. With external vacuum sealers, the vacuum sealer bag lies external to the machine. They’re thought to be best for the occasional vacuum seal user and dry foods.
  • Size: Size can be a big deal for some kitchen owners. Why? Well, like most kitchen appliances, they take up valuable counter space. There are some compact, even portable products to look out for. Some professional vacuum sealers are 14.5 x 18.1 x 9.6 inches or larger. Size depends, in part, on the machine’s capacity to seal large batches.
  • Bags vs. Canisters: Each has its benefits, of course. It’s easier to store numerous bags in the fridge or freezer owing to their shape. Canisters are made for more delicate foods, like bell peppers, tomatoes, and even berries. Some prefer the canisters, as well, because they’re highly reusable, even compared to reusable vacuum sealer bags.

What should you expect to spend on a vacuum sealer?

Prices vary considerably, depending on vacuum sealer type and capacity. External models are far less expensive than their chamber counterparts. A mini external vacuum sealer can run around $25, and a chamber vacuum sealer can cost up to $1,000. Generally, chamber versions will run close to $1,000 or more.

Our Picks for the Best Vacuum Sealers

Top Choice

GERYON Automatic Food Sealer Machine for Food Vacuum Packaging Starter Kit

This starter kit makes the process of vacuum sealing easy, from cutting bags to sealing vacuum seal canisters.

Pros: The GERYON vacuum sealer and bags keep food fresh up to five times longer. An impressive quality is a result of a smart design and quality construction. This product is fully automated with a control panel with soft-touch digital buttons and LED indicator lights for easy programming. Choose from two modes: dry vacuum for dry foods or moist vacuum for moist foods. Another selling feature is its built-in bag roll cutter for making your bags. It fits up to a 12-inch width GERYON or other brand vacuum sealer bags and rolls. There’s also an accessory port and hose so you can vacuum seal canisters.

Cons: It may not suck all the air out of the bag.

Bottom Line: This starter kit has it all. There’s the vacuum sealer itself, an air suction hose, five heat-seal bags, one roll, and a user manual.


Best Sleek Design

FoodSaver VS0160 PowerVac Vacuum Sealing Machine

A minimalist-style vacuum sealer that keeps countertops free.

Pros: This sleek-looking vacuum sealer saves space and waste. It’s built to store vertically or horizontally; you choose based on your kitchen countertop space. Compared to other FoodSaver models, the PowerVac produces 35% less bag waste. Select moist or dry vacuum to seal any number of food types. The instructions are straightforward: fill the bag, place the open end into the vacuum sealing channel, press down to lock the lid, choose your setting, then press ‘vacuum.’ That’s it.

Cons: The appliance doesn’t always produce a good seal, especially with moist foods.

Bottom Line: The FoodSaver comes in both white and black, elegant colors to fit into most kitchen décor. With its multiple storage capabilities, you won’t notice it’s there until you need it.


Best for Pros

Wevac CV12 Commercial-Grade Oil Pump 12-Inch Chamber Vacuum Sealer

A turbo-motorized chamber vacuum sealer that's ideal for liquid foods.

Pros: Large families or small restaurants that need to vacuum seal a lot of liquid foods, like soups, marinades, and even beverages, may want one of these. The Wevac CV12 chamber measures 12.2 x 13 x 3.9 inches, which is a sizeable and powerful appliance. It features a 1/2 HP rotary oil pump, producing 800W machine power. Built with stainless steel and a high-strength tempered glass lid, this chamber vacuum is designed for heavy-duty work and utility. The glass lid allows you to see the vacuum sealing process, and the curved chamber is easy to use and clean. Additionally, it’s easy to program the machine to vacuum and seal automatically, select your preferred time, or use the preset SmartVac settings.

Cons: The Wevac CV12 is on the pricier side.

Bottom Line: This heavy-duty chamber vacuum may seem intimidating, but it might serve you well if you regularly make large quantities of soups, juicy meats, and other moist foods.


Premium Pick

Potane VS5736 Precision Vacuum Sealer Machine with Built-in Cutter and Bag Storage

A seriously powerful motor and precise sealing for vacuum sealer connoisseurs.

Pros: Unlike many vacuum sealers, the Potane VS5736 has a brushless DC motor that’s more energy-efficient and more powerful. Using an 8-millimeter sealing element, this product is excellent at sealing. Press the lid to lock it with one hand if you like, as it’s designed to give you that option. The vacuum sealer has built-in bag storage and a cutter, and an accessory port for sealing containers. Set the operating mode you want on the easy-to-use control panel.  It comes with two bag rolls (11 inches x 16 feet and 8 inches x 16 feet), plus an extra foam gasket. Notably, the Potane VS5736 is ELT-certified by some nationally recognized test laboratories for compliance with applicable product safety standards.

Cons: Though the vacuum sealer has an accessory port, it does not come with an adapter.

Bottom Line: The high performance of the Potane VS5736 makes the investment worthwhile. It is functional, efficient, and equipped with amazing features to seal your food.


Best Value

Kosbon Sous Vide Electric Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer

This sous vide mini vacuum sealer is rechargeable and comes with reusable bags.

Pros: If you’re a cook who practices the sous vide approach, where precise temperature control with circulation makes consistent, perfectly cooked meats. The Kosbon Sous Vide electric vacuum sealer is worth a look at only 2 x 2.7 x 8.5 inches. To recharge it, press the switch button. In addition to Kosbon’s compact portability and rechargeable motor, it comes with many freezer-safe vacuum seal bags and accessories. You get 10 each of small, medium, and large reusable food storage bags, five sealing clips, five cooking clips, 10 replacement air valves, and a USB cable for charging.

Cons: This cannot be used with canisters.

Bottom Line: It’s multifunctional, super-fast, and has lots of reusable double zipper vacuum sealer bags. Small enough to take from one house to another, this sous vide vacuum sealer can help you make tastier food that stays fresh longer.

Final Thoughts

If you’d rather be consistently making well-cooked foods, storing more food that stays fresh longer, and reducing food and packaging waste, then it’s time to try out a vacuum sealer. Create and enjoy quality meals by adding a vacuum sealer to your kitchenware.

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