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The Best Vehicle Backup Cameras

🕚 Updated April 2023

Long gone are the days when drivers careen their necks to back up and, finger-crossed, not hit something behind them---thanks to backup cameras. Here are the best ones to keep you safe and aware of your surroundings when traveling.

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  Best Overall Best with Parking Assist Best for Trailers Best Signal Easiest to Operate
LK3 Backup Camera
G840S 4K Mirror Backup Camera
Digital Pro Wireless Hitch Camera
RV Wireless Backup Camera HD 1080P
K7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit
Our SummaryThis HD license plate backup camera is equipped with impressive night vision and DIY adjustments.This rearview mirror dash cam records 4k front and 1080P rear videos, plus monitors your parked car for 24 hours.This wireless backup camera comes with a simple magnet attachment that's perfect for hitching to a standard or gooseneck trailer.This RV backup camera comes with a dual signal antenna and a wide-range wireless signal HD 1080P monitor with split-screen capability.This easy-to-operate, basic backup camera covers the necessities quite well.
Pros✓ Night vision
✓ Digital color HD image processor
✓ License plate camera
✓ 150-degree viewing angle
✓ Adjustable guidelines
✓ 4K front and 1080P rear videos
✓ Large, full rear display
✓ External GPS antenna
✓ 24-hour monitoring
✓ Easy installation
✓ Magnetic
✓ 5.8 GHz wireless camera
✓ 120-degree field of view
✓ Transmission up to 100 feet
✓ 3.5-inch LCD monitor
✓ Dual signal antenna
✓ HD 1080P monitor
✓ Split-screen capability
✓ Furrion bracket and pigtail wire
✓ Streamlined
✓ Five-inch TFT LCD monitor
✓ Anti-interference digital wireless signal
✓ Free extended antenna
✓ Highly compatible
Cons✗ DIY features require tech savvy✗ Data can't be transferred wirelessly or via streaming✗ Battery requires recharge
✗ Recharge time unknown
✗ No night vision capabilities
✗ Bracket fit issues
✗ Faulty wiring
✗ Wireless signal weakens at high speeds
✗ Not waterproof
✗ Grainy picture
✗ Resolution data unavailable
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The Best Vehicle Backup Cameras

A back-up camera on dashboard of car.

Buying Guide for Vehicle Backup Cameras

Close-up of back-up camera.

Why buy a vehicle backup camera?

If you own a vehicle made before the 2018 federal mandate that all new passenger vehicles must have backup cameras, you may want to get one. Statistics show that they reduce crashes, which means fewer injuries and deaths. Once you get used to operating a backup camera, you may wish you’d gotten one soon; they’re so helpful. You may want to replace the backup camera that came with your vehicle with a better one, say, a 360-degree camera, which makes parallel parking much easier and safer.

What should you look for in a vehicle backup camera?

  • Type: There are different types of vehicle backup cameras, and no one is ideal. What you need is the best type of camera for your vehicle. For example, if you drive an SUV, you should look at surface-mounted cameras. They mount on any flat surface, typically high up for the best vantage point. For a discrete installation, you may want a flush-mounted camera, which mounts through a hole in the vehicle’s body. License-mounted cameras may be the most common type because they mount on the existing hole of the plate.
  • Wired vs. Wireless: How should the camera connect to the monitor? Wired cameras are regarded for their reliable connection, as it’s physically connected and stays connected however far from a cell tower—but they can be difficult to install. Wireless cameras are much easier to install but require decent weather for dependable operation.
  • Angle of View: You could have the fanciest of cameras, but if it has a narrow angle of view, you might as well rely on your rearview mirror. With a high angle of view, you’ll see more in one picture, one image on your HD, 1080p monitor than one mirror. If you can see beyond the sides of your vehicle, at degrees between 150 and 170, you have a clear view as you reverse from a parking place, parallel park, or hitch to an RV.

What features make a good vehicle backup camera great?

It depends on the size of your vehicle and what you want in a backup camera, but some features improve performance across the board. Look for 24-hour parked monitoring, nighttime vision, IP69K waterproofness, LCD monitor, and adjustable guidelines. Some of the cameras feature a couple of these assets rather than others; not one showcases all the bells and whistles. There is no one greatest vehicle backup camera, just the one that suits your needs best.

Our Picks for the Best Vehicle Backup Cameras

Best Overall

LeeKooLuu LK3 Backup Camera

This HD license plate backup camera is equipped with impressive night vision and DIY adjustments.

