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The Best Vanity Mirrors

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🕚 Updated January 2022

Vanity mirrors provide optimal convenience and results when getting ready in the morning. Looking to revamp your beauty routine with a high-quality vanity mirror? Here are our top picks.

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  Top Choice Best Large Mirror Best Magnification Best Medium Mirror Also Great
Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror
Vanity Mirror with Lights
Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror
Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights
Jordan & Judy
Touch Screen Vanity Mirror
Our SummaryThis convenient tri-fold mirror is lightweight and great for travel.This glam Hollywood mirror features 15 dimmable LED bulbs and is a show-stopping decor piece.This affordable mirror's 21 LED lights provide great lighting while still being easy on sensitive eyes.This glamorous mirror is ideal for personal or professional use due to its high-quality dimmable bulbs.This rechargeable, convenient, and compact vanity mirror is ideal for dorm or apartment use.
ProsPortable, several color options, tri-fold design, LED lights, touch screen, four AAA batteries or plug in, 180-degree swivel, adjustable side panels, magnification, base tray.Features 15 dimmable bulbs, detachable mirror base, tabletop or mounted, USB charging port for devices, three tone settings, smart touch control, memory function.Affordable, 10x magnification, 21 bright LED lights, touch sensor for dimming, 180-degree rotation, storage tray, several color options.Energy-saving LED bulbs, 10x magnification, three lighting modes, nine dimmable bulbs, three color options, 360-degree rotation, smart touch control, sturdy aluminum frame.33 LED lights, touch screen, rechargeable batteries, no-fuss, affordable, great for travel, adjustable angles and brightness, collapsible design.
ConsGoes through batteries quickly, magnifying mirrors are small.Isn’t portable, designed to be a more permanent fixture.Must be connected to power, smaller.LED lights are not replaceable.Takes three hours to fully charge.
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The Best Vanity Mirrors

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Beyond their primary function to provide a nice spot to get ready, vanity mirrors can also add a chic design element to your makeup table or desk and are great backdrops for “beautyscaping”—a trend that involves freeing your beauty products from medicine cabinets and using them as decor in pretty displays with containers and trays.

Buying Guide for Vanity Mirrors

A vanity with a mirror, makeup, perfume, a vase of roses, nail polish, etc.
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Why buy a vanity mirror?

Vanity mirrors are essential while applying makeup, doing your hair, plucking your eyebrows, or performing your daily skincare routine. Vanity mirrors with design features like adjustable lights provide clean and consistent lighting for well-blended makeup application. Many of us have known the horror that comes from checking our makeup in a different light source later in the day to realize it didn’t have the flawless finish we thought it did while applying it. With a high-quality vanity mirror, you can wave goodbye to this unpleasantry.

What should you look for in a vanity mirror?

  • Size: Vanity mirrors can come in various sizes, so it’s essential to choose a size that works best for you. Small vanity mirrors are portable, so they’re great for traveling or moving from room to room. On the other hand, large vanity mirrors are great for those who prefer to view their reflections in more extensive, higher-quality mirrors with better definition.
  • Features: There are plenty of unique design elements that come with different vanity mirrors. Some mirrors have LED lights built into the frame so that you can apply makeup in high-quality lighting each time. If the mirror you want doesn’t come with lights, you can add a chic bathroom light fixture to provide clean, even lighting and make getting ready a breeze. There are also tri-fold mirrors that you can close like a book when done, which makes them great travel options so that the glass doesn’t crack in transit. Some mirrors even have high-tech touch screens and other computer-like features.

What can you expect to spend on a vanity mirror?

Depending on the size and quality of the mirror itself, you can expect to spend around $20 to $40 for small, affordable vanity mirrors that are designed to be portable. Larger mirrors that are intended to be permanent fixtures in your bedroom, bathroom, or dressing room can cost upwards of $100 depending on the clarity of the glass and the unique design elements they feature.

Our Picks for the Best Vanity Mirrors 

Top Choice

deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror

This convenient tri-fold mirror is lightweight and great for travel.

Pros: This portable vanity mirror features an innovative tri-fold design, LED lights, and an easy-to-use touch screen feature. It relies on four AAA batteries or a power cord and has a 180-degree swivel so that you can view yourself at various angles. It also has adjustable side view mirror panels that are great to use while grooming your brows or applying eyeliner or lip gloss. Its magnifying technology helps you see every detail of your face, and a convenient base tray holds your lipstick or jewelry.

Cons: It goes through batteries quickly. The magnifying mirrors on the right side aren’t very big.

Bottom Line: This lightweight and compact mirror has several convenient features, including LED lighting, adjustability, portability, and a tri-fold design. It’s an ideal mirror when applying makeup in rooms with an unreliable light source, and there’s no assembly required, so it’s a breeze to use.


Best Large Mirror

FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror with Lights

This glam Hollywood mirror features 15 dimmable LED bulbs and is a show-stopping decor piece.

Pros: This glamorous Hollywood-style vanity mirror features 15 dimmable bulbs to give you the lighting you need, and it’s perfect for your dressing room or bedroom. It can be used on a tabletop or mounted on the wall and has a USB charging port that allows you to charge your phone or other devices, so you can play music while getting ready! It has an adjustable brightness feature, three settings (white, natural white, cold white) for customizing your lighting preferences, and smart touch control that adjusts brightness levels. It also has a convenient memory function, so there’s no need to constantly readjust the lights after each use.

Cons: This mirror isn’t portable like other vanity mirror options; it’s designed to be a more permanent fixture for your bedroom or dressing room.

Bottom Line: This fabulous mirror is great for professional use, whether you’re a makeup artist, an SFX artist, an influencer, a TV host, etc. It’s also great for adding a glamorous touch to a vanity. You can mount it on a wall or use it on a tabletop.


Best Magnification

COSMIRROR Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This affordable mirror's 21 LED lights provide great lighting while still being easy on sensitive eyes.

Pros: This affordable vanity mirror comes with a smaller 10x magnifying mirror, 21 bright LED lights that won’t overwhelm sensitive eyes, and an easy-to-use touch sensor for dimming. It has 180-degree adjustable rotation, so you can view yourself from various angles. There’s a convenient storage tray for storing jewelry and lipsticks. No assembly is required, and it’s easy to move to another room. There are also several color options, so it’s ideal for sprucing up your makeup space.

Cons: The mirror must be connected to power in order to utilize its special features. It’s on the small side.

Bottom Line: This mirror is both functional and convenient! It has adjustable LED lights for seamless makeup application and a smaller 10x mirror so that you can see every detail.


Best Medium Size

Hansong Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

This glamorous mirror is ideal for personal or professional use due to its high-quality dimmable bulbs.

Pros: This fab Hollywood vanity mirror with lights has three lighting modes (warm light, daylight, and cold light), and nine dimmable bulbs. It comes in three timeless colors, and it’s great for dressing rooms due to its larger size. With its 360-degree free rotation, you can view yourself at all angles. The smart touch control allows you to easily adjust the lighting and turn the unit off and on. The LED lights have a 50,000-hour life span, and the sturdy aluminum frame is designed to last.

Cons: The LED lights aren’t replaceable, so if one happens to burn out or get damaged, you may need to purchase a new mirror.

Bottom Line: This fabulous mirror has energy-saving lightbulbs that provide clean, bright lighting for seamless makeup application or eyebrow grooming. There’s no assembly required, and the glass itself is high-quality and thick.


Also Great

Jordan & Judy Touch Screen Vanity Mirror

This rechargeable, convenient, and compact vanity mirror is ideal for dorm or apartment use.

Pros: This compact vanity mirror has an easy-to-use touch screen, adjustable LED lighting, and rechargeable lithium batteries. It’s no-fuss, affordable, great for travel, and has smart touch technology for light dimming and adjusting brightness. It also has adjustable angles and a folding/collapsible design for portability.

Cons: A full charge lasts for over four hours, but it takes three hours to fully charge.

Bottom Line: This lightweight, affordable, and rechargeable mirror is ideal for dorms or small spaces. It has 33 LED lights embedded within the frame that provides a clear and bright reflection for optimal makeup application and grooming.

Final Thoughts

Vanity mirrors are a must-have for most women and makeup artists. Many vanity mirrors now have convenient design elements like built-in LED lighting, smart touch technology, and charging capabilities, so getting ready is easier than ever.

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