Pros: LeeKooLuu LK3 is one of the best night vision backup cameras. With six bright white LEDS and an automated light sensor function, the LK3 camera will never leave you in the dark. The digital color HD image processor offers the clearest nighttime and daytime view, and the license plate camera features a nearly 150-degree viewing angle. Adjust the camera as it suits you best by switching off automation. From there, you can adjust the height and width of the guidelines; choose mirror or facing options for a rear or front view.

Cons: One of the best features—the DIY adjustment settings—may be too complicated for some people.

Bottom Line: The HD 4.3 LCD monitor has a magnetic bracket for easy installation on your dashboard or windshield. You can also trust that the IP69K waterproofing helps protect the camera.


Best with Parking Assist

Pros: This vehicle backup mirror camera’s built-in high-quality chip records 4K front and 1080P rear videos. Its large, full rear display reduces rearview blind spots for safer driving and reversing. Plug in the external GPS antenna and view your directionals on the large display as you drive and playback recorded videos. Even when parked, your vehicle will be monitored for 24 hours with its time-lapse mode.

Cons: The stellar recording capacity of the G840S cannot be transferred via wireless or streaming media.

Bottom Line: We’re impressed with the dash cam’s rearview mirror design and multiple features like its supercapacitor, g-sensor for avoiding collisions, GPS, and more. The Wolfbox keeps you and other cars safe and your vehicle under surveillance.


Best for Trailers

iBall Digital Pro Wireless Hitch Camera

This wireless backup camera comes with a simple magnet attachment that's perfect for hitching to a standard or gooseneck trailer.

Pros: The iBall deserves applause for its easy installation. All you need to do is attach the magnetic device to the back of your vehicle, and it’s just as easy to remove—no wires involved. The 5.8 GHz wireless camera provides unmatched video clarity, a 120-degree field of view, and transmission up to 100 feet away. It runs on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for about four hours. Even the 3.5-inch LCD monitor is a cinch to install. Just plug it into your 12V auxiliary outlet.

Cons: The camera has no night vision capabilities, which is unfortunate. Also, with a limited amount of charged time, you must remain vigilant and recharge regularly. 

Bottom Line: Parallel parking on busy streets causes panic in many drivers; hitching a trailer to your vehicle is undeniably more difficult. The iBall makes everything easier—from installment to hitching to boats, campers, ATVs, and more. 


Best Signal

AMTIFO RV Backup Camera Wireless Touch-Key: Plug and Play Easy Setup for Furrion Pre-Wired System Recording Trailer Rear View Camera 7-Inch Monitor Split Screen 4 Channels for Campers/5th Wheels -A7

This RV backup camera comes with a dual signal antenna and a wide-range wireless signal HD 1080P monitor with split-screen capability.

Pros: Geared especially for RV backup vision, the Amtifo A7 features a dual signal antenna, which provides an impressive signal of up to 825 feet in open areas and on vehicle ranges under 192 feet. The HD 1080P monitor features split-screen capability with two cameras, accommodating up to four wireless cameras—a second license plate camera and side cameras. Note that you’ll need to purchase additional cameras separately. Fortunately, this kit has a Furrion bracket and pigtail wire to accommodate additional cameras.

Cons: Some report compatibility issues with the bracket’s poor fit to the body of their vehicles, others regarding faulty wiring. Also, the wireless signal does weaken at higher speeds, which is not uncommon among all vehicle backup cameras.

Bottom Line: If you haul large trailers like RVs, you need a clear view behind you for successful hitching and on-the-road traffic footage around you. This impressive camera is IP69K waterproof and temperature-resistant for long hauls nationwide.


Easiest to Operate

BOSCAM K7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit

This easy-to-operate, basic backup camera covers the necessities quite well.

Pros: This streamlined backup camera features a five-inch TFT LCD monitor with a bare-bones menu to pair monitor and camera, adjust the screen brightness, switch between mirror and normal picture, and adjust guidelines. Its digital wireless signal has anti-interference capability for coverage up to 33 feet, and the camera comes with a free extended antenna for greater coverage. The highly compatible BOSCAM works for trucks, passenger cars, trailers, and small RVs. It even boasts night vision for safer parking.

Cons: While IP68K water resistance is good, IP69K waterproofness is better. Also, the screen’s resolution rating is not available. Many say the picture is grainy and wish the resolution was better.

Bottom Line: The BOSCAM K7 makes a decent backup camera that’s efficient and compatible with many vehicles. If you get used to the okay picture quality, you may even appreciate its positive features more.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have a clearer idea of how vital vehicle backup cameras are for safe driving, parking, and trailer hitching. They’re simpler than they seem at first once you know what your vehicle is capable of and the options available to you. 

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